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  1. D

    My Emotions are Ruining everything

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone else out there has advice on emotions. I'm literally flying off the handle all the time. Slight criticism from my girlfriend about my appearance or my actions make me shut down or get angry. I'm jealous of her friendship with her ex boyfriend so I get cold...
  2. S

    BPD and weight obsession

    Hi I've spent the majority of my life significantly overweight. Fat child, fat teenage into a fat adult. I first lost weight successfully about 20 years ago on weightwatchers, kept if off for about a year then piled it back on, plus some. Lost it all again only to repeat the gain process again...
  3. P

    Does anyone suffer from Emetophobia?

    Was wondering if anyone suffers from Emetophobia? I’ve been a life long sufferer and it brings many debilitating problems with it, would love to discuss....
  4. N

    Police record

    Hello all, Years ago when I was very poorly I done something stupid and I was taken into cusody. I was allowed out on bail to then go court. Anyway I was prosecuted and have a police record. My employers are asking for my police record due to the job I do. I am embarrassed of my police...
  5. E

    as she wrote I could f*** anything that moved to free me like speghetiti to the wind, I come back again,toss me me around wih you vilolent vote and a

    as she wrote I could f*** anything that moved to free me like speghetiti to the wind, I come back again,toss me me around wih you vilolent vote and all the lynch mobs it brings, I like a good suffeing possiion where is yours, what began your claim?
  6. M

    New Years Eve

    It always makes me feel sad and low but i hope the year brings some good things to all m
  7. Reach

    Don't let yourself get overtired

    It brings on symptoms. Good advice i was once given.
  8. tigerfish

    using s/h!!

    When you are so overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions and eventually you go completely numb because you have totally switched off from these feelings??? To switch my emotions back on, I only know one way thats effective and brings me back from the dark depths!! It's dangerous because it...
  9. P

    Hope and faith-just a tiny bit brings joy

    :dance: [COLOR="#0000FF"][/COLOR
  10. Lincoln1990


    They scare me. Next to fire they are my biggest fear. With this whole Zimmerman case they talked alot about guns. Talking about guns really brings up past experiences and I get bad flashbacks. I want this to go away.
  11. C

    Questions from answers, problems from solutions

    Sorry this doesn't make any sense at all but is something I need to overcome or get beyond and don't know if other people think and struggle with it too. There are some things that would probably help a lot, like what would make things better? There's an answer that is positive but then brings...
  12. P


    Hi. My name is chris. Im 33. I have borderline personality disorder and bi polar with psychotic tendencies. Which of these issues brings my conspracy theories?
  13. psychokitty02

    I'm new here.. I feel a relapse coming on..

    I'm a paranoid schizophrenic. I've been doing ok with meds and therapy, but lately symptoms seem to be here again.. I really dislike how i feel like I'm managing stress and life very well and then out of nowhere see, hear, and feel things.. It brings me down so much that I don't feel I'm worth...
  14. M


    :hi: havent been here for about a week.. thought id pop by and just see how everyone is doing. feeling poorly atm but pushing myself through with :coffee: as its the only boost i can get medication has desided to quit working and im running off 4 hours sleep a night urgh hard times. got app...
  15. ABsea

    paranoia and me

    Ok. Its fading. This transformation is so bizarre to me. Few days of absolute hell, then back to being the chillest person ever again. How long before hell hits again? And what will awaken the demons in me next time? What brings on this tough attitude shit? I'm sick of it. What brings on this...
  16. dodo777

    My son seems better

    Since my son has been in prison hospital he sounds better in himself.I think the skunk he was smoking and fags is out of his system and its doing him good.I hope he doesnt touch the stuff when he comes out.It has been hell watching him go down hill.I think it might as well of been heroin or...
  17. OobieMoobie

    Something a little uplifting :)

    As he puts it - life is meant to be enjoyed. www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Q9HfXZ79O0w it warmed my heart a little. Hope it brings some of you a smile too :D
  18. R

    hard to be in a relationship

    Hi! Does anyone find it hard to be in.a relationship??? Ive been with my partner 2.5 years and when im on.a low i really struggle to deal with the normal pressures a relationship brings! Struggling to hold onto it right now especially as im struggling to feel emotion for everyone or anything atm! X
  19. D

    Hes back (Voices)

    My voice went for like a month or so Now its back Back to controlling me Because if i dont do what it says then he gets angry He has a name Hes called lancer Its really upsetting me I just want to die its so bad U can see him sometimes It brings me to tears at times Hes really agressive I...
  20. B

    I hate my mum

    She doesn't understand what these drugs are doing to me. She says it's my fault I sleep all the time when it's the drugs that do it to me. She just doesn't understand the pain schizophrenia brings and doesnt bother to try to understand!