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  1. Funnyday

    No lie in on Boxing day

    My Brother has come for Christmas. He's staying with me. He has said that he wants us to get up early so that I can help him fix his car. I can see it turning into a swearing match. As he gets fuddled and stresses about his car. Rubbing off on me and winding me up.:low:
  2. Poopy Doll

    Anxiety upon awakening

    Extremely anxious because the doctors office lied to me. They said my appointment was the first in the morning so I wouldn't have to wait with my bad legs. Now I find out I have to show up first to be first in line and the doctor is doing surgeries until forty five minutes to an hour after my...
  3. N

    Turns out they moved a pyromaniac in our shared supported living house

    We had a new person move in. He has previous arson convictions which he openly admitted a few times on visits before he moved in. He had been in a forensic hospital for some years because of the arson/s. I had some concerns because he was an arsonist and would be moving into a shared house with...
  4. Poopy Doll

    So much for Love Thy Neighbor

    We took the dogs for a run in the park and then left them in the car while we made a pit stop in the store. IT WAS NIGHT. It was not hot. Some dumb young woman came up to me and said, "I almost broke your window. You left the dogs in the car without cracking the windows." She even had them make...
  5. D

    Sinking and no one to turn to

    Hi, I'm brand new here, I've arrived because my depression has hit it's worst depths ever. I've felt myself falling for a while now but had plateau'd at what felt like a manageable level, I was just about keeping my head above the water, fragile but surviving. That is until my partner of 5 years...
  6. K

    Impulsive behavior close call!

    I almost bought a 2018 car. I have a 2011. It would've set me back $150 a month. Knowing it would tight on my budget I really was thinking about buying that car. Impulsive shopping I hate it!! If i would've bought that car I would definitely regret it Thanks to my boyfriend for talking me...
  7. Funnyday

    Car insurance

    I'm sure that others have had this problem in the past. I am waiting on getting my driving license back from DVLA. So I rang them today nearly 4 weeks since I first contacted them. They said that they had only yesterday sent the letter off to my Doctor. However, I can still drive my car while I...
  8. Z

    Panic Attack

    I was walking through the parking lot this morning to go shopping. After I got out of my car and started walking, A man was walking towards me with his dark hoodie pulled down and a scarf on his face. When I walked by him he stopped walking and was watching me walk into the store. Years ago...
  9. A

    Hello I,m lonely and isolate myself

    Hi.im a housewife struggling with fear and avoidence.im my 60's 6 adult children.i gave up driving 2 years ago. I have no friends I sit with constant irrational what if's the only person I will drive with is my husband.my daughters twins offer and rarely will I only to a doctor appt to get...
  10. valleygirl

    Got Rear-Ended On My Way Home From Work

    I was stopped at a light and some dumb ass in his big ass pick-up truck decided to try to go around me, up onto the median, to get into the left turn lane. This will make absolutely no sense to those of you in the UK, as you drive on the opposite side of the road from those of us in North...
  11. C

    Car insurance

    I'm thinking of getting a car and wondering if the car insurance will be sky high due to a diagnosis of psychosis/schizophrenia. I don't think I'll have any problems with the DVLA because I've been completely symptom free for 4 years...however, just worried I won't be able to afford the...
  12. G

    This world is insane

    Hi members of SAF. Let me start out by saying I think this world is insane or turning insane. I've seen some really creepy things. I used to think it was me but its becoming more evident that I'm maybe not the one. Why is it that 'normal' people get so offended so easily these days? Every time...
  13. Funnyday

    Public transport

    I'm faced with having to use public transport. So I can go and buy a car from ebay. I was meant to go today but instead I sent a text telling them that I'm unwell. I really want the car as well. The thought of having to use busses is making me feel uneasy and dizzy. I don't want them thinking...
  14. N

    neighbour induced anxiety? is it real?

    Dear reader. First of all, this is the first time i have spoken about this to anyone other than my family. there is a need for reasurrance from someone who doesnt love you, an unbiased perspective i think are the words im looking for. This a long one, and please someone reply, even its just a...
  15. G

    Just really struggling

    Sorry if its long but if you have the time please read through till the end. I started off pretty well in life. I was always a very happy, euphoric, outgoing boy growing up, 25 yr old now. Crippling embarrassments, being shot down, laughed at, and never taken seriously has slowly handicapped...
  16. M

    Wracked with Guilt

    Hi all, I'm new here, pleasure to e-meet you all. I'm a 25 year old male currently going through a burn-out / depression. I was also diagnosed with Autism and NLD 12 years ago. I've been struggling my whole life with communication, interaction and 'unwritten rules'. Despite all of that, my...
  17. Z

    Is this Health OCD or is this a real concern?

    So a few years ago we had these GPI weights that melted. They dripped on the floor of our gym and some stains were left on the floor in our garage after we set them there. This black sticky tar stuff also got on one of our broom handles. When we threw them out i got some on my hands and it was...
  18. Poopy Doll

    30 years later, bipolar

    Well, the bipolar has tripped me up, again. It's incompatible with my leg problem. I had a stomach ache and thought I could drive the car to the pharmacy/drugstore. I can't drive the car because sitting up straight makes my leg hurt severely. I know this but I was in the mood to drive the car at...
  19. L

    Car phobia

    Ok this probably seems like a really silly phobia but i have this fear about my car breaking down. its that fear of it not starting and being unable to get to work. And work are not very simpathetic Im finding the phobia so bad its keeps me awake at night my my cars is only three years old so...
  20. F

    Panic attack

    Hi, My name is Neil. I was diagnosed with Anxiety a few years ago, and with the help of some medication I manage it pretty well I think, but now and again I get the odd attack, or, period of anxiety. About 30 minutes ago I just had the worst panic attack I’ve ever experienced, it was...