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  1. S

    Someone said I can’t go full circle

    Unfortunately no wonder why, I have been left dealing with this mess, for ten pounds, unfortunately I’m sent around in circles, when everyone else, gets away with there’s, and I’m framed for mine
  2. W

    Going round and circles

    Trying to get help for anxiety and I feel like im going round in circles. I go from the CMHT to the GP to the CMHT back to the GP.
  3. G


    Evening, I've just joined the forum tonight in the hope I can get some of my thoughts out on here and try and fully explain whats going on in my life. I've been to the doctors previously but don't seem to get anywhere and end up going round in circles. I also find it alot easier to type my mind...
  4. B

    Why are people with bipolar treated like children?

    Because they accept thats the way it is. Everything is bipolar just as all roads leads to Rome, apart from the M25 that just goes round in circles. This is getting too deep Sorry to have wasted your valuable time.
  5. A

    Going round in circles with doctors!

    *long post* Hi im a new member never used forums before 😂 I have suffred with anxiety for as long as i can remember even as a very young child. It has troubled me pretty much all my life but seems to be getting worse as i get older (im 21) and more aware of everythig. Its got to the point where...
  6. ThinkingCat

    I really hate myself today

    I can't stand to look in the mirror. It pains me at how disgusting I am!! Ugly and vile. I am dreading leaving the house and facing anyone. I am a horrible person, hurtful and nasty. I do think my partner would be much better with someone else. He hates me because I'm such a bitch, he can...
  7. M

    Going round incircles

    I seem to be going round in circles and I can't get out of it
  8. C

    Done with everything

    I feel so lonely/sad/pissed off/frustrated/upset/numb/overwhelmed. I just want to give up. I want to stop existing for a while. I want to hide under my duvet and be left the f**k alone for a while. I feel so isolated and frustrated. I feel like I just go round in circles. I can't even cry.
  9. I

    Do I be brave?

    Those of you who have Bern following me will know I have had suicidal thoughts and feeling left out because of the way so called friends have been treating me neve wanting to see me well in thinking of texting them tonight telling them how I'm feeling because in still hurting I don't want a...
  10. S

    hi everyone

    Hi.im k, I've been battling depression, anxiety and ptsd for what seems like forever.i just need people to talk to that deal with the same kinda problems.im not at a very good place and even tho I have therapy and meds and I'm trying my hardest I feel like I'm going round in circles and I'll...
  11. R

    Do you ever feel guilty saying you wish you'd die?

    When i've hit rock bottom i always wish i'd never wake up but then hear people dying of cancer, suffering etc. If i hear a mother with young children doesn't have long left to live i feel guilty because they'd do anything to be healthy and live a long life to get to see their children grow up...
  12. M


    Feel they are going round in circles
  13. G

    Trying to self destruct but cant

    I want to break up my marriage and to walk out of my job. Feel like I'm going to push a self destruct button. I've been unhappy for years but I don't think it's possible for me anyway so don't know why I should ruin everyone else's settled life. It's not spite as I want my family to be happy...
  14. valleygirl

    Strange Urge

    I have this really weird urge to start hacking at my hair with scissors right now. It's already short and doesn't need to be any shorter. It's just like this obsessive thought hammering away inside my head. I am using scissors right now for cutting out props for preschool music circles. I've...
  15. ScaredCat


    Please, I need a reason to carry on. To keep going in circles again and again. To keep falling in the black hole. Why?????
  16. U


    Born into life as it is now known (Present-Day). Schooling is there to bring us into the world. Afterwards, get a job and be content. However: One develops problems instead and is discontented in life. Nothing but ran around in circles by these obstacles. Result: Now nowhere... Looking like...
  17. B

    Wtf enough!

    Cwnt do ythei no kre.
  18. V

    Starting and stopping and so on

    How many people start taking medication and after several months or years decide either that they can easily live without, or find side effects so unbearable that they decide to quit? And then subsequently land in a crisis situation, where they are politely forced to start taking them (or other...
  19. sahasrara


    Once again ive overdosed, waiting for an ambulance, wish thry weren't coming. I deserve to die
  20. ScaredCat

    Will i ever stop

    Will i ever stop keep thinking that being dead is the only solution. Please say it will get better. First started thinking this 4 years ago. Go round and round in circles. I might even have asked this before. Just need hope