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  1. S

    Hearing voices from the heavens?

    This is about my aunt, but she texted my parents one day asking if she could stay at their house for some time. They agreed, and they started noticing that she was praying/ reciting words really fast. She said she left her house because God said it was "unclean" (I'm guessing from evil spirits...
  2. fazza

    ode to a flame

    Give me a match i will light my cigerette. Give me a box and i will bring down my local cmht. FUCK THEM
  3. G

    Hello I'm new here I'm so glad I found this forum

    I am desperately trying to get an understanding of did/osdd and similar dissociation experiences. My husband has osdd however after 10 years im ust now learning this after a recent trigger sent him spiraling enough to where I could not just chalk it up to personality. I have spent 20+ hours...
  4. T

    Would you email a therapist between sessions?

    I found myself lying to my therapist about a few things in our session so I wouldn't sound dramatic or like a loser; but they are actually relatively important for her to know. I also have a few things I wanted to bring up with her, but I know in person I won't be able to. Is it inappropriate to...
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    Dying wouldn't be so bad

    im just thinking of the relief death would bring x
  6. lisa_wa

    I've had the worst few days

    It's not simply one thing, just things piling on one another. I lost it today, several times. Helpless, hopeless, isolating myself. I am hoping my meds will bring me back. I don't have a lot of support but I do have a wonderful therapist. Thank you for having me on here.
  7. B

    Is it reasonable to cut toxic people from life with no warning?

    I've found myself in a situation where I have had to remove negative people from my life because I am tired of the drama they bring. I am currently too exhausted to care anymore and I just don't see any benefit of having them around. 1. Narcissistic 2. Complainers who bring nothing positive 3...
  8. G

    Sex and Self-Confidence

    Hello, I'm asking about an ongoing dilemma I'm having with myself over my girlfriend. Simply put, we have differing views on sex. Personally, I would never think of having any sexual encounters with anyone other than her. However, she's told me that there might come a time when she wants to try...
  9. W

    Anxious all the time

    I spend most of my days feeling anxious and scared. I wake up feeling sick and dreading what the day will bring. Is there anything that I can do to stop feeling like this?
  10. Kerome

    The healing benefits of aloneness

    On how we always try to escape from our emotions, and how aloneness can bring us into contact with them, also how to manage the process. The Healing Benefits of Spending Time Alone | The Unbounded Spirit
  11. OCDguy

    Happy new year :)

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone on the forum and the site's visitors a "Happy New 2018", may it bring peace, love, happiness and good health for you and yours, and may we spare a thought and time for those less fortunate than ourselves. Best wishes, to one and all :)
  12. S

    Should I Still Seek Help?

    I made a doctors appointment back in November with the hopes of talking to my doctor about my general depression and anxiety which has been off and on for years now. It was particularly bad this summer + September where my social anxiety prevented me from leaving the house sometimes and I was...
  13. B


    What do you listen to? I love Linkin Park,Nickelback,Sleeping With Sirens,Taylor Swift and Bring Me The Horizon
  14. R

    hostel look

    my sally army housing assoc put up an official looking notice board in the halllwat, my neighbour asked someone from her church to take it down, now these official fire notices have appeard, bit silly because theres no fire alarms of fire exits makes the place look like a hostel, maybe it is...
  15. S

    Trouble with doctors/psychiatrist

    I've been seeing the early intervention team since around august and that involves psychiatrist, psychologist blah blah blah. I'm not officially diagnosed with anything but I'm taking 15mg Olanzapine for what I presumed was a manic episode. But since I've not been diagnosed with anything I feel...
  16. P

    got new CPN proper pshycriatric department help i dont know what to say

    got new CPN proper pshycriatric department help i dont know what to say as i said been really struggling for over 2 years. posted here at my lowest and i thank you guys and lovely girls who responded nicely.. with ESA i feel a ton weight has been taking off my shoulders but when i say anything...
  17. L

    Is there any hope for people with BPD and Severe Depression Anxiety?

    I'm getting worse and worse every year... every day. And all I read is negative. Does DBT really bring an eventual successful life and joy? I'm so sick of ruining my own life and being constantly suicidal!
  18. D

    OCD with a significant other

    Hi all, First post on this forum, going through treatment that is as effective as it can be, but wanted to ask others with the same issue how they have dealt with this. I've been dating a girl I really like for a few months but haven't brought up my OCD diagnosis yet. Mine is primarily with...
  19. T


    Is when you are totally lost in something just in the moment what things bring you this?
  20. N

    Mail collection when in hospital

    Hi does anyone know of a volunteer organisation that would collect mail from an inpatients home and bring them to the hospital. North London area thanks