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  1. N

    Vitamins and Supplements - following on from Dentistry

    Hi Folks, Following on in terms of my painful ankles and knee today, I had an idea, I thouight I would take a supplement, via a very well known, viabotic brand, the colour scheme in the main is blue and white, to give a hint, and, usually used to take that anyhow, and this evening, i just...
  2. B

    Name brand vs generic

    I've been diagnosed with bipolar II. Abilify and lamotrogine have kept me mostly, but not perfectly level for several years. My baseline lies at low depresive state. Went to a new psychiatric nurse practitioner, my pdoc retired. I thought I was not getting the same results. She and I decided...
  3. I

    Question about generic olanzapine — is it possible to have side effects with one brand and not another?

    Question about generic olanzapine — is it possible to have side effects with one brand and not another? Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some insight about a family member diagnosed with schizophrenia who is currently living with us. She had a psychotic episode last year and was hospitalized...
  4. N

    Recovery and Wellbeing

    HI All, I'm very well, managed to gain decent quality of deep sleep overnighter, waking up very late though, at 9am. Which in turn causes me to feel irriitble slightly. No main major symptons coming up, so all is well. Once again, i'm very well, no hearing voices, no paranoia, no anxiety...
  5. M

    Welcome :)

    Welcome to a brand new area of the forum :) A lot of people suffer from Bullying, whether it is in school, work, in public or in your own home. Bullying can take many forms physically and mentally and no matter how old or young you are it can affect you in many ways. LE x
  6. R

    Can a change in brand effect medication?

    I've been taking sertraline for 2 years and have been given a brand I've never had before since then my mood has become awful no motivation panicking And bad thoughts could the brand change be causing this ?
  7. BillFish

    I think Trevor balis's invention company may have just taken my design:/

    I think Trevor balis's invention company may have just taken my design:/ Can't accuse them for legal reasons(but I am naturally suspicious ), but I sent them a design that is viable and new and potentially very lucrative, they turned it down five minutes ago in an email........bollocks thought...
  8. E

    Hello, I'm brand new here...

    Hello, I'm brand new to this site. Sorry if I seem to ramble but this is the first forum I've joined about mental health. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder May of 2012, and was on lithium, in varying doses, until the beginning of this February. Then for 2 months I was on Latuda, now...
  9. P

    do masturbation and depression relate one another?

    i have depression for nearly 6 years now and i masturbate from time to time...i do not over masturbate, i do it once every 3 days or so... does this somehow contribute to depression? i know jerking off would spike up ones dopamine, endorphin and enderphorin (not sure what its called) level...
  10. C

    Interesting and Absolutely True Facts About Bipolar Disorder

    All bipolar people have three nipples - two on their chest and one on their backside When aroused, bipolar people release an oil from their glands that is so toxic it could kill the entire population of Columbia Bipolar people have a brain the size of an entire blue whale but it is condensed...
  11. S

    Ranbaxy citalopram

    Good evening everyone. I'm sure there are many forum members using citalopram, as I have done, with some success. It was prescribed to me just over a year ago, and, after an initial period of feeling bewildered and a little lost (not unusual, I'm told) it has been a great help to me. Since last...
  12. W

    Some help for self harm...

    foreword Some People might disagree that this is a good idea, espeacially for me witch is very young yet, i'm not gonna post my age, but i can tell you that i am not very old. so what's up? I have been cutting my self and hitting my self for the past year - uintill i found something that...