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  1. A

    Taking meds and changing time zones

    Hi all, looking for some advice. I take 40mg of Prozac every morning when I get up to make sure I don't miss a dose. The trouble is, when I go from Australia to the UK I change time zones so significantly that if I continued to take my meds at the same time, it would change to evening rather...
  2. K

    5 weeks on Citalopram - Should I feel a bit better by now?

    I have severe GAD. Panic disorder. Agoraphobia and mild depression. Doctor gave me 10mg citalopram for a week then I went up to 20mg for 3 weeks and now I've been on 30 mg for another week but I don't feel any change. Should I feel a bit better by now? It's been 5 weeks and honestly feel...
  3. D

    Tardive Dskensia

    My daughter was taking 100mg of seraquel and 6mg of resperdone for schizophrenia. She has developed this side effect where she constantly is moving her mouth. I pointed it out to psychiatrist a few weeks ago and he stopped seraquel. She still has the mouth movements on resperdone alone. So he...
  4. D

    Does Tough Love Work?

    My sister apparently has BPD and a drug problem. She is now homeless after being kicked out of a charity homeless shelter, so is not living with a 'friend'. But she has no income so always begs, lies or emotionally bullies my mum for money. How do we get her to change and take responsibility...
  5. S

    Scared and trapped - can't stop thinking about suicide

    The title says it all really. I feel so trapped in so many aspects of my life. I'm scared all the time, scared of failing, of letting others down, of just not being enough. I'm doing DBT which is great but overwhelming. When I struggle to do it then I think I'm going to fail and I'll never...
  6. K

    I've been feeling down lately and need to change my life.

    Hi everyone, This is my first post. basically i'm hating my life right now. I've been for the past 2 years, well i don't hate life I just want a better life. I guess most of us feel this but i m struggling to stay optimistic. My dream is to save money so I can travel & start a travel blog. but...
  7. S

    My crippling mind

    I figure I’d also use this space as a journal and an outlet. It makes me anxious posting things on the internet but no one knows me here so here goes Today was the same as the day before and the month before that. No progress. No change. Though, how can I expect change without action? and if...
  8. D

    Please help, i'm lost

    Hi everyone, i have joined this forum hoping for a listening ear and some advices... I'm 28 yo and I'm a veterinarian, not currently on work. In fact , the past two years i had a non pleasant internship experience . That turned down my confidence , my self-esteem. Now , I'm losing my friends...
  9. C

    I feel like a ghost thrown into the land of the living...

    I feel like a ghost thrown into the land of the living by mistake, forced to stumble along through a lifetime, even though there’s nothing for me in this world. I’m a shadow compared to others people’s ambitions and drive and desires, a creature that wants solely to curl upon herself and puzzle...
  10. M

    Hello everyone

    I have suffered depression and anxiety for twelve years or more, it’s work related and possibly SAD. At the moment I’m not in a good place despite being on Long term medication. I’ve been signed off work for the last two weeks and now going into the third week with no change of meds but doing a...
  11. I

    Am i alone?

    I am struggling with what i think are OCD behaviours and thoughts. For example...i will buy something and then obsess that i have chosen the wrong item, panic that it isn't perfect, think i should have got the other item/different size/different colour and spend hours researching the item and...
  12. F

    Thoughts welcomed on once monthly paliperidone

    Invega sustenna? My depot nurse wants me switched to this but it’s a job and half pinning the pdoc down to sanction the change. According to this conversion chart it would be 78mgs/month...
  13. D

    I feel like I need to die

    I literally have no other way of putting it, I feel like I need to die. I think the worst thing for me is I don’t know why I hate myself so much and can’t allow myself to be happy. I know I will never be able to change these things and so I feel like I just have to die
  14. M

    Nothing seems to help

    I've had depression for at least 3 years and it's only gotten worse as times gone by. I sometimes have days where I would feel fine and motivated and what not, but it seems those days are just coming by less and less. I never have the drive to do anything, I don't even enjoy anything anymore. I...
  15. S

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, my name is Adam. I'm not used to doing this. Mainly because I don't know what to do, or where to go. All I do know is that I need to get my life on track. If I keep making the decisions I am making, or the lack thereof, all it will do is kill me. I need to take better care of myself. I need...
  16. S

    My Mom Doesn't Seem to Believe Depression Exist

    Hi, I'm Katie. I'm not sure I have depression, I never went to a doctor, only to counselors who would care for a moment. So, for the past three years I always felt long periods of sadness. Where I never had motivation, put my schoolwork to the trash, and feel very lonely and out of touch. It is...
  17. S

    BPD Recent Diagnosis

    I have recently been diagnosed with depression and BPD. I was initially diagnosed with depression but the more I spoke to mental health workers they diagnosed me with BPD too. The hardest part for me about it is the change in emotions. They can be so intense but can also change so quickly and...
  18. S

    Starting DBT and terrified

    So next Tuesday I start DBT. I'm really pleased I've been accepted onto it as I think its the only thing that may make a difference. BUT.... I'm freaking out. 1. Its a group thing each week for 2.5 hours. I don't do group things at the best of times but to be doing something that will make me...
  19. R

    Changing medication

    Hey guys. I’m currently on citlopram 40mg. For a while now I’ve noticed it’s starting to become less effective to the point of me nearly attempting suicide last week. My doctor is wanting to change my medication but win me off citlopram first. Has anyone come off it ? I’m just wondering about...
  20. O

    Patience is a virtue

    Hi all. I'm new to this site. This is my first post. I'm on risperidone and really feel it's not working. I heard 85 voices yesterday. Think I need a medication change. Am waiting for my cpn to call me back. Have patience. ☺️