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  1. J

    Scared to relapse/fall off track.

    Hey all. I struggled with anorexia and orthorexia all throughout high school, then in college a bit, but then last summer I actually became bulimic after a trip to Europe with a lot of food. Since then, I'd seen a nutritionist, she gave me a plan, but it was just way more food than I was used to...
  2. I

    Misconceptions of Depression in Media

    Wrong, all wrong, The media has it wrong. It’s not romantic, it’s not poetic, And God forbid don’t say it’s quirky. It’s not tear-filled kisses. It’s not tight embraces under pretty bedsheets. It’s not rainy days, Or turned backs, Or hands clasped together in mutual understanding. No knight...
  3. P


    Hey Everyone! I'm hoping I can get help to rid myself from bulimia. Hope you can message me. Love you guys!
  4. C

    Just want an opinion.

    First, I’m sorry if a similar situation has already been posted. I am simply hoping for an opinion on if I should be concerned or not. I have G.A.D. And have always had body image issues to a certain degree. It has never been terrible until the last couple of months. My life has changed in many...
  5. 0

    New - Advice Needed .

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, and just wanted to ask a few questions. I've had OCD for as long as I can remember. When I was about 14, I also developed an eating disorder which I still have, but for the past 4-5 years, I've been actively trying to beat it. Recently, I found out that I was...
  6. N


    I feel like I'm going to explode. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but soon. For months I've felt like someone is crushing my throat. I was so used to it that I didn't notice how awefull that was until I lost it for a few minutes. Then it was back, and I felt it for real. I couldn't stand it. This...
  7. I


    I am new to this site, also the first forum I have joined. I am 20 years old in my final year of university. It has been a very up and down journey for about 10 years. I suffer with anxiety, depression, self harm and bulimia. Quite nervous about posting my feelings but very excited to speak to...
  8. O

    Bulimia and Hydration/Electrolytes

    I have a question which I cant seem to find the answer for when I Google. I have been bingeing and purging for 16 years. Sometimes up to 7 times a day. My average bingeing and purging day is 1 to 2 times. I always drink plenty of water during the day and during my binge. So why do I experience...
  9. C

    Is it wrong to do certain things to my girlfriend who is bulimic?

    Hello, I have been in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend for almost 8 years now. I love her very much, want to marry her etc; She told me she suffered from ED, specifically bulimia, she had anorexia as well but that was very short lived, she also went to study psychology for 3 years to...
  10. L

    Speaking to a doctor?

    Hi thier. This is my first time joining. I am a 31 year old male.. Suffering bulimia on/off for the last few year. Im a little embaressed about it but i know it won't go away itself. I know i need some help I have a booked appointment for 1 weeks time regarding my Bulimia. Im embaressed...
  11. F

    Newly diagnosed with bulimia PLEASE HELP

    Hi all I’m new here! I’ve suffered with depression for around 2 years now and have recently been diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. I’m currently on the waiting list for therapy but have been advised this could take 3-4 months, I’ve got a big holiday and my 30th coming up in Apr/May and I was...
  12. N

    Struggling with bulimia. Need help

    I've been struggling with bulimia for the past 7 months and i REALLY need help. I went to my GP as soon as it started and she referred me to the eating disorders service. I have been waiting for the last 6 months and i STILL have not got an appointment with them. I have called them several times...
  13. G

    I can do this (Depression,eating disorder) 2018 will be good!

    Hello,I am new to forum.My name is Hara and I am from Greece... So this year wasnt good for me...I lost my dad,he was bipolar and killed him...I had hard times,for 6-7 months I couldnt leave the house...I was suicidal and the first month I was bulimic...but I tried to stop it so if I ate too...
  14. N

    Bulimic girlfriend self fulfilling her own prophecy (sorry, somewhat long)

    Bulimic girlfriend self fulfilling her own prophecy (sorry, somewhat long) So the backstory: We have been dating for 8 months, and she told she was bulimic around month number 4 or 5. I knew she was bulimic after less than a month of dating from the signs. She's 100% opened up to me at this...
  15. C


    As a young kid (3rd or 4th grade) I was bullied for being overweight and I developed anorexia. Looking back, my family and I both remember me showing bulimic traits and my therapist believes I was bulimic as well. Now, for the real problem (this might not be related at all!!) but, since i...
  16. B


    It may sound strange but I became bulimic by accident. Through dieting I managed to lose weight but then became obsessed with what I was eating. I eat about 500 calories a day, which may be more than you would expect for someone with bulimia... The other day I was at a friends house and her...
  17. D

    Purging makes me feel better about myself

    I've never told anyone about this and to be honest I don't know how to but when I'm sad and feeling bad about myself which is pretty much every day, I binge eat and then I purge. The only thing that stops me from doing it even more regularly is the fear that my flatmates will notice (I'm at...
  18. S

    Bulimia help

    I'm currently having high intensity cbt therapy for anxiety but because I didn't disclose about my bulimia until I had already had a couple of sessions they won't refer me for help until after I have finished all the sessions anyone else had the same sort of thing I 1st started its the bulimic...
  19. S

    Bulimia and anxiety

    Hi I been struggling with bulimia for 11 years now only recently started high intensity cbt for anxiety but didn't disclose the bulimia until already started the cbt so now not allowed to see anyone about that until after I have finished the sessions and still have a fair few sessions left I...
  20. RainbowHeartz

    Bulimia Nervosa

    couldnt help self and kinda do the whole secret thing and dont tell no one i done it... but it dawned on me.... do i keep doing it to keep a secret for me and to keep control when in reality it makes me loose control i know that from experience as was very ill 10 years ago