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  1. Jim Lahey

    I am new here.

    I have never used a forum like this before. I am a student living in New Hampshire. I have come here because about one year ago I made an attempt to end my life. I have made a tremendous amount of progress in only a years time alone and with professional help and by opening up to select friends...
  2. My_Second_Chance

    Signs Someone Has Built An Emotional Wall Up!

    What are the signs and characteristics of someone who has built up an emotional wall? How does one attempt or break it down?
  3. M

    Can't break free...

    Hi I'm new to this forum, but I have been suffering from depression for some time, it was brought on by bullying I suffered at work and it has completely destroyed my confidence ... As such my life is in shambles, I feel alone and unloved, I get called ugly so much that I feel its true, I can't...
  4. A

    When is my soul coming back

    The pain of a million souls The fight of a lonely one Captured and exits don’t seem to exist My body, my mind, i keep trying to resist. A survivor, i call myself to get by To win i always persist Break me free i say to myself But what if myself is the enemy How can we be friends again? If...
  5. M

    Help with chronic loneliness and depression

    Hello all, I'll try to keep this brief cause I'm really at my wit's end with this one and need some advice or healthy coping mechanisms. So I suffer from depression mostly from my chonic loneliness. I've been depressed for as long as I can remember. Probably over 10 years. All my life I've...
  6. D

    Why Do bad Things Keep Happening To My Family?

    It seems my family never gets a break, just one set back after another. I look at friends I went to school with and they seem to have wonderful lives. I have one friend and everything seems to go right for him and his family, where mine is just hit by disaster after disaster. I'm not...
  7. J

    I need help with confidence , self esteem , anxiety

    Hi I’m 28 , and last year in may I started having a psychotic break. I started hearing voices . N being extremely paranoid . Also suffering from anxiety . I got token to the hospital and was prescribed meds. Basically through this whole process I was at home n bc of lack of mobility I gained...
  8. M

    when does this stop :(

    Hi guys, was just looking for some advice on how to stop feeling so down all of the time.. haven't felt myself in ages since a break up over a year ago.. constantly feel like nothing is going to make it better and I'm never going to be happy :(
  9. F

    How do I break te spell of attracting someone controlling?

    Hi all My counsellor says that I attract controlling partners. Which I agree with, I do. This is because of the usual having been bought up by someone controlling as a child. But how do I break the spell? Has anyone broken the spell? I really hope that someone can help me with this, even...
  10. B

    i don't understand...

    This is how the pain starts: I think I meet my soul mate, they turn out to break my heart, but I am never at fault, although, I constantly break it off and start again. I can't seem to think straight when someone I'm interested in my presence shows me attention. I never think about...
  11. C

    Hello again

    Hello I'm back on here after a couple of years break. Hope to chat on here, make some friends, and get support and support others.:)
  12. M

    Shut down like my brain wants a break from reality

    I feel like this all the time. I go around like an empty shell, feeling absolutely nothing essentially. It's as though my brain wants an indefinite break from reality. Can anyone relate to this?
  13. H

    I asked for a break and now I cant take it

    My husband and me have been together 8 years, lately I've been so sad about our relationship. Weve lost the whole touching and feeling ect in our relationship. I'm currently staying with a friend as we have a break. I dont know if mentally I can take this break any longer and it's only been 2...
  14. D

    Impulse to do stupid things-help

    Hello, I'm 36. Im female. Im sorry if this is in the wrong section, its my 1st post. I need some advice. I suffer from Depression and mild anxiety. I'm on sertraline. I don't know if that's relevant to my question. Sometimes I randomly get the intense urge to do stupid things! Like just...
  15. N

    Brand New Volunteeer Role/Existing Ad hoc volunteering duties

    Hi Folks, For a while now, I have been volunteering on Tuesdays, for Admin Assistant - Copy Typist; and I have an announcement of some news; I had a forward planning meeting on Tuesday last week, off course what with the palava I have had problems here at MHF, not being able to log on...
  16. Pinkshrimp

    What is a breakdown?

    What is a break down? Do you know your having one? Is it something you are aware of or is it just another bad day? I feel like I'm balancing on a ridge with a mile drop either side. My path is getting narrower and narrower. It's crumbling. I'm trying to stay on the path but my foot keeps...
  17. I

    So scared :(

    Hi my manager seems to be taking the mic our off me.its easter holidays and she's making me work 11 hour shift 7-6 for 6 days tommorow and next week.she's saying she needs a week break next week everyone else is having a break impart from me.I hate these shifts there too long I find tgsm way too...
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    i hope you don't hate me xx

    because i love you and im sorry i have been a nightmare lately :low: am worn out and tired and my CPN said severe depression is to be expected after what i have been through lately i stayed away for a few days to give you a break from me sorry if i have been mean or anything ,i didn't mean to...
  19. S

    Confused and lost about BPD Relationship

    I'm struggling after a break up with a BPD who I was with for 3 years. We lived together, travelled together, spent time with each others families and he had a tattoo of me. Over this time, he has broken up with me out of nowhere over 11 times. The most recent time was on my birthday (one month...
  20. M

    Hi everyone

    Hi, just wanted to say hello to all you nice people. Have only recently been diagnosed as suffering with depression. Looking back it seems I've had it for many years. Have had terrible trouble sleeping for 7 or 8 years or so. Have some good days but at the moment I am drowning and frightened...