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  1. V

    I have anxiety attacks all the time....

    To get me out of this place and back to where I came from. A sense of normality away from this miserablity. You can choose your friends but not your family! Especially when they say go speak to your social worker! Cheers! Such a great family!
  2. A

    Hello from Down Under

    Hello from Australia, Glad to be here from the other side of the world. BP1, ADHD, PTSD and the journey of life continues, Cheers
  3. I

    Hi from N.Ireland

    Hi, Just found the site and have joined up. Feeling depressed like everyone else I'm sure. Hope I will find new friends on here. Cheers, Steve
  4. EddieH

    NDIS experiences

    After 4 months after encountering NDIS I had an interview. They admitted to me they had little to offer for mental health, so don't get your hopes up. Extra psychologist visits beyond your mental health plan already in place was it. I think the ndis is like the nbn, great idea but the liberals...
  5. G


    Hi - New to this . . .not forums, but expressing some of the challenges that seem to have been thrown (seemingly unfairly) my way . . . Hope you can all help! Cheers
  6. E


    I'm here because I love mind and how it works! I also love people and I want to support them with words and insights. I wish the best for this community!
  7. T

    Clonazapam dosage question?

    Hello all kind people just a quick question, my dr has put me on 2mg of clonazapam twice a day? Is this a lot? Cheers Tom
  8. D

    Hello World.

    1st Thread. Wanted to say Hello to everyone and hope I can contribute to this site as best i can. I am terrible at introducing myself hence the short text. :eek2: Cheers -Jay
  9. mrlaurel

    self employment

    is anyone here self employed? I am realistically looking into this as an option as I think I would feel better about myself if I was "employed" and it would be better for my health.. Pitfalls? I would expect my earning to be around about £7000 a year (a bit more than by ESA) so could I get...
  10. S

    Why can't I just get help from someone!?

    So it turns out you can't even be honest about trying to get help on here. Why do I even bother trying. Well not anymore. I'm feeling suicidal. Cheers admin. I'm assuming I'll get banned now. No surprises there. No one ever wants to get me the help I need.
  11. E

    Thinking I could be 'cured,' but realizing may not be

    Post deleted. Reason - best talk over with doctor. Cheers and peace to all.
  12. sunflower

    MIND Plymouth

    Hey, anyone know what days/times etc are for the drop-in at MIND, whether meals are still served, and whether the ladies art/craft group is still on a Friday afternoon? Cheers. xx
  13. L

    Does anyone feel...?

    Does anyone feel they have a really over developed sense of intuitive empathy? I believe that this may be synonymous with my mental health difficulties. I often feel drained around people and animals, because I pick up on their emotions, and I wondered if anyone else has encountered this? If...
  14. loulabelle

    mamma mia

    i love this film it usually really cheers me up but not today peirce brosman cannot sing ! lol does n e one else have films that usually cheers them up and dosent work anymore??
  15. L

    Happy new year

    just wanted to wish you all a happy new year and i really hope 2012 is a better one! :cheers:
  16. L

    cheers to this fantastic forum your all amazingly great

    ahaha how fucking much i feel better now,well ill tell ya what see ya around people thanks for all you have supported me with and been then!!!!!!!!!! goodbuy
  17. H

    Lithium and GFR

    Hi, Just a quickie - my routine bloods have come back ok apart from this GFR (kidney) value that is low and has flagged up that something is a bit wrong. I've only just seen my pdoc so I won't see him again for 5 weeks and I just wondered in the meantime if anyone could enlighten me as to what...
  18. supersweep

    At war.

    If i'm not constantly pushing myself forcing myself to go out there, and face up to my fears. Then i'm punishing myself for staying in hiding away. It's easier somehow to be kind to others rather than myself. cheers, supersweep.
  19. Manpie

    Hello :o)

    Hi everyone. Brand new member, long time sufferer. I'd like to find people in my situation and talk with them about their experiences and how they're trying to cope. Cheers for now, M
  20. ali

    new diagnosis and drugs

    Hi guys, just need to pick your brains plz.. i have had rapid cylcing bi polar for going on three years now .. two weeks ago i got a new phyc and she said i have type 1 ? whats the difference .... also she has said that the meds i am on i should have never been subscibed and she is gonna try...