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  1. T

    What kind of foods to you eat every day

    I seem tto live off muesli and scrambled eggs and beans at the moment with the odd bit of oven chips what foods do you eat a lot of?
  2. C

    what eating disorder do i have

    Hi my doctor is useless ive been telling them this for years now and i have had it since i can remember but i cant seem to get help right my eating disorder is so what a strange one which i can not find online or anyone with the same eating disorder similar to mine. right this is what i can...
  3. tigerfish

    i think there is something wrong!

    people i have spoken to recently about 'Adam', think i should be over his passing and moving on! im told he's happier now, he's in peace now! even some relatives have said it! i miss him and feel the hurt like it happened yesturday! i still have moments where i sob for long periods of time, most...
  4. E

    feel like iv eaten loads. is this a lot

    Cup of tea, mini pizza with beans and aboutt 5 chips, 2 packets of crisps and 4 bourbons.
  5. H

    am i alone?

    Hey im new on this dunno how it works yet but... i'm 17 and i've been a extremely fussy eater for as long as i can remember.. my diet used to be okay and i'd eat more than i do at the moment but even then it was very limited. now all i eat is crisps and chips and even those im fussy about only...