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  1. M

    Can anyone reassure me

    Hi all I'm new here...My husband and I both get PIP (he has physical conditions and depression and anxiety) I have more mental health conditions with a couple of Iess severe physical conditions so my claim is predominately on the mental health side. My husband transferred successfully to pip...
  2. Tired Daisy

    Very worried DWP

    I got a phone call early this morning but I was asleep when they called, the number was withheld. I'm very worried now that this could have been the DWP. Just before Christmas I was getting harassed by a couple people wanting me to pretend that one of them was my support worker so they could...
  3. Funnyday


    I'm being targetted by a Phiser. I've received bogus emails purporting to be from various organisations asking me to login and check my account as it is in disaray etc. I always check the address of the email to see if it really comes from that organisation or not. Surprise surprise it don't...
  4. S

    Horror, benefits, all advice welcome, thanks

    I shouldn’t have to pay a debutyship out of my court funds, ie my benefits, because I have been placed in this nightmare, for 17 years for ten pounds, should I, no I shouldn’t, why should they claim fees out of my benefits, I bet my ex still gets his benefits, ie fraud, ie out the country and...
  5. A

    Universal Credit

    I have had my statutory sick pay stopped and now have to claim Universal credit for the first time ever. What a nightmare. The one thing in the world I hate ,more than anything else by far is PASSWORDS. I hate, hate hate them. I can never remember them and it is doing my head in big time. has...
  6. S

    Coperate Ignorance

    Hi, I have been sacked by my company because they claim I don't have the capacity to do my job. I counter claim that it is Discrimination. After 20 years and the past 6 years I believe I have been a victim of direct discrimination because of who I am. Reasonable adjustments were made after 2.5...
  7. cloudberry

    ESA and PIP together?

    Hi everyone, I recently had a Work Capability Assessment as I am on ESA. She asked me if I was also on PIP, I said no I wasnt. She suggested I think about claiming for PIP too. Does anyone on here claim both? What should I consider or think about before claiming PIP? She was a really nice...
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    i have to die

    because wen my aunt dies i won't have a carer and she is 90 there will be nobody to prompt me it isn't fair i probably still won't bath/dress/take medication/eat properly and be unable to cope with people in RL but i can't claim because i haven't got a carer? it isn't fair! i know somebody who...
  9. J

    Please help

    I currently claim ESA - I'm not sure if it's contribution based or income based - I get a fortnightly payment of £146.20. I started my claim on September 20th 2017 - now I'm reading that my benefit will be stopped in a couple of months time because you're only allowed to claim for 1 year? Is...
  10. J

    anyone ever claimed pip for schzophrenia

    i was diagnosed this year with schizophrenia but have been suffering for three years two with out diagnoses i also suffer with depression i was recently at the well being clinic at my mental health teem getting my bloods done as per every few months when i was asked by the doctor do i claim pip...
  11. F

    advice on hospital rules and benefits available to me

    Hope this the right place for this post :scratch: Hi I am hoping to get some advice on any help available to me and my wife and hopefully find out what our rights are regarding hospital rules and benefits. Any information or tips where I can get information would appreciated. I am my wife’s...
  12. Kerome

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Here in the Netherlands the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is recognised as a real religion. And in New Zealand too, where ministers may actually marry people. And I’d like to add the Pastafarian prayer... It’s actually quite an interesting religion, meant to demonstrate that the...
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    does anybody know?

    i qualify foe severe disability premium but don't know how to claim do they automatically send a form or do i have to phone them and ask thanks x
  14. B


    My surgery is on special measures because of incompetence. For the third time I have been left without Venlafaxine for 3/4 days because they take about 8 days to process the prescription. Sudden withdrawal has led me to not being able to get out of bed and suicidal thoughts. Complaints just...
  15. C

    Esa113 form

    Hi, sent my ESA capability for work assessment form back on the 24th April and just rung up this morning to see what is happening regarding my claim and been told that they have sent a 113 form to my GP for more information, has this happened to anyone else? I have schizophrenia by the way.
  16. S

    My Voices Claim To Be Freemasons

    Are we allowed to discuss this on a moderated forum? I was wondering if anybody has voices that claim to be Freemasons?
  17. Kerome

    Hundreds of psychiatrists are boycotting insurers

    Basically there are a lot of complaints by independent psychiatrists and psychotherapists that the way certain insurers are compensating treatments is putting standards of care at risk, and that is why those insurers are being boycotted. The problem is how the insurers are demanding that...
  18. K

    Advice needed: taking a career break?

    Hello there I'm hoping someone may be able offer me some advice. So I have recurrent depressive disorder since my mid teens, and each episode has always been worse than the one before. I had a severe episode at the end of 2015. I attempted to return to work in July. I work in children's...
  19. Tired Daisy

    What do you do if your falsely accused of rape?

    I'm sorry but this really pisses me off... Ok so some woman that I had a date with said she'd claim rape if I don't stay with her. I haven't had sex with her but I received oral from her. I told her from the start that I didn't want a relationship with her. She gave me oral out of her own will...
  20. D

    esa nightmare

    hi I have been on esa since September this year I went for my medical and scored 12 points I then had to apply for a mandatory reconsideration I sent in by recorded delivery my supporting medical evidence in which the dwp denied receiving I have proof with the tracking number that it was signed...