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  1. A

    Psychosis cause by abuse Fully Trained musical ear here

    My name's Andrew. :) So I'm a musician, with a very well established ear and mind. :) I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia .. my dad is making noises/ tones like its the end of the world, or the tones a schizophrenic would get lost in in psychosis, however im on medicine right now, and i'm not...
  2. S

    Paranoia no, mappa destroyed everything for ten pounds

    they constanly mess everything up I try and do, go around in circles with the lot, for the last 13 yeasrs, when I tried to sort this out,instead of being five, its been 17, the socialworkers new the truth from the start, they just a victim as they had caused it as a child, ie the authorties...
  3. B


    Hello everyone, I decided to join this forum because I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was in my teens and I am now 30 years old. It became clear the last few years that I definitely have some sort of PTSD as a result of many years of bullying and misunderstandings that...
  4. S

    f***** off, i after to deal with everything caused by everyone else

    but maybe that's way its turned out, as I was born on my own, with no understanding growing up, just singled out for this for research, and everyone as run off with throught of frankstein, I just saved to fund it, ie psychoses, for behaviour caused by everyone, like I grew up on my own, I shall...
  5. L

    What can I do? (relationship anxiety)

    Hi, I joined a a couple weeks back as I've been struggling with my anxiety since the middle of this year and I thought I was doing quite well. A bit of backstory, I hold a job that has a lot of responsibilities and I'm always working under intense pressure. I met someone that I really like and...
  6. C

    Coming off mitrazapine

    I’ve been taking Prozac for approx. 6 months, it has really helped with my depression but caused horrible anxiety-my doctor prescribed mitrazapine additionally, which has helped, but caused me to gain 17kg in 3 months :( My doctor has suggested I stop the mitrazapine, and instead double my...
  7. S

    your life was never yours, to find out you where just an experiment,

    any one else feel like that??? just fount that out in the last 13 years, now im a slave to the masses, my life caused by every one else
  8. C

    Medication question

    I have severe depression and have tried several antidepressants. I can't abide the side effects. I have a stomach ulcer so cannot tolerate serotonin reuptake inhibitors. I have heart arrhythmias (PVCs) so cannot take medicines that work on norepinephrine. I have enlarged prostate so TCAs are not...
  9. Kerome

    The psychology of hope

    It seems that hope is caused by an unfulfilled desire from the past. That if you have hope of something, some event in your past has left a negative imprint. Maybe it was an imperfect meeting with your husband that you had wanted to go better, and it has now caused the hope to arise in you that...
  10. E

    Psychosis caused by overactive thyroid?

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone on here had had a psychotic episode caused by an overactive thyroid? Out of hospital for just over a year now and when I came out they did a full physical health check and found out I had graves disease. Most doctors unsure what caused the episode of psychosis...
  11. D

    Combating sleepiness caused by SSRI by using other meds?

    Hello everyone. I have been on many different SSRI's for my OCD. I have been on Sertraline, Fluoxetine, Fluvoxamine, Citalopram and Paroxetine, and they all caused sleepiness. I have was each of those medications for at least a four months. I even tried taking them at night with no luck...
  12. letmein

    scared low not safe

    my paranoia is bad, my mood is dropping really quickly and my thoughts have gone "dark" feeling sorry for myself today but i do feel others have caused it again. I've not been out since monday and still people are getting to me. sorry i need to scream and...
  13. S

    Individual Counseling Caused My Thought Broadcasting and Mind Reading Delusions

    Individual Counseling Caused My Thought Broadcasting and Mind Reading Delusions Individual counseling caused my thought broadcasting and mind-reading delusions about other people. Because I had to tell the therapist what was on my mind all the time. Before that, I did not have ANY delusions...
  14. M


    I've recently started seeing a psychiatrist. I've had a very anxious filled summer after a few very traumatic events. I started having psuedohallucination the past three weeks. My pdoc says they are caused by anxiety. I've never heard of anxiery doing this? Has anyone else?
  15. cpuusage

    Study Explores Cognitive Effects of Antipsychotics

    More evidence of the damage caused by anti-psychotic drugs - Study Explores Cognitive Effects of Antipsychotics
  16. Z

    Need Advice Please !!! I don t know what to do.

    Hey there. I have a few Questions, which after weeks of research on the internet i can t find answers to. So some of you may have experienced similar Symptoms. First my Diagnosis. My Doc says bipolar. I disagree with that cause i never experienced depression. Now it is important that i tell you...
  17. M

    Schizophrenia caused by Medication

    Ten years ago I came into the system cos I had a family member develop some persecutory abusive thoughts about me. I was just a normal teenager, had never even had a single puff of marijuana. The psychiatrist I saw resorted to the harshest option of putting me on really hard drugs...
  18. shaky

    Mental illness mostly caused by life events, not genetics

  19. M

    From Fevarin to? [Anxiety problems]

    Hi everyone. I'm currently on Fevarin (Fluvoxamine) 50 mg and Xanax , 0,5mg since 2001. This is my story.: I suffer from anxiety and in particular social anxiety and first of all i was put on Xanax 3 mg with all the side effects of it. After a period of deep depression probably due to the high...
  20. F

    How are serotonin antagonists used to treat depression?

    I was recently prescribed Lutuda for bipolar depression. Upon further research it seems it is used mainly for schizophrenia treatment and is a dopamine and serotonin receptor blocker/antagonist? That's where the confusion lies. Isn't depression thought to be caused because these receptors are...