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  1. T

    did anyone ruin theur life on purpose because you wanted to die, and then regret everything when you come out of depression?

    did anyone ruin theur life on purpose because you wanted to die, and then regret everything when you come out of depression? its killing me i feel worse now, ive wasted so many years ive ruined my friendships my potential all my chances because i didnt care, i hated myself,i was dead inside. i...
  2. O

    Hi I'm new

    Been discharged from mental hospital. Awaiting readmission should I apply for PIP. And if yes what are my chances of success
  3. S


    The beginning of December I went to the Christmas parade with my friend. She went to pick up her eldest daughter from her dad's and discovered that her daughter's hair was crawling with lice. I immediately backed off and didn't go near her but her mother touched her head. I was in the front seat...
  4. J

    Should I apply for ESA while I am still in college?

    I am going to apply for income based ESA. But I am currently doing a 4 months part time(less than 16 hours per week) Level 1(beginners) course in college. These are my 4 short questions: (1). I have a brain injury and an anxiety problem. Do you know what are the chances I would be able to get...
  5. I

    Absent Romantic life and issues

    Hello everyone, first of all I'd like to congratulate you about your great forum and all the support that the community provides to each other. As you can see from my title, my life has been completely disappointing in the girlfriend's area so far. I haven't really done anything with a girl...
  6. Gajolene

    New Therapy? TMS ? Insight from those who have tried it please.

    Has anyone has this form of therapy and can give people an idea of what to expect in the way of sideeffects afterwards. Posting for a gentleman concerned for his wife and her chances of relapse into psychosis if she goes though with the psychiatrists request to undergo this therapy.
  7. fazza

    Falling to bits

    Had my cpa review today and although it went ok and hopefully next week I will be on clozapine. I now feel like a bag of shit. My voices are rampant today screaming at me to kill myself. I feel like I have betrayed my voices by telling the Pdoc what they are saying. I feel like I am just...
  8. I

    really had enough lost all my mates how do i cope

    Hi,a gang of us used to go.out but one of them found out I have a eating disorder,take energy pills and drink alcohol.i have been trying to stop and now they wont give me any chances at all.we were supposed to be going on holiday together and she has said that she will invite her mum and pay me...
  9. J

    does anyone have bad anxiety over their health

    The past few days I have had a big fear about anxiety over my health. Does anybody suffer from similar experiences. I quit smoking a number of months ago and since that time I have had big worries about ny health. One of the biggest fears that I have is that there could be a chance that I have...
  10. B

    Sick and tired.

    My situation is,i have no dependants i dont have to rely on benefits.If i give up my benefits will i not be free.I have someone who will not see me starve and will not see me without a roof over my head,i will have no money but mony doesent make you happy.I want to go of grid,i will not be told...
  11. V

    paranoid is this the place

    Well i keep seeing this van driving by outside somehow i was convinced it was filled with bad people out to kill me, i am quite paranoid now but cant switch it off, comes in waves. It never makes sense, the van took a turn earlier and i literally entered survival mode, my heart and adrenaline...
  12. A

    automatic self harm

    just wondering if their is anybody here who self harms without actually knowing they do it? (because they are so used to it) i do, i've had plenty of chances to figure that out if you know what i mean
  13. P

    help and opinions? please?

    im suffering from depression and anxiety and got placed in the support group for 6 months... which i am extremely grateful for...as they said i would need a medical but later sent a letter saying that it wont be neccessary... some time has past now and im woundering if the chances of me going...
  14. S

    How do they do it?

    I just don't understand. There are many people out there suffering with Bi-Polar Disorder who seem to manage their lives & have careers - Top high flying careers. How do they manage to gain the employment of their choice & hold it down? How do they do it? I just don't know how? I wish I...
  15. kikid


    hey please god someone help me understand! i am currently signed off from my employment from the Dr, so i receive ssp! now i have applied for income support and am still waiting to hear, does anyone know what the chances are of me getting it?. also i have applied for D.L.A again what are my...
  16. D

    what are the chances, Schizophrenia?

    hello, sorry to post here this wasn't why i joined but i thought i would ask why i was here. I thought it would be better to ask people who had schizophrenia rather then people who didn't. its ok if you cant answer i wont worry about it. What are the chances of a child or grandchild getting...
  17. G

    Do I tell the truth?

    I'm sure I'll have to look for a job in the future. Will I have to disclose to prospective employers that I'm mentally ill? What's the chances of someone like me, who's been mentally ill since age 14, getting a job?
  18. coffee

    What are the chances.....?

    What are the chances that my pretty useless psychiatrist (who is discharging me soon anyway) will write a report that supports my DLA claim? Got a letter from DWP this morning giving me an update on my DLA claim - they are writing to my CPN/psychiatrist to get a report. Problem being is that...
  19. C


    Hello , I am a teen and my mom has bipolar disorder and my dad had schizophrenia as well as my grandmother. Recently I have been very scared that I might have one of the two.. What are the chances that I might have either one of them ? Please, please, please, answer asap .
  20. D

    Do you have a lot of friends?

    I don't have that many friends. Bums me out sometimes but other times don't think it's worth the hassle. What do you guys think? . . . I actually work with the SAMHSA and they just launched the What A Difference A Friend Makes program. Really got me thinking. Did you know that the support of a...