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  1. S

    Social anxiety ruining my life

    I'm sure people post about this a lot but social anxiety has ruined my teenage years and now is ruining my adult life as well. I can't function like a normal person and it kills me. Something as simple as having a conversation with a stranger is nearly impossible for me at times. I can barely...
  2. P

    Worried about washing

    Im worried I never did the washing and everything is dirty and got urge to throw away clothes airers and worried everywhere the clothes are contaminated the drawers ect and raidaotor. Now the washing was mostly wet and I’m sure there was less powder but this hasn’t been enough to reassure me...
  3. F

    Clothes question

    I know people can have issues with things like elastic,labels, and tags on clothes. What about the material though ie cotton, polyester, silk etc ? The most I ever noticed it was a shirt I had to wear for football from time to time when at prep school. I have no idea what the material was other...
  4. B

    Family Concerned

    Hi, I am writing on behalf of my sister (who is tech-challenged) - she is looking for some help and answers about her son (my nephew). We are both very worried about him and we have no idea where to start. I am unsure if this forum supports family members, but if not and someone could point...
  5. M

    Depressed, suicidal. *trigger warning* (rape)

    Hello all. This is my first post here. Trying to cut a long story short. I'm 25. I'm a single mother to an 8 month old daughter. My partner upped and left when I was pregnant. My mother is disabled so needs constant help every day. She can hardly walk or move very much so I have to help her...
  6. S

    cant stop buying things

    I cant stop buying things, I have so many clothes I had to get another wardrobe. I buy from charity shops mainly but dont need so many clothes. Last year I had so many that I had to ask a family member to take it all to a charity. Not only am I constantly spending money It makes me feel really...
  7. F

    Irrationality and psychosis

    How much do you think they are connected or unconnected? For example one of the reasons I don't wash much, aside from forgetfulness and lack of motivation, being somewhat irrational. The irrational part being if I don’t bath much then I won’t change clothes much and the washing machine will...
  8. M

    I'm so hungry!

    I love the new medicine they put me on but now I'm hungry all the time! I'm normally very slender and I'm scared to death now every time I eat something that it will make me grow out of my clothes and I'll have to go shopping for new ones. I hate going shopping for clothes! And I don't want it...
  9. G


    If you are sectioned, how do you get your personal belongings like clothes and stuff that you will need??
  10. BillFish

    Just got an offer on ebay :)

    Just got a offer for an item on ebay and this was my reply he he Seriously mate, I feel like a bloke stood in the middle of the Mongolian desert with no shoes, clothes or water or compass, that simply lets out a sigh and says "ah well I guess it'll never be"
  11. C

    I Can't Stop Eating

    I eat until I am full, but if there is still food on my plate, I just keep on eating. I can't stop. What the f*ck is the matter with me? How can I get myself to stop? Next month, when I see my psychiatrist, I'm going to ask her to refer me to a therapist who can help me with my compulsive...
  12. C

    anxiety and self image

    hi all so i done research. if you dress smart, anxietys drastically reduced. just try dressing smart & see the difference.. it's scientifficaly proven. if you walk about with bad clothes imo you'll suffer. so buy some designer gear pleàse!
  13. S

    Is this personality disorder?

    Hello all, I am hosting a Chinese student and I really believe something is wrong with her mental health. Hoping maybe some of you can help figure out what it could be. Here are some behaviors I notice with her....... moves very slow like a snail in everything she does doesn't smile a lot or...
  14. B

    Playing with clothes in bath - disorder ??????

    Hi there! I am doing a research on a person who does play with some types of clothing in the water in the bathtub during their bath time. I know it may be never-heard case or a rare case. That person loves to see the movements of the clothes in the water while the legs are moving. He put them...
  15. G

    Mental health TV this upcoming week

    RUBY WAX - Sane New World - The Tour helps us understand why we sabotage our own sanity and provides a manual on how to survive the 21st century, using Ruby’s knowledge from her recent Masters Degree in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy at Oxford University spiked with comedy. Remaining...
  16. shaky

    Holiday that turned Spiritual

    I have been on the most AMAZING holiday. I am going to post a few (?) thoughts about it in this thread. It will be disjointed as I just want to type what comes into my head so it doesn't get lost. I needed a holiday having not a full week off for so long I can't remember (maybe 2013) It was...
  17. D

    Why do i find myself disgusting?

    I find myself to be really ugly. I cant look at myself in the mirror. I can look to check my hair or make sure im not a mess -but i cant actually look directly at me. It has to be my hair, my ears, my eyes etc. Never me as a whole. I hate my picture taken. My boyfriend took pics of me and...
  18. S

    Phobia Of Wearing New Clothes

    For about six years now I have developed a weird problem around looking nice and wearing new clothes. I have what I describe as an all or nothing personality, I'll either spend hours dressing up or I go to the extreme of going out to the shops with unbrushed hair and old tatty clothes. I am...

    Nosso Lar

    Was reading some of this book tonight. Eventually I stopped and had to look it up on the internet. Why? Because it is totally absurd. And according to the author I will be sent straight to hell after this life. And even if you make it to the heavenly realms you have to work overtime to buy...
  20. valleygirl

    Fatter and Fatter!

    I realized today just how out of shape I am. I have been in a really dark place for such a long time, and as a result, I gave up on going for walks every day. But today I went for a walk. I went exploring. I live in beautiful British Columbia, and decided to go on the internet and and start...