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  1. RainbowHeartz

    anyone else been told this?????

    You will normally only get a diagnosis of your previous psychotic episode if you want to claim benefits..... care coordinator said that earlier..... so now I'm like huh......
  2. T

    delusional parasitosis help.

    Hi, ive recently been looking into this condition and came across this forum, hello to everybody, i basically would like to know if there is anyone here with this condition also if it is somethng which i could claim benefits for?. I was diagnosed at 17 with this im now 34 i have suffered with...
  3. M


    So from the title you can probity tell I am a bit annoyed :p On my application for Jobseekers I put down restricted hours then went to the interview thing and went over it with the advisor about why etc. and she said she understood and agreed so got my books and sign in day and went home...
  4. M

    oh dear now i dont no what to do.

    Yesterday i had a look at my script that i got with my meds and i had a read on the back and to my horror i dont qualify for the script to be free of charge.even though im not working and signed off sick and are on high level care on dla as im a danger to myself and others they say.but ive never...
  5. B

    loss of benefits

    Hi all, Please help - does anyone know the system? I had gotten off JSA to claim ESA on the last day of January. I thought I heard my advisor at the job centre say that once you submitted your ESA, you do not need to get regular sick notes from the GP. So I phoned up DWP to claim ESA over the...
  6. F

    ESA & DLA. Confused!

    Hi all, Hope someone can help. I have been sent an ESA form. However it states I have been sent this form as I claim Incapacity Benefit, Income Support or Severe Disablement Allowance. I do not claim any of the above. I claim DLA only. Nothing else. I'm aware DLA will change to PIP come October...
  7. A

    Really need some advice regarding ESA

    Hope some fine fellow human can help me please, I am at my wits end with worry. Long term IB claimant for mental health issues and in Nov 2011 i got the letter IB was being replaced by ESA. Medial was set for March 2012 which i attended and i was awarded 15 points and my IB migrated to ESA at...
  8. R

    Medical confidentiality

    Does anyone have any concerns about the true level of medical confidentiality. If you are formally diagnosed with BPD then this is a notifiable disease for the DVLA for example and your motor insurers. See where I am going here For example if you ever need to take out private medical insurance...
  9. A

    Urgent assistance with ESA claim needed please (newb allert) ... thanks :o)

    Urgent assistance with ESA claim needed please (newb allert) ... thanks :o) hello all ... As a newb I guess a quick intro is in order before my request for assistance. OK my namer is Jo. I'm a 53 year old male suffering from cancer, Heart desease, severe asthma, several other minor but...
  10. V

    gp esa

    i went to my gp today to ask for supporting letter for esa claim. he didnt give me a letter but said he though i wasnt well enough to have a medical and i should put this on the form and tell them to contact him to confirm this if need be. i wonder if my gp says im unfit to have a medical...
  11. bulbie

    New claim for esa and the phonecalls

    I posted a new claim for esa maybe a week and a half ago. i've been getting calls for the last few days by a number only showing as blocked. So needless to say i havent answered it. Today though thy left a short voice mail, so and so from the benefit office can I call back on the following...
  12. bulbie

    Small victory?

    Well then. Went to the jobcentreplus today, after initially emailing my mp over my benefits scandal. They got me an interview with the customer services manager, which I duly attended. She ran through my correspondence with Gordon brown, so I didn't have to explain why I was there which...
  13. U

    To claim or not to claim

    As the title says, I'm caught in the circle of should I claim DLA or not, I don't leave the house on my own because I get anxious and panic, I'm also not good in unfamilair places, I need someone with me because I'm prone to wondering off and just general panic, if somone is with me they can...
  14. mckeo5514

    atos pension medical

    i was lucky with my esa as they didnt want to do me and i passed straight away on my esa50, however i do have a medical with atos for my war pension review on the 26th. it doesnt help that i coincidentally have mild aspergers and forget to tell them things, i had 2 before, the first one was for...
  15. M


    Could someone please tell me how much your partner can earn if you want to claim this Thank you
  16. M

    D.I.A.L. money advice

    Hiya. My social worker has refered m to dial. They will assess my benefits and any other things i can claim. Has anyon had any help from them what do they do. Thanks x
  17. S

    ESA new claims advice

    Hi i havent got the letter yet but im sure i will, just wondering what other peoples experiences have been, how did you get on with the forms and did you manage to claim it ok and what did they ask when you went to the medical and do you go to any support groups because of it??
  18. V

    Been sent a limited capability for work assessment...

    I started claiming ESA a few months ago and got the basic allowance until I had a medical assessment with ATOS, after which I got the full ESA payments, I believe I was put in the WRAG. Today I've been sent a limited capability for work questionnaire, which is the ESA50 form. Wasn't I supposed...
  19. emzangelwings

    When do i hear back about my ESA assessment results/ my DLA claim

    Hey guys I claimed for DLA on the 18th March and i haven't anything back and wondered how long it usually takes until they tell you whether your claim has been successful? Is it worth trying to chase it up over the phone? Also i had my ESA assessment on the 31st of march and i haven't heard...
  20. V

    ESA claim?

    Hi everyone, I have recently started a claim for ESA (employment and support allowance), I had a "medical assessment" from the DWP contracted doctors a couple of weeks ago and today received a letter informing me that I have an appointment with a personal adviser from job centre plus in relation...