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  1. J

    help with pip for eupd

    Can anyone help me with finding out if I can claim what rate of pip for eupd please
  2. G

    SDP Cliam - How Long?

    Getting a little concerned about a recent SDP claim I have made and wondered if anyone here can help out? I found this forum via a Google search which linked to a similar query but that thread ended in 2012 so I though I would set out my situation afresh. In late July of this year I made a...
  3. A

    Carers allowance claimed when Mum was not a carer

    My Mother claimed carers allowance when she was not a 'carer'.The psychologist who was still involved and who wouldn't clear off with me despite me leaving school and being well over eighteen wrote a inaccurate dramatic over exaggerated letter backing up her claim. I feel so much anger to her...
  4. E

    as she wrote I could f*** anything that moved to free me like speghetiti to the wind, I come back again,toss me me around wih you vilolent vote and a

    as she wrote I could f*** anything that moved to free me like speghetiti to the wind, I come back again,toss me me around wih you vilolent vote and all the lynch mobs it brings, I like a good suffeing possiion where is yours, what began your claim?
  5. bulbie

    Appeal and dreading it

    So it looks like I'm going to have to take my PIP claim to appeal. I just want to die.
  6. M

    is it giving up or being sensible!?!?

    Hi guys, First Im new to any of this, have been bipolar since 13 (32 now) but only recognised 3 years ago (GO NHS WOOO!!!!) took a long time to get diagnosed, took even longer to admit to myself then the world now I am at a point where I have to admit I don't think I can do the 11hr non stop...
  7. N

    The ESA Process

    I was wondering if somebody could help me as I am a little confused with regards to the ESA process. I would be grateful if a quick summary of the process could be posted, mainly what happens from the beginning. Does the claimant go without benefit until the claim is processed? If so, how long...
  8. S

    Severe disability premium

    Hi,I've recently found out out I have been entitled to SDP and from what I've researched a number of years,I claim ESA in the work related activity although an appeal is still ongoing as ATOS are being investigated,I also claim DLA and get middle rate care and lower mobility,I also live alone...
  9. K


    Hi my wife is on DLA - £74 per week. And has been since she was 18 yrs old. I earn a fulltime wage , my daughter is 20 yr old fulltime uni student. Can my wife claim esa or any other benefit , please can someone advise me. I know i cnt claim carers allowance.
  10. charlie says

    DLA renewal

    My low rate care component runs out in a few months after receiving this benefit for 2 years. I was sent new DLA forms and was surprised i wasn't sent PIP forms? I had a text from DWP last week that they received my application and today i got an answer on my new claim. I've been awarded same...
  11. R

    Hello. Any information and thoughts would be appreciated

    Hello good people It's my first time posting on here so forgive me if I make any mistakes. I recently started a new job having not worked (due to depression) for nearly eighteen months. I work from home which I am used to, and this in many ways helps enormously. I was receiving Employment and...
  12. J

    Why cant anything just be simple

    Hi I have a few things I need help with I am back to square 1!! I won my ESA tribunal appeal thing about a month ago, today I have noticed my National insurance number is not correct there is 1 error on it (a wrong digit). I dont know what to do, I have tried talking to the benefits and keep...
  13. BillFish

    New diagnoses on the cards?

    The home treatment team psych, hinted at a new diagnoses, may find out this week. Expecting it to be (GFU), genetic f**k up, or (BFB), bluffing fat bastard lol.But seriously? If they change it to schizo-affective or something I'll have to update my benefits claim etc won't I ?:p
  14. R

    Disability benefit for Aspergers?

    Is it possible to claim disability benefit for people who have aspergers?
  15. A

    Should i claim esa?

    Hi, my name is Andrew, i'm 42, i am currently getting carers allowance for my mother who suffers with mental illness, i myself have been ill since 2004 with Health Anxiety and depression which has got a lot worse in recent months, i have just done 12-13 weeks of CBT which didn't really help, i...
  16. J

    Closed claim.

    Sorry to post yet again but this is the only place I actually feel listened to and some advice given. I received a letter this morning from my MP telling me that my ESA claim has been closed because I have not sent in a sick note (my GP wont back date sick notes as they say it is illegal, and...
  17. V

    help needed please

    hi im new here so forgive me if this post is in the wrong place. :doh2: so hear goes and apologies for the long post in advance. so my husband suffers from severe depression and anxiety, not helped any by the fact that I just lost my job, I made a claim for JSA on 24/9/2013 and had my first...
  18. lostgirl19

    Giving up with ESA Claim...for now

    So i've decided the stress of trying to claim ESA is too much for me. I've been in the assessment phase for a few months now and was due to send of my ESA50 form last week. At the moment I can't handle the stress of it, as well as I currently haven't really got support from the CMHT to help with...
  19. D

    Help after ESA stops, please

    Hi everyone. I've been getting ESA since Oct 2012, and it's due to run out in Oct 2013. The lady at the Jobcentre, said I can't claim ANYTHING after that time. Hubby is retired, and gets a works pension. Surely there must be something I can claim? I've been on IB for around 30 years, and am...
  20. BillFish

    ESA claim Spiritual crisis?

    Esa claim Spiritual crisis? I have to make an ESA claim, thinking of telling them that I'm actually perfectly well and that schizophrenia doesn't even exist and that my psychiatrist has victimized me because she has me on a low dose of meds, only because it's she who is deluded and that she's...