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  1. TroubleinParadise

    How does this apply to you?

    The hardest part is not changing the way you feel, that you can't change, the hardest part is changing the way you react to how you feel. The hardest part is to tell yourself that you're delusional.
  2. S

    Changing Medication

    I am changing medications right now and I feel like my old depressed self but worse. I angrily react to the smallest things and shamefully realize it's nothing. Then proceed to hate myself for it. I push the people around me away to protect them from me and so I don't blow up with anger. I know...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    if i don't get my benefits

    i will have to die PIP up for renewal next year and im sure i won't get it and im terrified of universal credit changing over im scared of not being able to afford maddie and being homeless why can't they just leave us alone? x
  4. J

    Bed bound with Depression

    I cant get out of bed for anything and I can't see it changing. Its a terrible existence and I'm so alone.
  5. D

    Self harm healing

    Hi everyone, I self harmed on Monday. Now though, I have these disgusting marks which are quite painful. The one on my leg has got a gauze on it which I'm changing daily but it looks as though it's oozing. I've been putting germolene on both the wounds but not sure what else I can do to speed...
  6. cpuusage

    Two simple questions that have changed the way people hear inner voices

    Two simple questions that have changed the way people hear inner voices A very good article on our changing understanding to & relationship with the experience of voice hearing / voice hearers - Two simple questions that have changed the way people hear inner voices
  7. B

    Changing Antidepressants

    after 5 weeks of CBT i'm having another go at Changing my Antidepressants. ive tried a few times and hasnt ended well. but after much discussion with my doctor we've agreed mirtrazaphine isnt really doing what i need it 2 anymore. trouble is when you have other health issue and the relate a lot...
  8. D

    Tourette syndrome and bipolar disorder pianist

    Hi. I live in Lviv, Ukraine. I am 18. I love playing piano and everything associated with classical music. I am fond of Hugo Wolf, Ernst Krenek, Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert. I have discovered that my tics depend on my emotional state in much degree. The same is with depression: it is an...
  9. B

    Alternitive to mirtazapine

    hi, has anyone been on mirtazapine and experienced dizziness. ive been on it for 6 years at different doses, ive always found i have to take it before bed as it makes me dizzy. i had cut it down but about 4 months ago had to go back on 30mg. i have some vertigo issues but only now and then, i...
  10. G

    Mental health TV this upcoming week

    Elegy - a new play by Nick Payne 21 April 2016 - 18 June 2016 At the Donmar Warehouse theatre, London What if every neuron in the human brain could be mapped and decoded? Every act of human behaviour catalogued and wholly understood? Elegy imagines a very-near future in which radical and...
  11. i_must_be_mad

    Weight gain side effect anti psychotic medications

    Does anyone know or is anyone taking an anti psychotic medication which is effective in quelling voices etc but also does not have the unfortunate side effect of weight gain. Am not under any services now because my med are working well but they are enabling myself to appear eight months...
  12. G

    Break up again?

    I'm currently going through a break up I feel lost and so lonely , I miss her a lot all I wish is shed txt me simply "hi" or something like that. My mood is changing regularly one minute I can't wait to live my life without her and then I just want to die a slow and painful death , why did I...
  13. cpuusage

    Capturing the Still-Practiced Pagan Rituals of Europe

    Charles Fréger: “Wilder Mann” examines pagan rituals throughout Europe (PHOTOS). If you thought Santa’s naughty list was intimidating, chances are you never encountered a Krampus. A beastlike creature that is part of the pagan folklore of Alpine countries including Austria, Hungary, and...
  14. A

    I keep changing my name and trying to be that person

    This all started back in 2013, late 2013, I told my mom I wanted to change my name because I wanted nothing to do with my father (he gave me my name) and at first I kicked a name, didn't like it, changed it and didn't like it either. I noticed, however, with each new name came a new personality...
  15. M

    Depression returned ...

    So my struggles seem to be back. Around 8 months ago i suffered a huge panic attack which spiralled into a deep depression. I was on a few medications before settling on Venlafaxine 75mg XL .. I did slowly seem to improve and got my myself back to work at the start of January. However after 3...
  16. calypso

    Seen the pdoc

    Well I saw the pdoc, he was really nice. I am evidently very psychotic, severely depressed and unstable - his words. He has changed me from Quetiapine to Aripiprazole as an anti psychotic which doesn't sedate as much so I can still get out of the house if I need to. I see him again in 2...
  17. K

    I think I have a speech disorder. Hard to tell.

    Someone told me babble on like I speak about nothing or something like that. I don't make a lot of sense. I repeat myself and keep changing the subject in conversation. It makes me feel bad and find it hard it stay on one thing too long. If I knew what to do I would do something about it.
  18. R

    BDP and nobody believing you!

    Hey, I need some advice, if you have any idea of what I should do then please comment. before I was admitted to hospital At 15 I was being abused When I was at home. Back then I thought it was just mainly my dad. I was an inpatient on section for around three years - four years. I'm now 19 and...
  19. blacksmoke

    overwhelmed and hopeless utter dispair :low:

    went to my friend just now was going to stay for a few hours ...but i just got so overwhelmed by heavyness i said ....look i need to go and my friend kept trying to make me stay as she could see i was not good. dunno wot to do..i am so sick of life. my friend is right i live in a self imposed...
  20. T

    Changing things all the time

    Does anyone else constantly change things in their life, to do with themselves (diet, interests, spirituality, style...), their surroundings etc etc because they think if they change enough or find the right thing to change, they will be better? But all you do is end up at the start over and...