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  1. A

    misophonia for MY OWN chewing

    it's fairly common for people to get misophonia for other people's chewing noises. but does anyone ever get misophonia for YOUR OWN chewing, as I do? as you can imagine, this can be both extremely stressful and inescapable. if you get this, how do you deal with it? I'm having a hell of a time...
  2. M

    When i eat, it happen so quick, is it any problem ?

    :peace:Hi there!! I am from Bangladesh. When I eat something I think I did this so quickly and without chewing any food. Does it occur any problem with ensuring my overall :yuck:health?
  3. K

    When do i admit defeat, eating myself to death..

    When does this stop... have put on weight in the past 6 months , now some folks would not believe that , they just have no understanding of addictive behaviour. Have had addictions all my life. My addiction for now is chewing gum, every evening i get through 15 packs , think there are 8 chews...
  4. L

    Eating disorder behaviour slowly out of control

    Two months ago, my boyfriend dumped me, leaving me terribly, horribly and completely devastated. During the first weeks, I didn't eat much, and lost weight, which was weirdly a slight and only comfort in grieving. Being happy about it, when the healing process started and I got my appetite back...
  5. telekinesis

    has anyone else been consuming large amounts of nicotine?

    I just realized bcause mom told me when I got my last roll of dip. I've been chewing 5 cans of skoal in two days
  6. Freezingmoon

    Tardive dyskinesia fear!

    I've been on various antipsychotics for four years, respiridone and quetiapine then aripiprazole. Came off aripiprazole over the past few weeks. For the last two days I have developed sores on my cheek and a red sore tongue from what I now notice to be almost constant licking of the back of my...
  7. K

    Extreme noise aversion, panic attacks

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum and am hoping someone can help me and shed some light on my situation. I am a 20 year old female with a history of depression and PTSD. Probably since my early teenage years, I have had an awful, awful, awful sensitivity to noise. However, it's pretty hard...
  8. S

    Addiction prone- I'm quiting it all

    Recently I have been using huge doses of opiates (oxycodone), benzodiazepines (high doses of diazepam), drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking Marijuana occasionally. One or twice a month I also drink large amount of Kava, but its not a problem. I am trying to quit everything except my nicorette...
  9. bulbie

    To my doggy...

    I should give you your usual long walk today that you deserve, but I fear I cannot, for I am too sad. Please stop chewing your butt and forgive me.