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  1. M

    Citalopram feeling numb and tingly.

    Hello Guys & Gals. Hope you feeling better today , I have been prescribed Citalopram and have been taken it for a week now , since I been on it I feel quite numb and floaty feeling and tingly fingers also , does this drug work for you ? .............. answers on a postcard plz to : PO Box...
  2. K

    Feeling really low and anxious since starting Mirtazapine

    Hello, I've just recently come off Citalopram (because it was making me wake up several times throughout the night), and have gone on to Mirtazapine with the guidance of my doctor. I started off taking 15mg but the effects were too sedating so last week my doctor put it up to 30mg. Since then...
  3. N

    Citalopram withdrawal?

    Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever approached a forum, I’m fairly new to getting support from people. Very recently I’ve had these weird sensation feelings in my head where I feel as if I’m going to fall to the side/back, and that my head feels very heavy. I’ve never experienced these feelings...
  4. W

    Citalopram - should I be worried about anesthesia / sexual side effects?

    Citalopram - should I be worried about anesthesia / sexual side effects? Hi everyone, Last Friday (12th) I started taking 20mg citalopram for anxiety and depression. I was pretty sceptical about taking antidepressants but was amazed when I found that they seemed to work very quickly (GP said...
  5. S

    Coming off 30mg citalopram

    I have been reducing from 30mg citalopram over the past few weeks. Currently down to 10mg. I've been taking it for about 4/5 years and put on a couple stone during this time, due to medication (I presume - have never had trouble with weight in the past). Does anyone know if I will lose the...
  6. E

    I'm messing around with medication against dr's advice

    I'm supposed to take 40mg of Citalopram daily, I've been taking it on alternate days to try & wean myself off it, I believe it's possibly giving me nightmares - I have them constantly but don't know whether or not Citalopram is to blame; I'm so confused, I know I've been on anti-depressants of...
  7. S

    Bad side effects with Citalopram

    Hi After several years of suffering and multiple attempts of getting help, I started citalopram yesterday and felt grey strange, sick and dizzy then had a huge migraine. Taken another today and feeling odd again. I know these are common side effects but has anyone else had them badly? Will...
  8. Y

    Citalopram and timing

    Hi, I've been given a prescription for citalopram by my doctor to help with my depression. She's prescribed only a baby dose of 10mg/day. I'm a bit nervous about taking it and haven't picked the prescription up yet, but I have a couple of questions about it and it'd be really helpful if anyone...
  9. D

    Decreasing Citalopram?

    Hi all :) Basically I have been on Citalopram over 10 months and I would like to come off of it. I cannot see my doctor until the 20th or so. Currently I am on Citalopram 40mg once a day. I was wondering could I go down to 20mg once a day until I see my doctor? Have any of you done that? :cry:
  10. M

    What's your experience of Citalopram?

    Hi All I'm new to this and was wondering if your experience of citalopram ?ive been on for 2-3 years on 20mg and 10mg but now back on 20mg and been struggling a lot lately thinking about going up . Can't seem to sleep well and shake this nervousness .
  11. SomersetScorpio

    Escitalopram vs. Citalopram?

    It's been a while since i've been on here. Hope everyone I know here has been keeping well, or at least hanging in there. So, has anybody had experience of both citalopram and escitalopram? (Not at the same time, obviously). I've been on citalopram for 7 years. It's ok for depression, but...
  12. J

    major depression therapy

    Hello everyone, my name is Christian and right now i am using two antidepressants to treat my depression: citalopram (40mg) and brintellix (10). How many of you are currently using 2 or more antidepressants and is your depression in remission? Mine is not in remission and I was thinking about...
  13. C

    Citalopram increase how long 20 to 30

    My 16 yer old son was on 20mg of citalopram and responded really well, he was social and happy after 10 weeks on them. I cant remember when they started kicking in but it was a steady climb. Now he has been put up to 30 and after 2 horrendous weeks of side effects we are currently on week 4,5...
  14. W

    Quetiapine and Citalopram, use together.

    So when i was with the Crisis team i was on Quetiapine and Mirtazipine. But had the mirtazipine changed to citalopram at my request as i had been on it before and found it useful. Been discharged by Crisis team now and prescribing being done by the doctor now. So went to collect my meds today...
  15. R

    Affected by Citalopram and not coping

    I have recently been put on Citalopram for my depression and anxiety but I have had some really unwanted side effects so far. I’ve been taking them for a week and it has made my anxiety so much worse. It’s so bad that I have been unable to eat properly and have lost weight as a result. This is...
  16. A

    Social anxiety disorder

    Hi,I have recently been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder & was recently prescribed 20mg of Citalopram.i had my worst ever attack on public transport last week & as a result I went back to my Dr & he has now prescribed me 40mg...has anyone ever felt the benefit of using Citalopram.
  17. B


    Hi. I have been on citalopram for about 3 years in various doses. I stopped taking about 3 weeks ago and all has been ok. But over the last few days I have started to feel a bit lost and more emotional than usual. Not looking for fixes but don't feel I can discuss with friends and family so...
  18. P

    Sertraline for anxiety, initial side effects

    Hi everyone, I have been scanning a bunch of forums recently and I have noticed there are a lot of people out there who have concerns about taking SSRI drugs, or are having problems while taking them because of side effects. I thought I would share my experience in the hope that it will give...
  19. J


    I came off Citralopram (10mg) because they made me wake up really early. My psychiatrist decided to try me on Sertraline (Anti Depressant SSRI trade name Zoloft among others). I've only been taking them 7 days but the last two days have been particularly rough. More to the point, I find that I...
  20. C

    Citalopram causing tiredness?

    About a year ago I went to see my doctor because I was constantly tired, feeling unwell or under the weather and just generally awful. I was told my Iron and Vitamin D levels were incredibly low and as a result I was prescribed some strong supplements. Then around 5 months ago I was put on...