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  1. T

    Acceptance of depression

    I guess I am looking for support for the times when I just have to accept I can't be capable of having energy to get out of bed
  2. S


    Really lonely at the moment. No real friends to talk to about my problems or to support me. I don't believe in real friendship anyway. It's all a social contract. No job, no income, money running out on a overdrafted account... I don't feel capable of looking for a new job, I wasn't capable of...
  3. P

    The fifth element.

    Not bruce willis, if anyone ever suggests to me ever again that people porking eachtoher is the fifth element i'm just going to lose my shit. What an awful movie that was anyway. She is the fifth element?! Okay so anywho the fifth element. It's the spirit. It's an actual element and...
  4. I

    I have a speech impediment caused by social anxiety

    I am a 21-year old male. I had a pretty social and flawless upbringing, then in middle school I lost some friends due to them moving, or getting in fights. I started spending every day on the computer from 7th grade to 11th grade. I had some social interaction at school, but this era of my life...
  5. O

    Concerned about work

    Hi everyone, I feel really stuck I'm not sure what to do. I'm suffering with anxiety and depression and have had three weeks off work so far, two of those were with a sick note from the doctors and one of those weeks I signed myself off. I was supposed to be back in on Monday but have called in...
  6. U


    In April I had a breakdown. I couldn't sleep, eat, or barely function. After about six days of this, I was at the point where I didn't want to live anymore. I checked myself into the hospital as I couldn't leave my kids without their mommy. So, after about six days of not sleeping, I finally...
  7. kyarahope

    We are strong!!

    So first of all I do what to sound patronising, and believe me I know how hard it can be, and its not as simple as just thinking positive, however I am today feeling happy to I am going to try and spread that vibe! We as a species associate mental illness as a negative, unwanted and an almost...
  8. S

    Illuminati real or fake?

    So here goes..the illuminati.... Call me paranoid as much as you like but there are enough videos, essays and documents out there that apparently exposes them. I have been very much spooked by the stuff they are capable of, and I feel like I have no control in my life if they are just going to...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    want to matter to somebody

    i feel like while i am on my own my life is pointless and has no meaning im not capable of having a RL relationship but all i want is to matter to somebody and belong to them i want to feel important to somebody i dont matter to anybody so therefore my life and myself is pointless :low:
  10. P

    Trust Issues

    I feel like giving up on finding someone to have a relationship with. I have found a lot of amazing guys that would have worked out well, but when it got to be serious I choked and ran away. In my mind I justify running away by telling myself that nothing lasts. That people are always ultimately...
  11. M

    New here...feeling guilty

    Hi new here. Anyone out there that suffers from OCD intrusive thinking? It happened to me right after I had my second child and every thought I have only happens with my second child. I finally called for a psychiatrist, I see her tomorrow!
  12. H

    Concerning placebos.

    If a person can be healed by a placebo, why can he/she be healed by the mind alone? It has happened that people have cured themselves with believing and faith. If they are capable of curing themselves, then they can also create there own personable sickness's. high strung
  13. cpuusage

    Everything is Conscious

    If Everything is Consciousness, is Everything Conscious? If Everything is Consciousness, is Everything Conscious? | Science and Nonduality At this year’s conference I’ll be moderating a discussion between Bernardo Kastrup and physicist Christopher Fields. I was motivated to write this essay by...
  14. T

    Getting a job/trying out work etc

    Offshoot from the 'psychiatrist said' thread. I really don't want to do my job any more. It does me no favours in a lot of ways, but is highly convenient and financially rewarding - making it difficult to leave. Anyway. I look through job pages, I know if I was mentally 'well' I am very...
  15. Y

    Working from home with bipolar disorder

    After a mental breakdown last November I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder and over the past months have been working through my drug addiction and ultimately to get my life back of track. I am now looking at attending college part time however I currently...
  16. K

    Needed to vent about a thought I had, really distressing. :(

    Please read the entire post before commenting. I did not know whom to discuss this with. I cannot discuss this with my family or my husband as I feel very churnedup out about a couple of thoughts I had. I don't have history of violence etc, maybe I over think that is about it. I am not here to...
  17. Jaminacaranda

    Leaving my man

    Decided I can't go on living with him any more (after 5 years) and yes I'm very sad about it and yes, it has to do with his mental health problems. He has Asperger's, OCD, OCPD, depression and anxiety. What this means for me is, he isn't capable of having any empathy for other people so he...
  18. tigerfish

    i've lost it!!

    I have reached boiling point and hurt myself!! I am so angry I don't know what to do with myself!! I want to end it right now!! I can't do this anymore!! I am eternally apologetic for everyone i have hurt!! I can't calm down, I am scared of what I am capable of right now!! I am so sorry I sound...
  19. confusedwanderwaffle

    What's wrong with me

    What exactly is wrong with me, why do I always have to feel confused and have changes in my mood all the time, its too much to handle in my day-to-day life. Why do I feel like i want something to be wrong with me. Several months ago why did i start having urges to wanna know what its like to...
  20. P

    Scared about taking time off from work

    I've been in my job for 3 months now and have already taken four shifts off sick. One was a 2 hour shift in my first month, another was a 2 hour shift my second month and I've just had yesterday and today off (a 5 hour shift and another 2 hour shift). Is that really bad? My mental health has...