1. C

    Request for help

    I have been on Escitalopram 20mg,Pregalbin 150mg,Clonazepam drops(3 drops at night) and Mitrazapine 30mg.I was feeling better for 6 months.from past few weeks I could see my old symptoms reoccurring. My doctor tried to Diluxotine 20mg ,Flueoxtine though nothing was suited for me. I am facing...
  2. lupinerainbow

    A little help? (About medication)

    I have recently been put onto depakote 250mg in morning and 500mg at night. They have stopped my promethazine at night but apparently they are stopping my clonazepan too, even though this wasn't discussed at the meeting and i really need it for my anxiety.. how can they put me on a stupidly low...