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  1. Ender


    Hi all, My name is Alec. I'm a student and musician. After being diagnosed with bipolar type 2 I wanted to find a supportive community, so here I am. As far as interests go, I'm into classic rock, love to read, and drink lots of coffee.
  2. C

    quiet borderline

    Hi. I am a 42 year old male with bpd, ocd, and recurrent depressive disorder. They say as you get older bpd symptoms start to go in to remission. That is not true. Not for me anyway. I used to be the classic borderline, chronic binge drinking, overdose, reckless spending, unhealthy...
  3. C

    Hallucinations at night time

    Hello all this is my first post here. I have generalised anxiety disorder and an unhealthy fear of having a heart attack. I have never slept well, even as a child, but recently I will wake up and see people walking around my room or will see objects rotating and going flying and people walking...
  4. Baracchi


    Hi, I'm new here. I suffer from Schizoaffective disorder and I decided to join this forum because it destroyed my life and it feels like I lost control. I'm one of those in and out of meds classic cases. Anyway, I want to talk to people, share experiences and most of all learn how to cope.
  5. F

    The ice skating incident

    42 years on and I still remember it. We were living in Switzerland and my dad had taken us to go ice skating. My brother and sister could stand on the blades albeit they were clutching to the sides as they went round . I just couldn't balance on them no matter how hard I tried. I remember my...
  6. C

    Destroyed my relationship BPD

    I've only just started to recognize that I have bpd. I've been diagnosed with reactional depression in the past but all bouts of depression have been linked to me losing friendships or relationships. I've never been able to pinpoint why I've lost so many people I care about and gone round in...
  7. P

    Being watched?

    Last night, out of the blue when in bed, I had the horrible feeling of being watched from both my clocks, and outside. I had to actually turn my clock around because the signals of me being watched was being send out. To who, I didn't know, but I thought it was. While this was going on bright...
  8. V

    Anyone got some adwice that i havent thought of when it comes to sleep?

    Anyone got some adwice that i havent thought of when it comes to sleep? Sleeping is my primary problem, if i get 4 hours im extatic sometimes i do get that much the most ive had is 8 hours which was pre medicine that was normal i guess, and was great. However for the last 1.5 years ive been...
  9. Me0ws

    My intro

    Hello, everybody. I'm joining this place to find some people like me. I don't have an official diagnosis, but it seems trauma in my early childhood definitely snapped something in me. I'm kind of a masochist and am used to surrounding myself with dark vibes... Not very cool, but I don't know...
  10. bobshocker

    check this

    this is so fucking classic right?
  11. messymoo

    should I complain?

    I was in hospital on friday following a od and when the doctor came round to do his rounds he said to the other people with him this is a classic waste of valuable resources about me to them do you think I have good grounds to complain? Would it be worth it? I don't know what to do? thanks