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  1. Mark_01

    DNA Of Schizophrenic Man

    Three families are currently suing Xytex, a Georgia sperm bank, for failing to inform them that their sperm donor (“Donor 9623”) had schizophrenia and a serious criminal history. This leaves at least 23 children from 15 American, Canadian, and British families with a genetic predisposition to...
  2. C

    Canadian sub arctic

    It is a beautiful sunny day here. We are getting about 15 minutes more daylight every 24 hours. It's the time of year a lot of people get their motivation back. It's so bright outside with all the snow on the ground you need shades.
  3. Gajolene

    Canadian Scholarships for Peoeple with Scitzophrenia

    Giving Tuesday | GivingTuesday is a National Giving Day http://www.schizophrenia.on.ca/getattachment/Media/News-Announcements/2015/Giving-Tuesday-Scholarship-Stories/scholar2.pdf.aspx
  4. Gajolene

    For those with Canadian TV access

    W5 is airing a special focusing on BPD and the problems in Canadian health services surrounding families around it. It airs this week.
  5. valleygirl

    Gas Prices!

    I know the economy is not doing that great, with the Canadian $ and oil prices dipping lower and lower, but I have to say that as a student I am thrilled to see the falling gas prices. I filled my car for $30 today!
  6. Gajolene

    Canadian Man Who Attempted Suicide, Finds The Guy Who Saved His Life

    Mark Henick, Canadian Man Who Attempted Suicide, Finds The Guy Who Saved His Life
  7. F

    How the mental health system fails schizophrenics

    http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/susan-inman/mental-health-month-schizophrenia_b_3255843.html A Canadian viewpoint .
  8. P

    Canadian laws on mental health in the work place

    What are the laws surrounding mental health at work? If some one with a mental health issue is looking for work should they tell a future employer before they're hired or after? What protection do we have? Does any one have any experience in this?
  9. Rambuie Perspecador

    Some thinking on Stigma - Canadian perspectives (video)