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  1. qwerty1234

    I talk too much for people

    I just don't follow norms... All my friends have jobs and they don't respond all the time because they are too busy, though they read my emails. I struggle between being myself and writing a lot, versus being polite or conforming.
  2. S

    Feeling lost and alone

    Hi people. I'm Sean and I was diagnosed with major depression about three weeks ago but the meds I was given and the consult was too costly and so I couldn't continue on that road. No welfare where I'm from. I read /saw somewhere that talking helps. Can't do that with my fam since they think...
  3. InfiniteRectangles

    Feeling Lonely and Depressed

    What are some things you do when you are feeling lonely and/or depressed? I'm alone all day and night with no car to go anywhere and the only places close enough to walk to are the grocery store and the park and I've already walked to both. I read for a while and then snuggled with my cat, but I...
  4. B

    Going Griswold Here

    Hi Everyone. I've been meaning to post here for awhile now except I noticed I was typing in the wrong username & password, until I looked at my password list. I've had an eventful couple of weeks starting with the person I live with, that the next time I open her bedroom door to tell her...
  5. R

    Sad, lonely and confused

    Hey, I'm new on this. I'm estranged with my best friend from the University. We literally became sisters. The whole of last year she failed to make time for me cause she was busy whilst she managed to make new friends at the same time. No amount of talking to her has yielded. She literally broke...
  6. Iamsoconfused

    Anxiety medication.

    I started taking buspar about a month ago. I'm on a low dose of it but I have sometimes felt disconnected or just like I can't focus. If someone is talking to me and I'm out in a busy place, sometimes it's hard to listen to them. I also don't feel as compassionate as I used to feel when my...
  7. A

    Cant take any more

    I`ve been sitting looking at this blank page for over an hour, don`t know what to write ,I am empty I have nothing left. I have no one , I try to keep busy but there is only so many times you can do the same thing. I really want to end it, will I be missed ? probably not.
  8. A

    Isolated new member

    Hello, I have joined 30 seconds ago and am so desperate to be in a place where there are other people, i have come straight here. I have been on forums before but not for about a year and i have mostly been on forums with sufferers of OCD which i have as well as Bi polar disorder. I don't know...
  9. V


    My psychiatrist wants me to go to hospital for two weeks to be closely monitored whilst I start the clozapine. I've agreed but it does mean missing and getting behind at uni so it's a bit double to be honest. People say I should think of my health before uni but next week is really busy...
  10. valleygirl

    In Crisis Right Now and All Crisis Lines Are Busy

    I am freaking out, major panic mode and I can't stop crying. I've called a crisis line, but it's busy, and I am waiting for someone to call me back. It's the only crisis line in my area. I'm waiting also for crisis chat online, but they are busy too. I don't have anyone else I can call, and...
  11. K

    lost and confused

    To be honest I don't know where to start, all I know is I'm very jaded and I feel like I'm stuck and I don't know where to go. I feel like I'm just beginning to realize my poor life choices. I've always wanted to be artist. Started drawing on walls since I was a kid, loved coloring stuff etc. I...
  12. S

    Can't do this

    Don't know what to do anymore everything feels like its all falling apart all the time all I can constantly think of is ways out of here been trying to keep busy but it's not working can't stop crying
  13. L

    Having a really tough time

    Hi All, Hoping this forum might help me understand a bit more what's going on and start my road to recovery! It all started a few months ago when I was diagnosed with an eye condition (literally thought I was going blind). I was prescribed prednisolone steroid, a very high dose, to try and...
  14. I'm Kate

    scared that I'm going to trip up

    I know that this is going to sound ridiculous but I'm getting worried. I know that I've a long way to go in my recovery and that I've still got a lot of hard work to do in therapy. But the child part of me isn't coping and just wants someone to put their arm around me and comfort me....whilst...
  15. Fuscia

    Unable to keep distracted

    Hi I'm having problems because i cannot keep distracted all day, naturally. I've been reading '8 keys to safe trauma recovery' which was recommended by my previous psychologist. It talks about how time undistracted can send you in a bit of a spin. The author says she used to do some kind of...
  16. rhee8974


    Hey everyone. Haven't posted anything in awhile, hope everyone's doing good. Things are good on my end. Just taking care of kids & house. Busy busy. Went & saw my doctor last week. She is keeping me on 150mg Zoloft, 3mg klonopin & 90mg lithium. She's adding 50mg seroquel xr a another mood...
  17. pillzandskillz

    Advice about a Organisation - Hurting

    Hi all , Ive not actually introduced myself yet and i would like to say hey for the first time. Ive been using a local mental health service local to me now for a while. And im constantly feeling really hard done by , by the server. I suffer from BPD/EPD and have extreme issues going outside...
  18. Reach

    Is distraction a bad thing?

    I'm filling up the diary, have booked a yoga class for tomorrow and have been keeping busy trying to kill time, keep distracted. It seems though that this is a pattern for me, i am busy and coping and doing alright, and then i breakdown for a couple of weeks and cannot do anything. It could be...
  19. N

    Feeling too anxious to function

    Well the title pretty much says it all. I have a busy week ahead (busy by my standards, probably not busy for most people). There are certain things I really need to be able to function for, but I don't feel that I can right now, and I'm panicing about it all. Just can't seem to get my thoughts...
  20. S

    what do you do in a crisis?

    lets say your doctor is away until next week, its 2am , everyones asleep so you don't want to call anybody and bother them, you don't think the helplines are much use, you don't want to go to A&E , and you're running out of ideas of things to do to keep yourself occupied? cant sleep either...