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  1. L


    Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn and I just decided to join this place. I'm currently living with long term depression and I had a breakdown back in March, but I'm making steps towards rebuilding my life :)
  2. E

    Is it just me......?

    How many times have I asked myself this? I've been dealing with depression for years and have been on medication for the last two years. I was very good at hiding it and giving the impression everything was fine. I was very good at functioning at a very high level at work, despite daily...no...
  3. Harmonoid

    ..... Am I a Narcissist?....

    Hello.... I'm sorry that my first post it a depressing, venting one..... but Yesterday me and my Boyfriend got into a Argument and it's still affecting my today.... It started of because when we were hanging with his friend, i noticed that he seemed very uncomfortable and down..... I felt too...
  4. P

    Scored 15 points and put in wrag

    Hi people i went for a ESA medical 30/7/2018 and got letter through saying i have been put from the support group to WRAG group. i am very anxious about this whole thing (working life is what ruined me) i have already asked for a breakdown of how they came to this conclusion and there is one or...
  5. M


    I have just had a complete breakdown and said some terrible things to Dad. I just don't feel up to coping with life. I just wish I could sleep and never wake up again.
  6. W

    Trying hard but can’t seem to make it

    Hey all I’m 37 and a professional but have suffered with depression since I was a teenager. I’ve been really luck to have some great friends through the years, but life gets in the way and people move on. Last night is one of the recent times I have had a breakdown and not had the support...
  7. Reinette

    Feeling like I’m on the edge of another mental breakdown

    Quick history...I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was 17/18 and I’m 21 now. I ended up under a paediatric intensive team sort of thing because I had a psychotic break and started thinking people were going to kill me or poison me and I was completely delusional and was checking all my food for...
  8. C

    I am so stressed right now, I feel like I cant cope anymore

    Hi Everyone, This is my first time on here, I am really lucky to have some really good friends and some family members that are there whenever I need them but I feel like I am unable to talk to them as I cant explain how I feel and I don't want to burden them with my problems, they have there...
  9. L

    worried about my claim

    can anyone give advice on pip I'm ex army with ptsd and recently had a full mental breakdown, never claimed pip before but have been advised to.
  10. M

    after 6 years together, is it over or is this a breakdown?

    OK I'm new here so hope this is the right place to post. 3 days ago, my bf broke up with me and I don't know whether to accept it or fight. We've been together six years, living together for 3.5 of those. For the past two years we've moved abroad and have been living there ever since. We've...
  11. P

    Suggest me medicine.

    I can't see a psychiatrist because it's too costly for my family. I haven't been diagnosed so I don't know what meds I should take. But it doesn't take Einstein to know Im depressed. Ive been shutting myself up in my home for two years now. I took a break from school because I just can't face...
  12. S

    i feel like i'm having a breakdown , keep crying

    i keep crying , can't cope anymore ... can't live this way anymore , it isn't fair on me
  13. S

    Mental breakdown and marriage (first post)

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. I had a full blown mental breakdown this year. OCD and anxiety took my mild 'walking' depression and threw it to the wolves. I had a lot of stress (life stress, as well as becoming super self aware and realising I'd screwed up some major opportunities for...
  14. B

    New here! Feel like giving up!

    Hello, New here so I hope I'm doing this right and also posting in the right place. I don't really know what to say. Under a lot of stress at the moment as facing homelessness next month and it's really getting on top of me. I've had depression for years and got diagnosed with EUPD a few years...
  15. A

    What does a nervous breakdown look like for you?

    A couple of days ago I had a "nervous breakdown," and i just remember being extremely fragile. I wasn't really teetering towards self harming (i've never had too in my experience) but i just remember crying alot and almost feeling frozen in place. I tried writing (which is what i normally do...
  16. Bookfairy

    Depression/anxiety excess noise?

    Hi everyone first time posting so please bear with me x I have suffered most of my adult life with severe depression and this was amplified a while back due to severe nerve damage to my spine (I won't bore you with details) During the last few years this has been exaggerated to the point where...
  17. J

    Hello, my wife has had a breakdown and I don't know where to start..

    Hello My name's Jason, I've come here to see if anyone can help me on where to start following my wife's mental breakdown. She has now lost her job, been assessed, is very depressed. The mortgage needs paying I can't do it on my own. The clock is ticking both for her and for our home. I would...
  18. M

    Nervous breakdown

    My girlfriend had a nervous breakdown 3 and a half weeks ago she was Very distant that day (only 1 or two messages when usually we are constantly texting) since then she's been distant we text often but she won't meet and when she does agree to meet up she cancels last minute I've seen her twice...
  19. Z

    Nervous breakdown - do they still exist?

    My therapist/psychologist said I am having a nervous breakdown. I said back that during the 1960s people would get Valium and the opportunity to go to a sanctuary and recuperate. In 2017 that no longer seems possible. I have major struggles with self worth, depression, and a job situation...
  20. cpuusage

    The NHS mental health chief who had a nervous breakdown

    The NHS mental health chief who had a nervous breakdown - BBC News