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  1. Poopy Doll

    tenant passed away

    The day before the hurricane hit, our tenant passed away in the hospital. It was all the more sad because my bf has thirty years in AA and offered to take him to a meeting, but R chose the bottle. I thought maybe we could have done more, but my bf says some people chose the bottle. My bf would...
  2. S

    drugs that never did anything

    voices and me they (voices) say we chose for you when to finish college after failling too much they never be too much decapitating or as you might think they chose for me where to work and where not to work and now i work as they painted for me they say to me you will not travel abroad you...
  3. blacksmoke

    why dont ya answer the phone

    the landline keeps ringing and my mobile keeps ringing and i am ignoring both just need to be left alone in the shitty world that i didnt chose to be in .:low::eek:
  4. Lolli_Liability

    loosing it

    They dont believe me when i say i dont know how to eat anymore. Everyones so quick to shout when i dont get out of bed or take my pills. Noone cares because they tell me their bored of my drama. Asif this is a choice Asif i chose to lie awake all night because his voice has come back. Asif i...
  5. D


    did a social work degree (didn't finish) but the lecturers tried to teach us about empowerment - came out thinking is was about letting people make their own decisions about the care they received - and still pretty convinced this is what services think it is - and only do this realised - after...
  6. A

    Why do my parents hate me???

    Hi I suffer with BPD and suffered depression for approx 15 years. In that time I've made some bad choices particularly with the partners I chose; as the illness clouded my judgement. Before I met hubby I self-harmed and overdosed regularly. My parents were told by my pscyhiatric nurse that I...
  7. mami5


    ...Well I guess I'm back. Been away for about a week, not that I expected anyone to notice. It's been a hard week and I didn't want to drag anyone down with me, so I chose to stay away. Still far from 100%.......and very lonely. Mami xx