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  1. valleygirl

    Clutter, Chaos, and Despair

    I feel like my life is chaos. My apartment is once again in a state of disaster. I don't know what my problem is, why I can't seem to maintain order. I manage to cope with work five days a week, but somehow the mess in my apartment just gets worse and worse. I think I have too much stuff. I...
  2. Tired Daisy

    I can't stand chaos

    I lost it in Morrisons today, people have zero common sense in this place there's chaos everywhere and people seem to be zombified. I can feel myself having no control in these situations its to much stress for me to deal with. I just wanted to get the last of my Christmas shopping so that I...
  3. K

    Finding an emotional sense of home

    I am the oldest of five children and the only child of my biological parents. They were young parents and moved a lot when I was living at home. On top of always moving, I was always on-the-go between their houses and constantly feeling like a guest. I have NEVER felt at home anywhere, except...
  4. N

    causing chaos because of benefits.

    I have a longstanding diagnosis of SZA and been hospitalized many times over the years. You know with the benefit cuts we are having I fear they are going to cut mine at the ESA/PIP assessment. I think to myself what's the point in trying to be well when if I'm perceived as mentally well and on...
  5. A

    Day after day after day

    I am totally sick to death, literally, of having BPD. Of everything being such a struggle. Of having to deal with urges, anxieties, and feeling disturbed. I could go on.... I'm sorry for sounding so self-pitying. It just takes it out of me. I have good support. But it doesn't stop the...
  6. prairiechick

    The Chaos in My Brain

    It feels like chaos inside my head. I don't know how to make meaning out of my life. My life feels like chaos. I can't organize myself anymore, except at work. Meds can't take away the pain. I don't know how to set goals for my life, or work toward those goals. I feel like the tasks I need...
  7. P

    Feeling lonely/isolated

    Hey there, I guess after crying for an hour with no apparent result I might as well seek advice or feedback in this forum... my mood is as usual all over the place and I can't find balance. My whole life seems to be chaos right now. Everywhere I look is chaos, everything I think about (if I can...
  8. prairiechick


    I am in the middle of packing up my apartment, which is now in absolute chaos. I've started packing virtually every room, but nothing is finished. I feel like I am so disorganized, and I feel like the chaos of my surroundings mirrors the chaos of my bipolar brain. I am a terrible house...
  9. prairiechick

    Can I just go to sleep now?

    Forever? It's too much, too much. I am crumbling under all the stress. It's too much ongoing stress, too many shitty things happening at the same time. It feels like chaos and I don't know how much more I can take.
  10. A

    Disorderly genius: How chaos drives the brain

    HAVE you ever experienced that eerie feeling of a thought popping into your head as if from nowhere, with no clue as to why you had that particular idea at that particular time? You may think that such fleeting thoughts, however random they seem, must be the product of predictable and rational...