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  1. D

    Celebrity Crush/Obsession

    I am not really sure where celebrity obsession falls on this forum. This is my first post. I have had celebrity obsessions since I was like 12. They are always one at a time and the current one that I have is so bad. I have gone down the rabbit hole and I can’t get out. He is not very well known...
  2. A

    I am really frightened

    Like I've said recently, I've been struggling with suicidal urges. I've noticed that I'm becoming increasingly frightened by thoughts and images. I've phoned helplines for support, and I am doing my best to manage, but it's really hard to keep going. I'm going to have a bath now, and maybe try...
  3. L

    having a favorite person

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know do you believe in having a fp when you have bdp and if yes do you think it's possible that you fp is someone that you don't know personally like a celebrity or a pet ?
  4. L

    Celebrity Obsession

    Hello guys I'm new here. Not sure exactly where to post this. I am 36 yrs old,have 4 children, and a boyfriend but I am absolutely obsessed with a celebrity! I have had this obsession for about 2 yrs now and it has completely taken over my life. I'm constantly on the internet saving pictures and...
  5. pepecat

    "Shoot the Damn Dog' author Sally Brampton dies

    Sally Brampton, journalist and writer, dies aged 60 - BBC News (contains suicide specifics) Of all the 'celebrity' deaths this year, this one has stunned me the most, though actually, I"m not massively surprised. I feel a bit 'hit by a truck' for a few reasons..... I didn't know Sally at all...
  6. C


    Hi, I havent posted in a while but I was diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, depression and BDD last year. My OCD has been full of ups and downs, mostly downs. On and off medication which made big changes to my weight. Anything is now a trigger for me to get a thought, Recently I have been getting...
  7. J

    Seeing myself as a specific person I don't want to

    Hello I'm new here, I hope this is the right spot. I'm bothered by literally seeing myself as a specific celebrity I can't stand. The more hate I have for this celebrity, like a finger trap, the stronger I see myself as them. This has been going on for a decade and completely ruins my mood very...
  8. J

    I have no idea what's wrong with me... am I crazy?

    Hi everybody! First - I signed up literally a couple of minutes ago so I am not quite sure how this thing works, however I just feel like I need to share my story with someone because I fear I might be going insane :( I'll try to be as concrete as possible and please excuse my grammar, I am...
  9. B

    'Celebrity Scales'

    Hello! Hope you're all well. I heard yesterday that a shop is/has already brought out a scale that replaces numbers with celebrity names. I think it's an awful idea as people already compare themselves to these people, just wanted to see what everyone else's opinion is :) x
  10. R

    The Diaries of Richard Burton

    FOLLOWING MY LIFE THROUGH RICHARD BURTON’S DIARIES The following is a long post and I advise readers to (i) skim or scan, (ii) google key words, (iii) read until your eyes glaze-over, or (iv) just ignore it.-Ron Price, Australia:flower2: --------------------- Part 1: Readers here will find...
  11. V

    Celebrity Worship Syndrome

    Hi, I'm a journalism student writing a feature on Celebrity Worship Syndrome. I was wondering if anyone had/is suffering from CWS - or knows anyone who is? I am trying to gain more understanding of CWS and feel that speaking to someone who has it, would be helpful, and would properly do it...
  12. B

    Looking forward to anything?

    Stevie Fry did a documentary a while ago giving an insight in to what it like to be a privelidged celebrity who suffers from bipolar. What struck me was his relationship with his psychiatrist as they both sat around a table and discussed his heath and treatment as equals. That's very different...