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  1. Funnyday


    Can anyone else fill in the ESA50 form that I have? It has to be back by Friday and its an uphill struggle to do it. I'm only on page 3 or 4 so far. The beers in my fridge are calling to me. I have no one that I can ask to help me with this poxy form.
  2. micheledillon

    She Called Me Out On Social Media For Everyone To See

    I may or may not have posted a few anxiety related statuses on Facebook. Today, I shared a post about a storm featuring sirens and expressing how the sound made me feel (which was majestic as I love storms and sirens). However, my mom replied and turned the situation into an anxiety...
  3. letmein

    so close

    to calling it a day....... can't go on much further, had a run of bad luck this week and its pushed me to the edge. from here on in I need to make a serious choice about what next step I make and how. :cry2:
  4. L

    Sectioning and builders of mental health units

    Do you think those that build mental health units want to stay in them? Also those people who accuse others of needing help a) they must have seen a psychiatrist to assume what one does and b) they are the people calling for help so they still need psychiatrists. And for non-pdoc staff in...
  5. Poopy Doll

    "You are a Bigot".

    I made the mistake of reading the first sentence in the box of my email sent by my sister. It read, "You are a bigot." She has this obsession with calling people bigots. I was suppose to simply delete it without reading it. I asked her not to write or call. She doesn't care that she is making a...
  6. M

    What type of psychological institute is this?

    I just finished reading this article How to Find the Best Therapist for You | Psychology Today The writer says she likd to get her referrals by calling institutes who will refer her to therapists in her area. My question is: what kind of institutes is she talking about specifically? School...
  7. B

    Do not trust hubby

    Hi, I am new. Looking for some support. My hubby suffers from depression and is receiving treatment. Recently, I discovered that he has been doing some unacceptable internet activities and actually met with person for coffee. He is not being completely honest with me and does not want to...
  8. K

    Do I have a (D)PD?

    Hi everyone, Lately I have been thinking and analyzing myself a lot, due to some events that have occured. I have always on some level realised something is maybe 'wrong' but I am not sure what it is yet. Here are some of my characteristics: - I always need attention; good or bad (although I...
  9. S

    difficult day hearing voices

    Hi so i have drug induced psychosis. I have 3 voices. One which says peepo over and over (horrible voice, really distressing) one calling itself jaffa (a lovely voice) and one calling itself God (but isnt God) I have been hearing "gods voice" all day and decided to test it against scripture...
  10. I

    had enough so i self harmed again

    No one will leave me alone someone's always on my case,family won't stop calling me asking me if I'm coming down I just want to be left alone so called friends keep texting Mr and asking if ivr done anything I shouldn't have not like they care I just want space but no one will leave me alone.I...
  11. O

    Concerned about work

    Hi everyone, I feel really stuck I'm not sure what to do. I'm suffering with anxiety and depression and have had three weeks off work so far, two of those were with a sick note from the doctors and one of those weeks I signed myself off. I was supposed to be back in on Monday but have called in...
  12. Run Like Hell

    Psychotic Depression

    I think I am suffering this. I have severe, suicidal depression and now, agitation, particularly in the evening. I also suffer from delusions [I'm aware that they're irrational thoughts and don't verbalise them] I told a GP all this 10 days ago and he said he would arrange an assessment at...
  13. M

    Calling Myself Names

    Hi, I'm having a really hard time in that sometimes I can't stop from calling myself really awful names. I don't know why I do it, it seems to happen whenever I get stressed. I wish I could stop. Its so embarrassing even if I'm alone. I must have a really broken brain. I wonder if there is any...
  14. M


    Has anybody ever felt even worse about calling a helpline? I just called one and could not do any of her suggestions due to my phobias and conditions and now I feel even more of a freak.
  15. R

    visitors permit

    my neighbour had 3 women visitors so i offered to get a visitors permit on the computer, it’s cheaper and a chance to show off to women It was a pound they’ve now gone up to 1 50, i tries to get a blue badge i could give to visitors, but got turned down on the grounds i can walk with a gps...
  16. R

    I can't believe what i've gone and done..

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post. I really don't know where to and need to ask you all for advice.. A couple of months ago my dad has been doing business with some guy from Belguim, but he lives here now. He came round to the house to sort some stuff out and ever since its like he...
  17. DavidJames

    My Brain is protecting me today

    My brain is protecting me today because i hear voices. I know when it is afraid, so i know when my subconscious mind is afraid or in deep suffering once again now. I could love it if I tried, and I will do so... My brain saw a danger and told me about it so I could sort it out and I am doing...
  18. B


    I'm scared of people. I hate going anywhere. I hate calling people. I'm scared I'm screwing everything up. I just don't feel comfortable being around people. :( just wish I wasn't like this.
  19. S

    Desperate Help

    Hello Homies, Let me start by saying I am a 20 year old college student. This past week I have resolved to kill myself. The problem is that, although I have struggled with depression, I do not feel sad. My reason is due to the fact that I am just super lazy and don’t want to put in the effort...
  20. L

    How do I deal with my family bullying me and calling me argumentative?

    They really are out of touch with reality and picking on me. How can I deal with this?