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  1. C

    My granma is my bully.....

    The title says it all. but let me elaborate more. i have several mental health problems, including aspergers, autism, epilepsy, anxiety, stress, insomnia, ADD..... the list goes on... but in recent years ive been finding im getting 'triggered' by my grandma and i loose control of the situation...
  2. maggiecraft

    permanent trauma from bullying?

    I was bullied in high school to the point where I would skip school so I could avoid them. I still get these nightmares frequently that I’m stuck in high school... I am so insecure that I am extremely soft spoken and shy and insecure because of it. I am so ready to get over this and become a...
  3. megirl

    Bullying-why me

    What is it? I dont get it, I got bullied at home by my Mother and siblings, got bullied at school, and now I have been bullied at work I dont get it why is it that most parts of my life I have got bullied what is it about me I just dont get it
  4. Guy12182

    I don't like bullies

    This will always seem to be a trigger for me. I've been bullied during school and through life. Being 56, I will no longer be bullied by anyone! Matter of fact, I look forward to the opportunity to telling off bullies and always start of with "why don't you try that stuff with me". This is a...
  5. B

    Self Harm using Music?

    Do you think it's possible to SH by listening to music that you know will trigger and torment you massively? (I had another post written out about this but my PC crashed x2 times so I'm sorry if this appears as a double posted Thread.) I've only been thinking about this for a few weeks but...
  6. C

    Confused and bullied by mum's partner

    I have tried not to let it get to me, and I thought I would write this as I have kind of given up trying to ask my mum she always takes his side which makes him happy as he tries to exclude me from my mum and always tries to provoke me, he is extremely nasty yet my mum never sticks up for me. I...
  7. G

    Lost all my friends - I don’t know what to do anymore.

    I had a best friend for 5 years, and before I met her I was bullied a lot. I held my friend really close because I didn’t want to loose her and go back to being beat up everyday. The other day she came to me and told me that she hated me. She accused me of lying about trying to kill myself and...
  8. I

    being bullied at work by ex bully friend

    Hi I've been doing cover work and the old bully who bullied me last summer has started to bully me again today by being rude to me and treating me like a child and making me feel stupid,firstly I was doing the trolleys and my manager asked me to shut the door behind her,I didn't hear what she...
  9. N

    what is the definition of a weak character?

    is it not standing up for yourself when getting bullied, mocked, or clowned ?
  10. L

    "The System is letting me down"

    Grant, 26, 'turned away' from Dundee mental health unit after suicide attempts - Evening Telegraph I feel for this guy because he is trying to do the right thing by highlighting the inadequacy of the general support system it provides but also by doing so is making himself a target. He thinks...
  11. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Voice Hearers Can Be Bullied

    I wonder, do people who hear voices ever get bullied as a result? I have caught sight of people at bus stops (classic), and walking though town, quite happily (and often unhappily), chatting away to themselves. They are of cos, in many cases, hearing voices and responding to and engaging with...
  12. D

    I don't remember ever being happy.

    I'm talking about for a sustained period of time. Sure, I've had good days here and there, even great days, but it never lasts. For as long as I can remember I've been annoyed, embarrassed, sad, ashamed, scared or kind of numb. The summers of 86 and 95 were probably my happiest times but even...
  13. P

    How being bullied 20years ago still affects me.

    I started getting bullied from the age of 11 until the age of 16 when I was able to leave school after my GCSEs and went to college (I’m from the UK). It started off as just stupid name calling and ridicule my hair, clothes, possessions, the glasses I wore and because I was a teachers pet and...
  14. A


    Grammar is not my thing, i'm from elsewhere 21/M Well I knew that my life is going to be horrible since seven years old, my father was alcoholic, constant fear in home, constant emotional bashing definitely didn't help me to man up, it made me worse, it made me not who I should be, tho i'm not...
  15. M

    Is it ethical(or legal) for an HR to delay permanent contract and notify your team mates about your new assets?

    Is it ethical(or legal) for an HR to delay permanent contract and notify your team mates about your new assets? I was with this company where I pass the probationary period and they gave me a contract for permanent position after 2 weeks of the said period. Say my probation period duration is...
  16. I

    being bullied at work

    Hi I'm still getting bullied at work by this girl.today het bullying was I was going home and she whispers ti someone what a shame
  17. I

    using alcohol and tablets to cope with pain

    Hi even though the doctors have advices me to stop drinking I'm really tempted to drink alcohol and take tablets in order to cope with the pain of loosing all my so called friends and bullies they don't care none of them leaving me out still all staying Well away I have Sent them messages about...
  18. L


    Hi I have just joined in as not sure what else to do. I am 43 years old and not sure what I am doing. * Bullied as a child from age 5-15 * Bullied as an adult in work place 3 years ago yet still working here. * Lost Father 15 years ago and still grieving for him. * Diagnosed with depression...
  19. Razzle

    I can't forgive my school bullies *long ramble alert*

    Yes, I know, that statement in the thread title is a very VERY unhealthy outlook, but I can't seem to help it. Yes, they were were only children. Yes, they probably had it rough themselves and that's part of why they did it. BUT IT STILL HURTS. I'm in my late twenties and the pain is still...
  20. K

    Nowhere else to turn

    Pardon if this is in the wrong place. The jist of where I have been to and the possible end. I'm 30, going 31. (Granted I have been aware for sometime I don't see the world as others do.) So as a kid I was bullied and picked on, pretty much from day one. As months went on like this as a child...