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  1. B

    Involuntary breath holding

    I’ve had panic attacks in the past where I feel like I can’t breathe, but today I experienced physical involuntary breath holding and actually couldn’t breathe! It was horrible and only subsided into usual feeling of not being able to breath until I got home again. Breathing only returned to...
  2. T


    I.... How can I... Stop. I have to... I cant.. what ..... Stop. Breathe in. Drop the veil. Quiet. Breathe out. Begin. I am struggling. How can I fix this? I have to stop giving into this crippling doubt. I can’t seem to find the solution. What will happen if I can’t find the balance? How...
  3. Tweed

    Hard to breathe

    I'm finding it hard to breathe fully lately. I have had some family arguments going on but that was only for two days last week. My system is taking a long time to calm down. I am also waiting to hear about my esa renewal. Other things are going on too. Docs and dentist appointments soon also...
  4. SomersetScorpio

    This Hot Weather

    This hot weather is making me feel really shit. I feel trapped like there's no escape from it and i'm stuck with it and it's making me feel like I can't breathe and I don't know what to do.
  5. Chris Walken

    F*****g Screaming!!!

    At the ceiling! Why? Why Fucking Not?!? Because that's how it fucking gets ye!!! That's why not!!! Christ! Breathe. Breathe ..... I'm clutching my own biceps, and they feel like Body Builders! Massive and rock hard! I'm a skinny ****. Deep breathes. Sorry. It just goes this way...
  6. S

    cant handle this

    Ive always been an anxious person. But for the past 3 years its been unbelievable. Honestly doubt many of you have experanced anxiety on this level. In social situations like talking or being in a classroom or working, trigger this. I freak out. Inside my head feels like my brain is wobbling and...
  7. Lisa-Marie666

    I wish i was never born

    Why did i have to be born? Woke up feeling extremely sick this morning, like i can't breathe. I can't take much more.
  8. K

    Being touched is painfull, also whole skin hurting without reason

    Hello :) To understand my current situation it is needed to take a look at the past. I had anxiety, depression & bipolar ups and downs. I remember being in school running around in pure terror, not being able to talk to someone or just stand in the near of somebody else. I remember being highly...
  9. A

    Neverending yesterday - my view on BPD

    And for a minute I could swear it was real We escaped In your laughter Borderline Personality Disorder is chaos; it's madness, it's poison flowing through your veins, destorying everything precious to you. It's a life balancing between excruciating pain and nothingness. A life with no future. A...
  10. cpuusage

    Breathing through

    BREATHING THROUGH Basic to most spiritual traditions, as well as to the systems view of the world, is the recognition that we are not separate, isolated entities, but integral and organic parts of the vast web of life. As such, we are like neurons in a neural net, through which flow currents of...
  11. M

    My symptoms, do I have anxiety?

    This year lots of stuff has happened regarding family situations (deaths and illness diagnosis) and I have noticed a change in myself. I think they may be signs of anxiety from what people I know with anxiety have said. So these things started about 4 months ago and have been extremely regular...
  12. N

    Can anyone out there relate to this?

    My first time using one of these sites. Just want to see if anyone can relate and maybe offer some advice. I am a bubbly girl who likes socialising IF I feel in control of the situation ie close to home where I feel I can 'escape' if I have a panic attack (which I suffer from). If I am far...
  13. B

    Done dealing with it alone and the incident that made me join.

    Hey, thank you for whoever takes the time to read this. I'm new on here and as the title suggests, I'm looking for people to talk to, maybe people with similar experiences. This post is long, this is because this is the first time I've ever talked to anyone about any of this and you don't have...
  14. M

    I had a head MRI today

    Hi and thankyou again for your messages of support this morning at 10.30 i was informed by ward staff i was having an MRI today at 1.30 pm which i was shocked and suprised about i wasnt sure it was of my head although the cinsultantvhad mentioned it briefly in a conversation we had .I was...
  15. M

    made to feel like its only depression

    what is the point ive been on section for 3 weeks and i think i feel worse now , i cant get this thought out of my head that it is only depression, i want to get out of here and end my life once and for all the world would be a better place without me in it!!! i reallly couldnt give a stuff...
  16. S

    Struggling at the moment

    I'm new on here - hello! I was diagnosed with GAD in Dec 2009. Have always been what people call "a worrier". Going through a tough patch at the moment, my dad who also has mental health issues has been in a weird mood since New Years, very low and possibly imagining things. It's really getting...
  17. J

    Please help!

    :redface: I have this really strange obsession, where I breathe in and think or say something, and I'm convinced it will come true, and it's really hard, because obviously you breathe basically every 1-4 seconds and negative thoughts occur whilst I'm breathing, and I get scared of them coming...
  18. A

    Breathing problems

    I took an overdose due to depression in August 2015. I took [moderated] sleepeaze sleeping tablets (it's exactly like nytol) and then in november 2015 I was on a antipsychotic medication aripiprazole for mental health I took one tablet in the morning but it caused insomnia at night so I stopped...
  19. Poppy12

    Up all night and just can't stop now!

    Been awake all night cleaning my flat and no sleep at all. Tried to settle at 7.30am but couldn't and caught an early bus into town to go shopping. Just got back - so tired but HAPPY!!! And I was so depressed yesterday I could hardly breathe. I'm like Zebedee today (ask your parents young 'uns)...
  20. Nightgrind

    Anyone else get this?

    All my life I've suffered from these strange nightmare visions. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar? I often get very vivd, lucid, terrifying nightmares. These are not just any nightmares though... They often involve me waking up in my bed, believing I'm actually...