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  1. Imperfect-Angel

    care allowance

    Hi, does it have to be an adult that can receive carers allowance? As my son is 15 & he does everything I can't possible do.., Many Thanks Imperfect-angel :D
  2. G

    Mental health news this week

    Anorexia and bulimia rise 15% in under a decade - Anorexia and bulimia rise 15% in under a decade - Mirror Online The Cure Parkinson's Trust is delighted that the Exenatide (Exendin) study results have been published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation - Cure Parkinson's Trust | News |...
  3. M

    Is this a normal

    My son is 16 years old, he has been told he has psychosis, depression, paranoia, anxiety, hallucinations, delusions, intrusive negative thoughts, panic attacks and a few others. Not a firm diagnosis, that's not the issue but his psychiatrist will only talk to my son or me at appointment times...
  4. D

    add on from what have i done

    In peraonality chat under the heading...what have i done....i dodnt tell my mum what i have done. A week after reporting the carers allowence and my mum got a letter today saying her carers allowence has stopped. I pretended to be her and did it all online. What a mistake. Me and my partner now...
  5. D

    what have i done

    Hi. About 4 years ago my mum started reveiving carers allowence for me. I live with my partner. As people will notice that i dont live with my mum. My mum is a single mum with my brother whos 16 in april. Mum lives in our family home and her rent is £550 a month and she claims income support...
  6. T

    Carer's assessment

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some info. My CPN asked me yesterday whether my husband would want a carer's assessment. We passed over this pretty quickly cos there was a lot to talk about in the session but it's left me slightly confused. I am lucky that I am still able to function so I...
  7. W

    Does anyone know about how my benefits would change if my partner moves in and becomes my carer?

    Does anyone know about how my benefits would change if my partner moves in and becomes my carer? My partner and I have not lived together exactly although we spend a lot of time togther at each others houses. He is thinking of moving in with me. How will this affect my benefits? I have bipolar...
  8. M

    carers allowance

    I know you can claim it if you earn under £100 a week. Does this include the top up you get for working tax credit? Thanks if you can help
  9. M

    Carer's Allowance

    Hi, I receive Higher Rate Care DLA and somehow manage to work full time (don't know how much longer that will last but anyway). Can my partner, who lives with me, claim Carer's Allowance for me?
  10. D

    mental health forum meeting in salford

    I just saw under events that there is a meeting at the pendleton gateway on wed. 25th for service users and carers. check it out sounds like it will be good 12-2pm Ill be there.
  11. starflower

    I need help for my daughter, who is also my carer x

    My youngest daughter who still lives at home is also my carer. She's only 20yrs and although she's been my full time carer for the last six years of her young life, she gets no support herself, except for carers allowance, which only means she can manage to pay her way. She didn't even find...
  12. P

    Newbie Looking For Support!

    Hi all, I'm a newbie! I found this website, Whilst looking for a support group for carers..! I hope i can be a vaild member! :clap:
  13. F

    New - any advice?

    Hi Im new to the forum. After years of depression i was finally diagnosed with Bipolar last september. My condition has been mainly down, and tbh i have not been stable for a sustained amount of time to be deemed well. I have been getting DLA low rate care and mob since Jan 2009. It is up for...
  14. B

    Campaign on Conversion Disorder

    Hello Everyone. I'm new to this forum but recognise some of you from Psychforums although I haven't been there for a while. I'm "bonica" here & "roselight" on Psychforum. My son has CD. Please bear with me while I explain what is happening & how it relates to Conversion Disorder. You'll all...
  15. J

    On behalf of my brother

    My brother has suffered from psychosis for nearly two years now, he's also been through his teenage years too, which has resulted in a double dose of stress for my parents, as myself and my younger sister left home years ago now. We realise that this most probably had an affect on his illness...
  16. S

    carers/ disability living allowance ?

    Does anyone claim for this ?? my MHN said I might be entitled but looking through the form it doesn't really ask many mental health questions. Does anyone claim for this ?? Am I entitled ??
  17. S

    Please help me help my daughter

    Hello I have posted on the carers section of this forum about the startling behavior of my daughter and I would really appreciate any guidance you could give from either carers of those with EDs or those who suffer. Thank you in advance for your help, I really want my daughter back. Here is...
  18. M

    What is--

    Carers IB? I would presume it is a benefit for carers but wondered why my MHSW sent me a leaflet on it as I don't have a carer and am thinking I am being dumped my the CMHT. Being stupid I know but the unknown spooks me.:( m
  19. MaruMaro

    Carer's Assessment?????

    Some people recently have been asking me if i want a carer's assessment, and i have tried to find information on what it is, and whats involved, anyone got any idea?
  20. MaruMaro

    Respite For Carers?

    I know that if you have a mental illness you can get respite, for example staying in a place that will look after the person for a while, but what about carers they need breaks too, im a carer of my mam and have been nearly my entire life, since ive gotten alot more mature and older it seems to...