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  1. R

    i don't know

    They said that talk is good. They said that they will listen and that they will understand your situation. They said that it's okay to vent out. That you should talk to someone you love and loves you back because they will understand you, because they will listen and provide you a shoulder to...
  2. Lolli_Liability

    I want to kill myself

    I haven't posted in here for a very long time and I apologize all for just dispearing . I've had some stuff go on and I've been in an out of hospital. But here I am once again covered in SH and wanting very much to kill myself. It's all I can think about I'm fucking lost and broken and so alone...
  3. F

    How do I break te spell of attracting someone controlling?

    Hi all My counsellor says that I attract controlling partners. Which I agree with, I do. This is because of the usual having been bought up by someone controlling as a child. But how do I break the spell? Has anyone broken the spell? I really hope that someone can help me with this, even...
  4. J

    Mental Health in the workplace

    Hi all, I did not know where to post this, but hope that some of you could help me if possible. I am working for a company in Worcester with a mental health initiative at the moment, and I am looking for some posters. I am not sure if I have made them up, but I was looking for a poster or set...
  5. S

    Contents insurance cover for serious mental illness, any advice please

    looking for a cheap insurance to cover my flat, as I had no insurance last year and it was broken into, last year. I have found one, but its over 155.00, and its sixty days, may cover 4months if I told them at the start of it, if I was to fall ill, or go on holiday. but over that, I don't...
  6. S

    I hate being me

    I can’t stand myself and everyone agrees with me. I don’tknow anything any more. I just feel broken, in bits. I don’t want to be here
  7. K


    Hi I'm not good at all, I find every day long and hard, I don't know how much you can say on here but I'm really bad
  8. W

    So many questions, no answers

    I'm broken I'm so broken, i'm as misfit, i dont fit into the system, no one understands me, no one ever will, forever locked in the cage that is my own mind, what do you want from me, please. Everyday feeling myself nearing the edge, the edge many others have fallen of, and will never return...
  9. Q

    Functioning is beginning to become difficult due to horrible intrusive thoughts

    Functioning is beginning to become difficult due to horrible intrusive thoughts This is really hard to explain and also embarrassing so I’m going to try my best and hope that somebody understands. So this is really unusual for me to post in a public forum something that I’m struggling with, I...
  10. L

    i cant do this any more

    i cant do this any more my step dad has just been diagnoised with cancer im having to take diazepam to cope with this we are waiting to give the over all decission on what they can do for him but he has been told he cant have chemo because of a heart condition and diabiates yeah iv got aheart...
  11. Fairy Lucretia

    he hates me

    im broken :cry: its because im not normal
  12. R

    first gp appointment on tuesday about my depression, what actually happens?

    first gp appointment on tuesday about my depression, what actually happens? what actually happens when you talk to your gp about your mental health? I've been writing things down so i have information to share with him about my moods, and experiences, but i feel like if i'm not crying out he...
  13. Solitude1

    Depression/Anxiety, Ridiculous Problems...

    My life has always been full of struggles. Sometimes with important things deciding for my future, sometimes with trivial everyday stuff. What's happening now is that I've TOTALLY given up on important and serious matters and my whole life is a trivial problem. I who wanted to go to the best...
  14. letmein

    hear my voice.

    anyone out there hear me? I am so alone:cry2: let down. broken. the lies, again and again from the one who should love me the most.
  15. I

    being paranoid advice please

    Hi so sorry I felt the need to.post yet again.My boyfriend was asking me how I feel about our relationship if I'm.sure about us due to age gap and i replied saying yes I am.etc I love him and asked if hes sure he replied of I'm.happy hes happy just doesn't want any broken hearts should I be...
  16. cpuusage

    Illuminating the Beauty in Our Broken Places

    A nice article on healing - Illuminating the Beauty in Our Broken Places | On Being The real meaning behind this song is beautiful - "'Sign of the Times' came from 'This isn't the first time we've been in a hard time, and it's not going to be the last time.' The song is written from a point...
  17. F


    I feel completely broken. My life... I'm so far away from where I want to be. This is not where I was supposed to be. This is not what I expected. I thought it was going to be easier. After everything I've already went through... I did not expect it to even be harder. I'm done. I'm lost. I'm...
  18. P

    How i feel lately

    I am just going to use this to express my emotions and how im feeling lately.. Ive put it in the depression forum as that is one of the main things I feel. I feel worthless, unwanted, unimportant...I have low self esteem and no confidence in myself whatsoever. I feel invisible and ignored. by...
  19. cpuusage

    What stays unsaid in therapeutic relationships

    What stays unsaid in therapeutic relationships - http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/5XqIzN9SBNkfsxW8uNC2/full Abstract "This piece will explore my experiences accessing psychological therapies, concentrating on two different psychodynamic therapies and therapists I have had. One was more...
  20. C


    After a terrible one year with my partner I've just found out I'm pregnant. I have a 4 year old child who I love more than anything. He hasn't supported me in anyway even though I'd love to have this baby I know I'd be alone broke and struggle completely. He always yells at me and says I snap...