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  1. H

    Teeth and bulimia

    I’m in my mid twenties now but when I was 12-19 I was binging and purging around 5-10 times a day..it still crosses my mind and I occasionally do purge if I eat too much.. every time I look in the mirror and see my teeth all the memories come flooding back :( I wish there was a reverse button...
  2. greebobeebo

    The ceasing to exist button

    If you could press a big, red button, to no longer BE, would you? I know I would. My life went tits up when I was 17 and has been one mistake after another since then, I'm in my 40's. I have 2 sons, one is an adult, the other is in foster care, all due my shitty mental health. My MH...
  3. I

    Own Body Phobia?

    What is the name of the phobia that causes a person (as it causes me) to be too afraid to even look at, or uncover/undress? I've had this for around 48 years and no therapist has ever even scratched the surface of it - many were stunned that they'd never heard of it, until they met me. It...
  4. Mark_01

    Button Poetry

  5. L

    if only there was a big button

    people often ask me what they can do to help. i wish there was a big button that would take everything away... my councillor asked me if i cud remember a time i was happy... i cudnt.. this made me feel worse.
  6. shaky

    Urges and eccentricity

    My mind gives me sort of 'urges' or 'suggestions' - but I don't mean like a voice telling me, more a feeling. It makes me behave strangely, I suppose. E.g. If I put on a shirt and button it up to the neck (leaving 1 button undone) like most men, I feel restricted, closed in. It is...
  7. F

    I don't like the new mh clinic

    The interior layout is more complex than the old place and it makes me very anxious worrying about taking a wrong turning/getting lost. Then to get out on the ground floor you have to press a button to open the door except the button isn't near the door which would make it easier but a little...
  8. razza

    Delete button

    I want a delete button for real life and not just on my keyboard so I can delete me. I already wrote lots in my journal. I dont want to write any more atm. Sorry.
  9. Cliff Huylebroeck

    Google terminates voice

    On January 13, 2009 I started to hear a voice that was nearly as loud as normal spoken words. I think it was about 3 PM. As soon as I woke up, within 1 second I heared a message spoken by an angry male voice with aggressive intonation. This was repeated every few seconds the whole day long...