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  1. C

    Looking for recommendations

    My daughter has been diagnosed with schitzotypal personality disorder. The only thing that the local hospital is offering is an increase in medication or committing to a psychiatric ward. And it's a three month waiting list to talk to anyone. Please tell me there are more options than this...
  2. Poopy Doll

    Dental Clinic Lied

    I just had a panic attack at the dentist because they lied to me. They said I was the first patient but there were two people ahead of me. They put in new dentist chairs and the chair hurt me to lie down on. The waiting turned into anxiety and I just walked out. They promised me on the phone...
  3. C

    ADHD Treatment

    Hi, Aside from taking medication you can also try behavioural and mindfulness therapy as treatment for ADHD. ADHD Centre Clinic in London offers this kind of service.
  4. A

    How to deal with this on my own?

    I've recently been screwed over by my mental health team regarding my driving license. A doctor has had to stop working in the clinic because of it and the complaint I made which backed up my side of it but it seems to be still ongoing as I've had yet another lot of clinic related setbacks so my...
  5. N

    Are people on depots seen as low functioning?

    I don't want to make assumptions or generalisations but every time I visit the depot clinic the other people waiting for their injections seem very low functioning. Some look very dishevelled and unkempt. I know that can be apathy and negative symptoms. I don't judge them. I just think all eyes...
  6. Danniegirl1990

    What should I expect of a "voice clinic"?

    I have an appointment for a "voice clinic" in a couple of weeks... has anyone heard of or been to one? Please let me know what to expect.
  7. 0

    Anxiety or Real Issue?

    So my girlfriend and I have been getting closer and closer recently. We have thought about the idea of having sex. One of my biggest fears/anxieties is HIV, and how it can be passed from person to person. She was willing to get a HIV test done at a sexual health clinic, she went and it came...
  8. Y


    I need help finding a specific dbt counsellor in the Hampshire/Berkshire border. I have read so many things over the past year or so to try and help my family member who has been diagnosed with bpd and am of the understanding that dbt therapy is the only option for a borderline personality...
  9. W

    Something to make you laugh!

    So had to go to Port talbot today for lazer clinic for foliculitus. Drove down there got to the clinic sat there for 10 minutes and realised there was no one there. Went to the clinic next door and asked them where the lazer clinic was, only to be told there was no clinic today. Turns out my...
  10. M

    New here.

    Hi i am new on here im a bit of a veteran when it comes to living with depression and anxiety im on heavy meds to help stop bad thoughts and get me through each day im in a bad way at the moment as my long term cpn is leaving tomorrow and for the last few weeks she has been very vague as to...
  11. F

    I'm so confused right now

    I'm sorry for offloading on all of you, but I don't know where else to turn. I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and anorexia, but I think the anorexia is a symptom of my anxiety. My GP is fantastic and sees me once a fortnight, but I don't feel like I am getting anywhere with anyone...
  12. zoomz

    Depot clinic.

    I was in the depot clinic yesterday waiting for the needle, A young woman walked in with what looked like her mother. They went up to the reception desk and said the depot is not for her and walked out. I thought to myself that's not the end of that, the last time I went against medication I...
  13. H

    I have a question on Paranoia Personality Disorder

    Been dating someone for several years who will push me away when everything seems perfectly fine. Usually she will not respond to me for 2-3 months after then we get in contact and we start hanging out and everything is great again. She has done this 3-4 times without warning. We are trying to...
  14. B

    Help!! recently diagnosed with PTSD OCD and possible Bi Polar. Confused.

    Help!! recently diagnosed with PTSD OCD and possible Bi Polar. Confused. Hi All, I hope I can receive some advice or opinion from others. A few weeks or so ago I spent time in a psychiatric hospital. I had a break down and was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder because of trauma...
  15. ~minnie~

    what do i do

    been struggling the last week and and weekend......not been this bad for years, very suicidal with the voices telling me to harm people and kill myself afterwards.....been taking my prn like my cpn told me to yesterday but its not enough my social worker rang me today and she said she would see...
  16. B

    sever back problems

    I have a chronic herniated disc in my lower back and arthritis, I am not allowed to take strong pain killers because my pay doc told my go that my mum was addicted...my go won't give me anything except lyrics and diefene.diefene 75mgs noting else, I can't take the pain any more... It's affecting...
  17. F

    erm hi there im new

    hi im a newbie, hello. I've been wandering around for a few weeks off and on trying to find somewhere i can talk and hopefully get advice and friendship. so i suppose i should introduce myself im fusion i am in my early 30's and i have 2 children and a partner two cats and a rat. i have not...
  18. V

    Postnatal depression or bipolar relapse? Anyone been to the mother and baby clinic in eastbourne??

    Postnatal depression or bipolar relapse? Anyone been to the mother and baby clinic in eastbourne?? Has anyone been to the mother and baby clinic in eastbourne? Have been offered a place there, but am so unsure what to do for the best? :(
  19. R


    I just received my health records from the pacemaker clinic at my local heart hospital and cannot believe what I am reading.... In 2008 when my pacemaker was implanted, I had a problem after my first check up. The pacemaker had adjusted itself to stimulate both chambers of my heart...which...
  20. U


    Hello, guys. Happy New Year to all of you! I am in a troubling situation and need some advice. So, I have been prescribed an antidepressant medication. My doctor decided to increase the dosage and wrote a new prescription more than a week ago. My visits to the doctor and medications are...