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  1. F

    Eating too much, how being mindful and using visulisation helped me!

    I just wanted to share something that has helped me to stop overeating recently. I have wanted to stop overeating for a long time, mainly chocolate. I am pleased to say I have found something that works, basically I just thought to myself one day whilst doing nothing and sitting at the table...
  2. B

    Explain chocolate eggs at Easter?

    Why chocolate eggs at Easter?
  3. N

    avoiding a binge

    i am trying to avoid going on a binge but i'm desperately unhappy at the moment and all i do with my time is sleep i had done well to get into a more healthy pattern of eating for a few days but now i am slipping again and just want to distract myself with too much food :popcorn: :popcorn...
  4. L

    2 steps forward 3 steps back??!!

    Hi guys I am new on here. Hate anxiety with a passion! Was off work for over 2 months with high anxiety. Came a long way in recovery but still feel so up and down. Past few days feeling really tense all over. When I feel like that I crave chocolate and sugary rubbish which is not good cos I am...
  5. L

    Too cheap to spend money on food

    So I don't even know if this counts as anorexia, but I'm so obsessive about money that I don't eat. Or if I do eat, it's only chocolate bars I've stolen because they hurt my stomach so much that I don't need to eat for days (don't get hungry because I'm so nauseous) it's getting really bad...
  6. D

    Good news for chocolate lovers

    Chocolate makes you cleverer: A 40-year psychological study proves that the sweet treat can boost our grey matter | Features | Lifestyle | The Independent
  7. M

    Anxiety and Depression Causing me to Over Eat

    I'm struggling quite a lot with my anxiety and low mood. When I get this bad all I can do is obsess over the amount I am eating, constantly thinking about everything I've eaten that day and how much fatter I am going to get. I am definitely overweight. I want to eat all the time, I'm constantly...
  8. BorderlineDownunder

    Chocolate Addiction

    So I'm headed to Rehab which is Lockdown for 7 days. The very first thing I packed was 3 Family size Cadbury blocks. I wonder - will they Let It In??? :shrug: They better, because if they expect me to give up every thing else, surely they don't expect me to give up chocolate? I nurse a...
  9. N

    Chocolate makes it better!!

    Highlight of my week chocolate and the secrets of Chester zoo is coming on! :clap:
  10. M


    I am really struggling badly. Have been for a few months but everything has come to a head. I'm just waiting for the next thing to happen. It's easy to say hang on there until you start the new therapy and while that is something to hold on for. Is it enough? Think about it. I have lost so...
  11. C

    new accent, totally changed, everything i ever liked- i no longer like... is this a disorder?

    new accent, totally changed, everything i ever liked- i no longer like... is this a disorder? Let me start by saying My life has progressively become better. In my teen years I was suicidal, manic depressive and bipolar. I had substance abuse issues. Long story short, I married young to a...
  12. F

    It's 9PM, you're angry at your life. What do you do?

    It's 9PM, you're angry at your life. What do you do? because I feel like buying something made of chocolate. But what would you do?
  13. Anime-Alchemy

    How often do you eat a day?

    I have been eating 3 times a day for the last several days. Although on Sunday I think I skipped Breakfast/didn't have it, so the first thing I had was a very late lunch? just because I needed food down me because of getting called up for footy later that day. But for now it will be pretty much...
  14. Kerome

    Grounding yourself

    I thought it would be good to alongside the practice of meditation, talk a little bit about the process of grounding. This is the process of balancing your physical, emotional, mental and energistic state, and reconnecting to your body, nature, and wholesome direct processes. When is grounding...
  15. C


    Life is depressing, waking up and finding no job to go to is depressing, husband's redundancy is depressing, not being able to eat or drink as you know the scales will tell you, you have eaten too much. Looking like a kid instead of an adult. Having no friends and relations whom treat you with...
  16. E

    Voice Hearing Meal Plans

    I would like this thread to be a place to put meal ideas using foods that change brain chemistry for the better. For example, if you research foods that fight stress and anxiety you may get: For depression you may get: Voices often get more difficult with increased stress or depression, so...
  17. chesterking

    Is my father giving me psychotic thoughts?

    The reason I am noticing all these things now, is because I have been doing meditation for a long time now. I can now see things now which I could not see before. Meditation has made me more aware and given me clarity. Incident 9th December 2014 I don't know if it is co-incidence but when...
  18. M

    Concerned about my weight

    Hi everyone, I need some help relating to my weight and diet. For as long as I can remember, I have had (over) weight and diet difficulties. My mum says that I weighed 10 pounds at birth, and I was a heavy baby! I remember going to a dietitian when I was about 10. Can't remember if I started...
  19. E

    Is there something wrong with me?

    I am starting to wonder if there is something clinically wrong with me? I've piled on so much weight lately, every night I convince myself (and desperately mean it) that I am going to be good the next day and healthy, exercise etc etc..........I usually get up and eat well throughout the...
  20. J

    HELP! I can't find myself!!

    some god damn chocolate!!! I've just eaten the last 2 milky bars :-(! Can anyone help me find my chocolate? I know its around here somewhere :-)! Unless one of you stole it :-O! *drops to knees in a dramatic motion* NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!