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  1. T


    I love that I found this friendly forum and joined last night :thumbsup: I don't like that I am so computer stupid. It just took ages to work out how to open a private message!! :rolleyes: I even managed to burn my dinner. Feels like a maze in here. But hey …. managed to find my way back...
  2. S

    Afraid to go to Doctor for Treatment of Self-inflicted Injury

    Hello, I have a self-inflicted wound that is not healing even though it has been over 3 weeks. I am afraid that it might be infected, but I am afraid to go to the local walk-in clinic/ urgent care for treatment because it is obviously self-inflicted and is in close proximity to many other...
  3. C

    Can't Admit What May Be Going On With Myself...

    My bestie has experience in the field of Psychology, and I was moaning and groaning to her earlier today that I feel so lost and I can't even THINK the actual name of what might be my issue, much less say it out loud (or even in my head). I told her I really don't know what is wrong with me. She...
  4. Tired Daisy

    Dating a burn victim

    So I kinda feel like I should post this in the "Getting your life back" section as theres nothing wrong with somebody wanting to date a burn victim in hoping that they could both be happy with each other. I kinda feel like an asswhole posting this but fuck hostility I've had enough of it for one...
  5. S

    Have you had a burn out?

    When i worked people would say if you were working to many hours it could lead to a burn out. I feel like i have had that burn out and it isn't caused by working but a long time spent on medications.

    I feel my voices are perverted.

    They seem to be obsessed with sex, how to get, who to sleep with, prostitutes, incest, beastiality, you name it - it is all on the menu. And through it all there is general feeling that they are un-easy with it all. Is it bad? Will we burn in hell? Will our parents disown us? Just thought I...
  7. N

    Severe panic state post flu with fever

    Hello, I'm 23 years old ,my case is severe and non tolerated it's been 5 days like this, although I've had tons of full blown attacks through out life where they end with total body numbness so that when I stand up I can't feel pressure of bones holding me which gives a death feeling , I'm now...
  8. M

    ? hateing the problem

    why why the hell after one whole week of zero binge, did it happen last nigh WHY mother fucker grrrrrrr now i have 1500 calories too burn off :( sad face im nakerured and have to work for an illness how is this far?
  9. K

    never mind the party, politics, mania, its Burn out now!

    NO need to worry no more bi-polars one and all, P doc informs one, now then, wait for this, stop press, it!!! Bi-polar burns itself out, yep, just like that guys burns its self out? And then he goes on and on about relapses? And of course she asking why the dickens was sat in front of him, most...
  10. kosmonaut

    I've had enough! crash and burn with self medication... where's me credit card!!!!

    I've had enough! crash and burn with self medication... where's me credit card!!!! Ok this is just a heads up because I don't know if any of you have done this but I'm fucking tired of feeling like wet shit and so... It's time for antidepressants!!! I'd rather be a raging reckless bitch than...
  11. hayley1982

    phantom pains

    does anyone else create their own phantom pains when concerned about a particular area of their body or is this just another one of my "things". I have a lump in my leg which I have been told on more than one occasion is just a calcified cyst and harmless but I constantly mess with it and just...
  12. L

    So scared and lonely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive had such a horrid day so far, i feel so ill and so scared! I cant relax at all. I wish i could just go to sleep and forget it all, but i cant. Ive got to try now, to cook dinner for 6 people. I will probably burn it or it some of it will be cold. Oh what do i do? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. delatext


    Got a problem, a neighbour who very aggressive, confronted me today and started to ask lots of questions, like who is the man who takes me out (support worker) I told him it was not up for discussion and he reacted in a surly manner then he went on about how easy our building could burn down ? I...
  14. J

    weight gain please help

    iam on 20 mgs of olanzapine and since i have on it about 3 months i have put on 2 and a half stone every week its going up. is it possible to lose weight while on olanzapine ? my phc doc said its cause i eat more than i burn off . i know this. but im worried i wont be able to lose weight even if...