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  1. S

    How is everyone today?

    I'm feeling a bit brighter and better than I did Sunday morning. Thanks to people on here. Hope everyone is also feeling as best they can. X
  2. J

    depression and medication

    hi im new to thie forum so didnt really know where to put this . ive suffered with depression and anxiety for years and ive recently started taking seroxat . they effect my sexual dysfunction as in i cant finish . has anyone else taken them and had the same and more importantly does this wear of...
  3. F

    Mood brighter for skipping sleep?

    Does anyone find this although it is not something you can physically do for a string of days? Conversely taking to bed a lot can solidify an already depressive state.
  4. Caitjinoy

    Self harmed too severely

    I've been having suicidal thoughts. I still wouldn't actually do it but the thoughts have been overwhelming my mind. So I decided to self harm. I went too severely and today was my first visit to the hospital to get stitches. It took some convincing to get the doctor to let me go home. *sigh*...
  5. C

    Wrexham County Borough

    Wrexham and surrounding areas Advance Brighter Futures Advance Brighter Futures Belmont House 3 Belmont Road Wrexham LL13 7PW  01978 364 777 [email protected] Vision: To ensure that no individual experiencing mental health problems ever feels like they are on their own. Mission: To work...
  6. Grape

    You might need an anti depressant on top

    Just thought i'd share this. I've been on an anti psychotic alone for a year. I also took depakote and had the same problem. My mood was low, i had intermittent suicidal thoughts. I thought it was the flatness of the meds, a lack of pleasure and motivation, but i was wrong. The doctor today...
  7. worrymuffin

    Something you did right today

    This is my attempt at 'returning'.... I've been feeling crappy and stressed lately, and I have not been much use to anyone - either here or in the real world.... I want to stop lurking, and try to offer more support for people. But I am aware I have spent much time thinking about the bad...
  8. little_miss_crazy

    Another Painting from Bobshocker......

    just uploading this for bobshocker, its brighter than the one the other day xxx
  9. Garp

    Hi All "Its taken me a while"

    Hi I have been searching for sometime and after joining a while back I have decided to give it a go. I have been following a few threads and have come to realise its not just me! Heres looking for a brighter future? Regards
  10. honeyquince

    Official Launch for Brighter Futures

    Just thought I'd get in early with this one,... The official launch for Brighter Futures will be on the 10th of October 2009 (World Mental Health Day!!!) in Selby Library. Come along and help us celebrate the launch and raise awareness of WMHD.