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  1. N

    Prescription from Chemist - Phone Communication (and speech) Problems

    Hi Folks, I called the chemist, to check when the Abilify solution would be ready, I had somebody a foreigner on the line, and not knowing what they were doing, reading off from the till screen wise, and gave me to believe, that the melts, were being ordered, and that wasn't the case, and...
  2. N

    Sinus Medicine - Abilify

    Good afternoon folks, I had been very annoyed this afternoon, due to the fact, I was out to my other area where we are registered with our chemist and chemist shop combined there, I discovered most annoyingly, that because there is something within the Abilify, I just can't have Sudafed...
  3. angry butterfly

    Vitamin D.

    Anyone know if you can get a test from the chemist to see if you are vitamin D deficient? Dont want to go to dr's if i can help it.
  4. N

    Ordering Repeat Prescriptions - Chemist method electronically, via GP surgery.

    Ordering Repeat Prescriptions - Chemist method electronically, via GP surgery. HI everyone, I hope most of you have had a good week, generally speaking, even though I hadn't! I had just made a call to our chemist, if I can explain, that they offer a repeat prescription request service...
  5. O

    Clozpine Users - Question please?

    Hi Folks First time poster so be gentle with me? :) Can I ask all Clozapine users: 1) What doseage are you on? 2) How are your drugs dispensed to you, i.e. chemist delivery, you collect at hospital, or GP surgery. How do you physically obtain the drug? Thanks in advance,
  6. I

    Stupid chemist gave me 116 Co Codamol in one go.

    Its a bit foolish of her considering just a few months ago the manager of this place rang the chemist and informed them under no circumstances am I allowed to pick up my proscriptions, staff here should show their ID for any medications, that was on recommendation of on call LD psychiatrist...
  7. K

    Surplus of drugs.

    Hi, I'm not sure if I'm posting in right spot but here goes!! As a result of trial and error prescriptions I have been left with 120 Fluoxentine 20mg tablets and my query is: are there any charities or organisations that could use them? I know I could take them to chemist or bin them but it...
  8. J

    rapid cycling bipolar-hallucinations-delusions

    hi i got diagnosed about 5 year ago i am on 1750 mg a day on depakote i was on olazapine but make me very anxious i saw my consultant last week he put me on promazine but i dont think ive told him everything at the moment im very low anxious and agitated dont want see anyone any little thing...
  9. unlucky


    I've just been put on risperidone today, can anyone tell me what this is? i've not got it from chemist yet, are the side effects bad?