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  1. H

    Citalopram withdrawal - help and advice please

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has experienced the following and if you know how long it can take to stop or how to help the symptoms. I have take citalopram for 4 years and in September I started reducing my dose from 40 and I have now stopped altogether. This is what I wanted personally. I...
  2. V

    Citalopram and heartburn

    I’ve been on 10mg of Citalopram for 6 days now. I’ve been suffering with awful Heartburn (well I assume heartburn) constantly for the last 2 days. It’s a burning in my belly & middle of chest, which doesn’t go away! Have been really gassy and horrible Metallic taste in mouth! :( Was worrying it...
  3. D

    Being hopeful

    I have been battling depression for 4 years now. At one point it was eating me alive. I couldn’t sleep, Couldn’t eat, Couldn’t concentrate, Couldn’t socialise, I Wanted to end it all. However to everyone out there it gets easier. Be hopeful, I’m not cured or even close but it is getting...
  4. A

    Citalopram withdrawal

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has managed to quit citalopram after having a hard time with it. About a year ago I changed to mirtazapine to help me sleep, and over the course of this year I've gradually reduced my dosage of citalopram. I went from 40mg a day to 10mg every few days, just when...
  5. D

    Citalopram tablets

    Hey guys just after some input. I'm currently on citalopram tablets 10mg and after 3 weeks I've been put up to 20mg on Friday as I have had no ease of my symptoms,question is dose the extra 10mg take weeks to get into your system to see if there working? also I suffer with sleep insomnia and...
  6. K

    5 weeks on Citalopram - Should I feel a bit better by now?

    I have severe GAD. Panic disorder. Agoraphobia and mild depression. Doctor gave me 10mg citalopram for a week then I went up to 20mg for 3 weeks and now I've been on 30 mg for another week but I don't feel any change. Should I feel a bit better by now? It's been 5 weeks and honestly feel...
  7. H

    Back to square one and having a meltdown on vacation!

    I have a long history of panic attacks where I hyperventilate and am totally terrified - in the past it has cost me jobs and stopped me from moving forward. I've been on citalopram the last few years which helped a lot, just recently I was down to 5mg so decided to stop taking them. Felt fine...
  8. E

    Citalopram to Mirtazapine.....anyone done this?

    I've been on 40 mg of Citalopram for over two years but recently the old feelings of helplessness, depression and anxiety reared their ugly heads and I went straight to the Dr. He advised I wean myself off citalopram and switch to Mirtazapine. So I followed his advice and did 5 days on 30mg, 5...
  9. M

    Citalopram and heart rate

    Hi all I’m new to this forum. I started citalopram 20mg two weeks ago and am still having side effects but am assured they will pass. However I wear a Fitbit all the time and have noticed a drop in my resting heart rate from around 51-53 to 46-47 my heart rate now goes as low as 40-42 at night...
  10. D

    Cannot catch a break (long read)

    1. Introduction I'm not sure if this post belongs here as it may not be related to BPD. It's more of a rant post because I'm struggling too much. I was diagnosed with BPD which triggered the start of medication for me but this was disregarded as I had only just turned 15 so there was plenty of...
  11. R

    Citalopram to effexor

    Hi All, I hope I am in the right forum thread hopefully! I am typing this from work so trying to hide my screen at the moment haha! I am 27 and been on citalopram for 7 years with little of no issue I went on them after an EXTREME bout of anxiety when I was 21. The really helped once they got...
  12. Cazcat

    GP advising to stop 20mg citalopram cold turkey.

    My husband suffers from episodes of psychosis and depression. He has been on 20mg citalopram for about 8 years and every time a GP has tried to reduce it to 10mg his mental health has rapidly deteioriated and he has either had what we now realise was a psychotic episode and/or become suicidal...
  13. A

    Reducing Citalopram from 20mg to 10mg after 1 year

    Hi there. I've never actually posted on a forum before. I have spent hours of my life searching for people who feel similar to how I feel and reading other peoples advice and have always found that invaluable. It's strange that I'm feeling so nervous to write on this but could really use...
  14. S

    Hearing voices, Server anxiety and neglect of GP

    Four years ago I was taking medication for voices in my head which was prescribed by a phycitrist. 2 years after I had to stop the medication as I was taking a pain killer pill called tramadol. October last year I stopped taking the pill as I no longer needed it and my voices in my head became...
  15. N


    How long does it take to start working? My son has started taking it about six weeks ago but his symptoms have not improved. Should we wait a bit longer or change it? What are your experiences? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  16. G

    Starting antidepressants?

    I saw my gp a few weeks ago and explained how my anxiety has recently got worse and spiralled into depression. I’ve had depression and been on antidepressants before, I’m not entirely convinced they made me better because I think lifestyle changes also helped. However my parents seem sure that...
  17. A

    Liquid form medication - confused...

    So, after four tablet medications (with two tweaks), two blocks of counselling, online CBT and face to face CBT drawing a blank, I got a referral to the specialists. The problem I have now is that they think I need to be on medication, but due to how I've reacted on the four meds I've been on...
  18. C

    Taking Citalopram at afternoon/night instead of morning?

    Hi, been on citalopram for 3 days taking them in the morning and struggling with lethargy/extreme tiredness and dry mouth/dizziness around 4-5 hours later. How do I go about changing taking it at night instead? Don't want to miss a dose at 8am so I can take it at 9pm instead. :confused: Or can...
  19. C


    Just started taking citalopram for anxiety today, how long will it take to start working? And also how long til the side affects start? It's been 3 hours and already got a headache, feel a bit sick and dizzy but not sure if it's from lack of sleep last night or because of the citalopram, thanks.
  20. H

    I just can't cope no more with this

    I'm really struggling today, I've had anxiety and depression for 22 years now. Over the years the docotor as changed my antidepressants, In april of this year he changed me from citalopram to fluoxitine, I was only on fluoxitine for 4 weeks and he had to change me back to citalopram because of...