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  1. A

    Systematic chemical violence

    Has anyone else been victim of systematic chemical violence? I even left my original country because of it! The biggest reason for the hatred for the country I left behind is deliberate bombardment by antipsychotics (Diagnose ADHD), cannabis (I told on 2004 for the ADHD-therapist that it causes...
  2. W

    New here

    Hi. My mother is a narcissist and I believe I was damaged when I entered the adult world. I know a bit better how to deal with her behaviour but I'm almost retirement age and the world still revolves around her. For the past decade I have been significantly criminally harassed by neighbours, my...
  3. I

    Another chemical castration interview I did with another service user

    He is Shaun 32 from England but he was 22 at the time. It is a transcripted interview. The very same psychiatric drugs that are given to the 'mentally ill' are given to chemically castrate sex offenders. When this chemical castration effect is permanent despite throwing away the medication, this...
  4. E

    Well I got my lable, so now it is ok to be crazy

    It usually rains in Seattle Washington. Those kids I got to tell yah. This Boy.... had the Gaul to question and live long enough.... all those grunge kids that are left over, what to do with them, we could slowly take their instrurments away with greater chemical arts, let do that...... Until...
  5. O

    Medicine for OCD (IMPORTANT to read)

    “…modern psychiatry has yet to convincingly prove the genetic/biologic cause of any single mental illness…Patients [have] been diagnosed with ‘chemical imbalances’ despite the fact that no test exists to support such a claim, and…there is no real conception of what a correct chemical balance...
  6. V

    Hi new to here

    Hi to everyone, My nickname is Tigger T! Im very nervous about been herre but here goes! I am 39 an I have had auditory an visual hallucinationswith dissassociatve disorder, since I was 2! But to be honest I wasn't properly diagnosed until I was 33over the years ive had been diagnosed with...
  7. BillFish

    Even with the world at their feet they get depressed

    How do you rationalize your depression? Do you connect real world passed events, or your current circumstances or do you rationalize it like me? I get bouts of depression when nothing material or social has changed in my life. I just view it as the chemical balance in my mind that I have no...
  8. E

    the willingness of submission

    So many of us came here through a plant or laboratory chemical to begin with.. but still, there is always the but, some of us didn't need substances as such to arrive at the center of the argument. How ever we arrive, here we are. Now we are faced with almost constant psychosis. What a...
  9. pepecat

    Why French kids don't have ADHD

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/suffer-the-children/201203/why-french-kids-dont-have-adhd In the United States, at least 9 percent of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for...
  10. C

    Anxiety vs depression vs ED

    Hi all! Never posted here before but thought I'd give it a go :) I suffered from an ED long before I had an anxiety disorder. I 'recovered' from said ED but developed anxiety (I think) because I had no outlet for my control issues. So now I sort of teeter between weeks of feeling afraid of...
  11. Gajolene

    More Than A Chemical Imbalance – Why Depression Cannot Be Cured By Medication Alone

    More Than A Chemical Imbalance – Why Depression Cannot Be Cured By Medication Alone More Than A Chemical Imbalance
  12. E


    I would like first to break down and redefine the word addiction. I think it is a highly capitalistic and marketable word; full of human resources and capital that I see in society, becoming the standard of “normal” relations. We all want to be loved and to love. Chemicals have become the avenue...
  13. C

    Eight things you should know about "mood stabilisers"

    “Mood-stabilizers” is a collective term for a group of drugs used in psychiatry to counteract mood-swings. Patients who experience alternating episodes of extreme elation and deep depression were originally said to be suffering from manic-depression, a relatively rare disorder afflicting about...
  14. C

    It's ok for me to feel how I feel

    I've been writing tonight, trying to organise my thoughts, I mentioned that I don't want to feel that I have to hide anymore. It seemed only right that I do something about that, so I will share a part of my private writing, somewhere it is hopefully safe to do so. It's not something I do...
  15. cpuusage

    The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

    The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think | Johann Hari It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned - and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we...
  16. cpuusage

    The Chemical Imbalance Theory: Still Being Promoted

    The Chemical Imbalance Theory: The fact is that there are no psychiatric drugs that normalize brain neurotransmitter function. Indeed, the opposite is the case. Every psychiatric drug on the market today produces abnormal brain function. So either Drs. Williams and Landa aren’t aware of...
  17. N

    I learnt something new today about healing!

    I learnt there is a difference between informational healing and transformational healing.I found Quanta Freedom Healing. Abuse and emotional pain actually changes the chemical make up of your body, affecting us at a cellular level,I am coming to believe bodily illness can be created by emotions...
  18. F

    Lithium-water test in suicide study

    Adding lithium to drinking water supplies could help to reduce suicide rates, according to a team of psychiatrists. Naturally-occurring levels of the chemical are to be measured in supplies in Scotland and compared with suicide rates in the population it serves. It follows similar studies in...
  19. D

    Hyper-sensetivity upon waking

    July 2013 I lost a loved one and immediately had symptoms of ptsd and panic attacks. Started taking low dose of zoloft and lorezapam on occasion. Slowly things started to improve but I was always waking up too early. Then Dec 2013, I started having panic attacks upon waking in the morning and...
  20. R


    I thought I'd introduce myself to you. I'm bipolar with IBS and my GP describes my meds as the chemical cosh :-) so, hello everyone.