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  1. F

    Calling the Crisis Team and what do they do?

    I went to the GP yesterday to talk about my anxiety medication. My previous medication gave me unwanted side effects of self harm and suicidal thoughts. We changed back to one I have been on in the past and although the number and urgency of the thoughts decreased, I did start to self harm in...
  2. Tired Daisy

    Very worried DWP

    I got a phone call early this morning but I was asleep when they called, the number was withheld. I'm very worried now that this could have been the DWP. Just before Christmas I was getting harassed by a couple people wanting me to pretend that one of them was my support worker so they could...
  3. albie

    I feel no Pleasure

    Except when I eat trashy food and drink booze. I cannot afford to get any fatter. They call it anhedonia.
  4. S

    Severe anxiety that's making me ill

    I'm very new to this. Typing this out makes me anxious as I'm sure people will laugh. I'm 42 and have been single for 6 years. In November someone from work said he fancied me and asked me out. We have been out about half a dozen times. I text him yesterday and got "hey you x" back but nothing...
  5. L

    Brain fog? Pressure headaches

    When Im super overwhelmed and stressed this strange feeling in my head i cant connect properly its almost like my minds like nope you might want to keep fighting through but Im not playing im zoning out. It isnt painful but the pressure is aweful and its really difficult to focus concentrate...
  6. FadeToBlack

    Do I cut contact with the NHS?

    I told them this morning I want a new care coordinator after telling them for months. I said you tell me either way by the end of the day, or that's it I am not dealing with them anymore. I got no call... Shall I keep to what I said? I would find it hard not to if I am honest and this has...
  7. B

    Feeling really overwhelmed right now

    I don't know how in the real world anyone does it! You got all those responsibilities in the world and people are still happy and enjoying their lives. I find it hard to do that when you're so overwhelmed and it's like you're falling apart. I don't understand how some people can stay in...
  8. C

    old boyfriend thoughts: is this anxiety or depression?

    Forgive me if this rambles... I fell in love for the first time when I was in college. Things didn't work out with us. I ended it because he didn't seem that into me. But all these years later, (and several relationships later and i'm currently married- have been for 18 yrs) I still think...
  9. valleygirl

    Keep forgetting to take my antidepressant

    I keep forgetting to take my antidepressant, and I'm not doing so hot right now. I know it's my fault that I am sitting here at home, barely coping. Actually, not really coping at all. Avoiding all the things I need to do and sitting here watching Netflix and crocheting. Thinking about...
  10. T

    Allow me to introduce myself my name is...

    Every time I write that it makes me think of and sing a particular Jay-Z song, I think that’s why I write it. Anyhow, my name is Tom but your welcome to call me Tommy. I’m a 47 year old male who believes he has been struggling with depression for more than half the time I’ve been walking the...
  11. G

    Quitting my job due to anxiety attacks

    So I've been having a lot of panic attacks lately due to anxiety at work, so I've decided to quit and work freelance. The only thing is I don't know how to tell them. I know you're supposed to give 2 weeks notice but I don't think I can. I've used up my sick days, but I was too scared to say it...
  12. Poopy Doll

    Looking for Fairy Lu

    The forum says you don't accept private messages. I haven't seen you on the forum lately. I hope you are okay. Most days I think of calling my mother. I use to call her every day. But she passed September 24 and I can't call her ever again. I know she's in heaven/paradise/astral plane and...
  13. R

    BPD - Different is different, not bad or good, we are who we are

    Hi, recently suggested but not diagnosed with bpd by nhs (apparently there is a stigma). Started this thread to share my thoughts and reflections. I am 32 and have had problems throughout my life, particularly with connections, im married but recently seperated. I hold down a good job an despite...
  14. F

    Unemployed, I have just had a positive telephone call!

    Just had a positive phone call from a major UK employer that I want to get a job with. I know it's only putting my cv forward, but it means I am doing something right regarding my application. I am just so pleased. I wanted to share it with you. I need to get a job to sort out my life...
  15. S

    Do Your Voices SIng?

    My auditory verbal hallucinations sing all the time. And they specifically choose what they call "bad taste" songs, often from old musicals or the national anthem. I believe they do it to call in others to harass me. Please let me know if your voices sing too?
  16. Jbb79

    Yo -- New theory !!

    I Have this theory, That there are Three types of, People !!! People that care about themselves more than others (I Call this Psychopaths) People that care equally about themselves and others, roughly (I Call this Orthopaths, from Latin, Right Feelings ) . . People that care less about...
  17. L

    First mental health appointment

    Hi can anyone relate to there first mental health appointment ? I was confused as when it was over my mental health nurse said he will call next week regarding medications
  18. N

    Unwell Father - My father

    HI, Afternoon Folks, Unfortunately, from Monday, or over the weekend not sure exactly now, my father hasn't been at all well, first off he had a sore throat, that then virtually cleared just on the day later on, when he had a GP appointment; then, all of the sudden, from yesterday, and...
  19. AliceinWonderland

    PIP assessors assessing those with mental health issues NEED to be qualified in mental health

    PIP assessors assessing those with mental health issues NEED to be qualified in mental health I had a paramedic for my PIP face to face. I asked if she was trained in mental health. She said yes, but I don't expect it was more than brief awareness training. She wasn't a mental health...
  20. V

    Where I lived like a prison...

    Controlled, same people, isolation it drives you mad....it's humiliating provides a loss of dignity.... I have to phone the Samaritans a couple of times a day just to keep my sanity. Or I could go to my GP to called your paranoid, dellussions....such kind words...along with the awful medication...