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career anxiety

  1. Amanda_M

    Sad, new, need of people to relate to

    Hi everyone- I've been struggling really hard the last couple of months and I have finally decided to join a community where I feel I can find people who are going through the same hardships that I am. I'm 23, and I just graduated college in May. I have a full-time job at a place where I...
  2. H

    Boredom at Work Escalating, Making Dealing Difficult

    Hi all, I'm an artist/illustrator in North Carolina, USA. If you know anything about that area or the arts industry, you'll understand that there are very few artist/illustrator jobs to be had, much less full-time with benefits. I am also a type one diabetic (I was diagnosed as a very young...
  3. O

    Worried about absolutely everything

    I'm in a good relationship, I've had no reason to mistrust my partner but in the past I've been cheated on and left for a 'better model' by my previous long term relationship. I'm constantly worried that I'm not in the right relationship because we don't agree on little things like: I want a...