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  1. RookieatBest

    For Real Thought Broadcasting Folks

    Go on YouTube and search up Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking.
  2. K

    How to stop Thought broadcasting ?

    I've lived with this problem for 3 years now, and I really want to find a way to stop it completely.
  3. T

    Thought Broadcasting...

    Hey guys, I'm undiagnosed, never went to the doctor. I believe I've got schizophrenia and just want to talk about it. I don't want to go in to too much details, but I'll give you a quick summary. At the age of 25 - I'm 28 now, I was running my own biz and had finally managed to move out and...
  4. I

    Thought Broadcasting or Mind Control

    I'm now of the opinion that the majority of thought broadcasting is a real phenomena, and that it is purposefully induced in many people experiencing it intentionally as part of a far-reaching experiment, and also that thought broadcasting is perpetrated by people and organizations with...
  5. S

    Individual Counseling Caused My Thought Broadcasting and Mind Reading Delusions

    Individual Counseling Caused My Thought Broadcasting and Mind Reading Delusions Individual counseling caused my thought broadcasting and mind-reading delusions about other people. Because I had to tell the therapist what was on my mind all the time. Before that, I did not have ANY delusions...
  6. Z

    Thought broadcasting

    anyone here suffer from this? what experiences have you had with it? :/
  7. K

    Coping with Thought Broadcasting while recovering from drug and alochol abuse

    Coping with Thought Broadcasting while recovering from drug and alochol abuse I have a DX of Shizoaffective. I have managed to get control of all my other symptom of schizo except the Thought Broadcasting element, I have been suffering from Thought Broadcasting since 2011. At this point I have...
  8. I

    Is this my "death dream", have I already died?

    I've been dealing with "thought broadcasting" etc, and one of the recurring themes the people around me at work have been talking about is calling me "dead", or saying things to suggest that I'm dying or already dead. They talk about this only slightly less than they talk about(insult) my...
  9. T


    Hi, I'm a new member. I've had OCD symptoms since early childhood. Two or three members in my family have or have had OCD. It's likely that I have it, because I've taken many screenings and heard other peoples obsessive-compulsive experiences and related strongly to them. But albeit, I was...
  10. fazza

    Thought Broadcasting Am I the only one

    Why do I feel like I am the only person in the world who's thoughts can be heard by everyone around yet no one will tell me that they can hear them. Whenever I travel by bus I can feel people logging in to my mind to steal my thoughts.
  11. NicoretteGummed

    Worldwide Fame At Long Last!!

    Has anybody else felt, when they were acutely ill, that they were world famous either in a good//bad or good and bad way. I did last year. I thought that BBC 1 were broadcasting propaganda that suggested that I was a joke, ITV were broadcasting propaganda that suggested I was a folk hero, and...
  12. ally41

    What exactly is 'thought broadcasting' ?

    I'm interested to learn more about thought broadcasting . I'm intrigued by how we all fit into a spectrum of mental illness and it's my personal peeve that we shouldn't be split into different diagnoses as this only serves us badly by negative labelling. I have 'neurotic' mental illness, that's...
  13. M

    Thought broadcasting?

    Has anyone experienced "thought broadcasting"? On several occasions, I have had someone walk up and talk to me abusively about what I was thinking. I did not know any of these people. Their mouths were moving and the age/sex of the voices were appropriate for the person who approached me. I...