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  1. A

    Hi from East Sussex

    I have a 99 year old mother, who, apart from usual old age problems, arthritis, dizziness, kidney problems and minor heart problems is in pretty good health. My father died 6 years ago and my mother lives by herself with the assistance of carers (3 per day). She lets the carers do very little...
  2. F

    Carers in mind-Introduction: It's real for them

    Posted by Stuart Sorensen 11 June 2018 Caring for people with psychosis can be both stressful and mystifying. People who hear voices and respond to visions that the carer can neither hear nor see present particular problems and frustrations. It’s distressing for the individual voice-hearer...
  3. F

    Meet Andrew Gordon, living with schizophrenia and a UK Labour party councillor

    Meet Andrew Gordon, living with schizophrenia and a UK Labour party councillor Written by EUFAMI Meet Andrew Gordon, living with schizophrenia and a UK Labour party councillor I wonder how many more such people there are as local councillors. Not many I would guess. Posted to show that...
  4. C

    hows everyone coping?

    How are fellow carers coping ? I'm still up and down in my relationship with my partner.. I'm trying to fight for what very little relationship we have got just now.. I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. This makes me feel so sad as I love him so much but since his diagnosis hes not the...
  5. T

    question about SDP

    So I've been claiming PIP and ESA for a while now, and recently heard about SDP. I have a few questions though. I dont live alone, however my dad is claiming high rate DLA and is therefore classed as a dependant, and my mum receives carers allowance for him (but not for me). Am I eligible? I'm...
  6. G

    Mental health TV this week

    (I've been ill in bed this week so apologies for the delay with this) A FATHER suffering from mental illness who electrocuted himself inside his prison cell had been sectioned just days before his arrest. Dean Saunders, 25 from Basildon was found by prison guards unresponsive at HMP...
  7. C


    Hows the carers doing?? i've kind of switched off from partners problems just now and my own.He told me i act like i dont care about anything anymore, I thought things were going ok until a wee while ago he said that to me. Got me thinking maybe im deluded,, its like i have maybe just flicked a...
  8. J

    Choosing Carers

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I thought I would borrow your brains for a while....Really I need help. I have a severe disability called SMA Type 2. This consequently makes me electric wheelchair bound, unable to walk, and reliant on carers for help. Despite the difficulties my...
  9. L

    Petition to improve pay for Support Workers and Carers.

    My name is Chris, I am currently a support worker for Lifeways Care. Something I notice everyday and something that has become a very apparent and pressing issue across the entire care sector, is that none of us as carers are paid anywhere near a realistic wage, unless we have come from the NHS...
  10. A

    Carers allowance claimed when Mum was not a carer

    My Mother claimed carers allowance when she was not a 'carer'.The psychologist who was still involved and who wouldn't clear off with me despite me leaving school and being well over eighteen wrote a inaccurate dramatic over exaggerated letter backing up her claim. I feel so much anger to her...
  11. F

    Dementia guide for carers and care providers

    The Dementia Guide for Carers and Care Providers offers practical information for anyone caring for a person with dementia and has been developed by our Thames Valley team in collaboration with healthcare professionals, educators and carers. The guide aims to support an understanding of the...
  12. D

    Totally Confused

    Hi and thanks for letting me in..... This is a cry out for help with benefits. OH has BiPolar 2 and is not fit for work any time soon and I quit an almost full time job to go to a part time job to care for him, so i have stopped the working tax credits as I don't do enough hours now. He is on...
  13. M

    Carers assesment

    My psychiatrist said today he wants my mum to have a carers assessment, what is it, how can they help? Thanks in advance
  14. M

    Hearing voices

    I don't feel save around people at all the voices in my head say everybody is out to kill me even my carers and my mental health nurse so I am just staying in my flat away from everybody
  15. F

    Carers and confidentiality in mental health

  16. G

    Mental health news this week

    Police in Luton are appealing for help to find a missing mother of six. Tina Younie was last seen this morning after saying an emotional goodbye to two of her children. She's been suffering from depression and was last seen at the junction of Crawley Green Road and Hart Lane -...
  17. S

    Looking for carers of people with BPD in the harrogate area?

    HI, I am looking for people that care for people with BPD. Thought it might be worth setting up a group to help each other? Everything I have read says about support but as many I am sure find there is little. So maybe if there was enough interest we could meet up and help and support each other?
  18. M

    Severe depression

    I have asked the manager of my care company if she can get somebody to go with to the doctors but she said they are not allowed to go ask your mental health nurse I did but all she said was go on your own. But when I go on my own to the doctors they don't listen to me they think I am stupid and...
  19. A

    Should i claim esa?

    Hi, my name is Andrew, i'm 42, i am currently getting carers allowance for my mother who suffers with mental illness, i myself have been ill since 2004 with Health Anxiety and depression which has got a lot worse in recent months, i have just done 12-13 weeks of CBT which didn't really help, i...
  20. H

    Birmingham Mental Health Carers Support Service

    Hello all, I am just dropping in with some information regarding a service I provide for carers who care for those with mental illness in the Birmingham area. If you're a carer that looks after someone with mental health and you need some extra support or maybe someone in your family cares for...