1. cpuusage

    Why We Should Take Demonic Possession Seriously

    Why We Should Take “Demonic Possession” Seriously | The Huffington Post The Growing Evidence for Demonic Possession: What Should Psychiatry’s Response be? | Stafford Betty - "I place many of my articles on so anyone can read them. One of them, “The Growing Evidence...
  2. Jasmine-love

    Brain scans clarify BPD *article*

    Found this interesting Brain Scans Clarify Borderline Personality Disorder – DailyHack
  3. 6

    hallucination question - HELP

    Pdoc says one of the reasons he thinks I am on the bipolar spectrum is because my hallucinations don't line up with the psychosis related to unipolar depression. I was tried to google comparisons of the two and I can't seem to find the info I need. I have never been one to think quickly on my...
  4. Q

    a little help? (going to the GP, experience etc.)

    hi there, so it's kinda out of my comfort zone to discuss this sort of thing, but i thought here would be the best place to ask some questions.. basically, i have quite a few personal issues; which have developed into me, basically isolating myself from others quite a lot, and this mixed in...
  5. Gajolene

    The Type of Veggie that Worsens Your Arthritis? (Plus a Vitamin to be careful with)

    The Type of Veggie that Worsens Your Arthritis? (Plus a Vitamin to be careful with) The worst foods for Arthritis - including some veggies and a vitamin Most of us think that all veggies are great for us. Unfortunately, there are certain types of veggies that can worsen or even cause certain...
  6. A

    My girlfriend... Help needed

    Hi, I've been in a long distance relationship with her for one year, we see each other every 2-3 months for 1-2 weeks. We plan on moving closer soon. I really love her, but sometimes, especially during our time apart, we go through rough periods. - Sometimes she is sure I cheated on her and...
  7. Sweetie

    HOCD...Or A Loada Bull !

    Hi, Could someone please tell me if this is a form of OCD. I have searched the thoughts i have and it calls itself HOCD. It stands for Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Okay, what it is for me is that randomly and quite often i would get this thought in my head like "what if i am gay"...