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  1. N

    Anxieties - Brexit!!!!

    Hi Afternoon, Folks, I haven't been a happy one as of late,recently. What with the rechid senario or saga, of Brexit, I have been too anxious, in terms of , medication, and the links between me, GP service, and the Chemist, now what with Brext, I am so anxious, in case of and I wouldn't like...
  2. J

    New here.

    Hello everyone, I am glad to have found this forum! I am 28 years old, and have struggled with severe depression my entire life as well as addiction. I also served in the Marine Corps in case we have other vets here lol. I suffer from hideous depression, so feel free to talk to me if you are...
  3. R

    How many voices are in your head? I'm being pummeled by at least 50!

    I found out in the strangest way how many voices are in my head. They are all male and they are all vicious. I have not had that many attacks with the auditory part...you know where you hear voices all day and night, get totally disoriented and are barely able to do the basics like brush your...
  4. D

    How did putting you on meds change you? Did it help?

    My friend recently confided in me about her hallucinations and her fear that she might be struggling from schizophrenia. I wanted to ask about pharmaceutical aspect of treating the disease: do you find medication helpful? How did it help you in your particular case? What are the side effects? Is...
  5. A

    Blank minded & no feelings.

    In 2016 I had severe anxiety which led to panic attacks and one night I suffered a big panic attack and the next morning things were different I had woken up as a complete stranger to myself. I can't recall everything but I experienced a lot of symptoms one would associate with Depression. Lost...
  6. embleton

    Parental and sibling communication

    The following email was written by me to a parent, who then disclosed it to third parties saying it was aggressive for supporting their case? The person concerned had in my eyes acted inappropriately throughout my life and did so with this correspondence. ----- The closeness in the...
  7. Kerome

    Right speech, spirituality and the internet

    I just wanted to talk a little about a sutra of the Buddha which was about right speech. I’ve been wondering for a while what makes a good internet community, after observing some of the behaviour that goes on with modern Osho sannyasins... they bicker and fight and make snide comments, I just...
  8. Topcat

    Very scared right now, situation at home

    Husband's emotional state has kicked off. He was about to drive off. Went outside, he came back in and we talked a bit. I know how this goes. He blames our eldest (the one he threatened violence against) He blames me. He's highly emotional. He's gone in the lounge now because he can't handle...
  9. P

    Does fantasy and scifi books/movies trigger you?

    Just wondering. :) In my case, nope.
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    To dearest mayflower

    i hope your daddy recovers well please email me if you need to talk i think i have a fair idea what you are going through ,what with my sister actually i will turn private messages on in case you need me am here for you as im sure the entire forum is love Lu xxx
  11. K

    Criminal Charges

    It's really happening. The case that will determine whether or not my life is over or not. I just got notice today by my family, that i would be going to court for criminal harassment charges. I thought this was over. I thought i could finally move on from this shit-hole of an experience. I...
  12. M

    Voices and Horrible Tinnitus

    Hello Everyone, Do any of you have tinnitus with your voices? In my case, the tinnitus can be more debilitating than the voices. Regards, Moe Hope
  13. B

    Fish Consumption And Diabetes Risk

    There’s little question that fish contain environmental pollutants such as mercury and PCBs with, generally, bigger fish such as shark and tuna containing more and smaller fish like sardines containing less. That’s been common knowledge between health researchers for a while now. The real...
  14. R

    meeting to discuss advocacy

    advocate is meeting me in the library fri, i'm a bit concerned i feel uncomfortable arguing that i'm a deserving case. mad enough, in a public place with potentially people listening in appears i'm a risk and therefore he can't see me in my flat, but that won't stop him refusing help given a...
  15. H

    Hello all nice to meet you

    Hello everyone, Nice to meet you guys, my name is Hal, I was diagnosed with OCD in the summer of 2015. It has turned out to be extremely bad which I wasn't aware of until less than a year ago, at least in my case, I never felt that what I did or what I thought wasn't normal, I am trying to...
  16. Fairy Lucretia

    i hate myself and i want to die

    im ready to go if something happened to take it out of my hands then it would be a relief it's not selfish ,it's barely choice im so calm not flustered all upset over emotional Lu that i usually am i simply don't see the point in going on for the next 40 or 50 years when the pain can end...
  17. K

    Adjustment disorder in a PD

    I have a diagnosis of unspesified PD. From the description of my diagnosis i understand that the criteria of adjustement disorder are met and anxious mood is also referred. Nothing else wortmentioning. My question is, how severe can the AD be in my case? Can it be of the worst form or in that...
  18. Tired Daisy

    Services are fobbing me off

    I'm a vulnerable person with learning difficulties and because I scored an I.Q of 76 in an assessment I've been told that I'm no longer eligible just because I can make a block pattern with blocks. Nobody else got put throw this assessment and they probably have a higher I.Q than me so if thats...
  19. A

    I am evil

    I saw my CPN today but didn't tell him I'm evil as I wasn't feeling that way when I saw him. However since then, my thoughts have been snowballing and I am now convinced I am evil, and I'm scared to go out in case I hurt anyone. We had talked about how I don't like going out in case I do get...
  20. C

    Quick introduction by me

    I'm a 54 year old male, married with 2 kids (10, 17) and live in South Liverpool. I've had GAD & low mood intermittently since I was a kid in the 70's but it's got a lot worse over the past couple of years which has resulted in other issues - alcohol abuse, chronic procrastination. Both of them...