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  1. R

    Sudden Flare Up. Psychosis. (Advice Appreciated)

    Hi, let's assume that my name is 'Elle', I'm 25 and I have a few mental illnesses including Bipolar disorder (diagnosed at 19), Psychosis (from childhood), Complex Ptsd (Recently diagnosed a year ago) & Really bad Social anxiety. I'm on this for a bit of advice really from anyone in general. I...
  2. E

    Worrying constantly/need advice

    I worry about everything... literally everything. Every interaction I have with someone and try and read into every possible reaction or attitude they give me. I am a huge people pleaser, and the thought of me loosing a best friend to someone else or them not wanting to be my friend honestly...
  3. B

    My brain wont listen to me...

    Anyone else daydream of revenge so much it took your life over..? Everytime I have a less than positive interaction with someone, my brain kills them in my mind over and over... Its maddening... I dont feel violent, never been violent, and dont want these thoughts. They overwhelm me, building...
  4. GhostRagdoll

    I'm not sure what's really wrong

    Hi there, I'm a new user. You can call me Marie. A bit about myself before I bring up what's bothering me right now, just so you have some backstory. I'm 26 years old and have been suffering from depression for 19 years now, I also have NVLD. For the past 7 years, I've been suffering from DP/DR...
  5. P

    Lexapro withdrawal symptoms and trying to have some quality of life

    i am 56 years old man who was officially diagnosed with depression,major depressive disorder, about 15 years ago,although i believe i have had it my whole life.i took effexor for a few years and then went seamlessly into Lexapro which i took for about 10 years up until about a year ago.both...
  6. M

    Is this a type of derealization/depersonalization or something else?

    I had this sudden, unexpected feeling as though i was 'seeing sounds' or 'hearing colors'. Like when you are getting really high and you lose touch with real focus and what you are actually, physically looking at cause your brain decided to go batty. It freaked me out so bad, i thought I was...
  7. J

    Brain poisoned at age 18, now 24 and adapted

    In my teens at around 18 years of age I managed to poison myself by eating gardening seeds that were coated by a pesticide, don't ask why I did it, I am the definition of an idiot. The day after the incident I have noticed that I did not 'feel' the same way and that my brain didn't feel like it...
  8. boudreauj4

    Loss of brain mass article

  9. P

    Hi, My name is pixie... I need advice

    I have had anxiety and panic attacks for quiet a few years now and I take setraline for it aswell as diazepam. But the past year my brain hasn't shut up, I sleep but still feel tired, I have no energy but work 3 jobs and raise a family as well as problems with my teen daughter, I forget...
  10. T

    To live without a Brain or be a Shark

    In my daily life I have no reason to want my brain here. That is, my thoughts are so tormentous and out of control that id wish it all away. Its so bad that my heart has locked me out. I have to listen to brain all day; and hes not very nice. He has tons of friends (voices) and they are all part...
  11. R

    New and I may have OCD

    Hi! I have noticed symptoms of OCD this past year. I haven’t been diagnosed or seen anyone about it because of the cost. Starting at around the beginning of the year I feel like my brain and how it works started to change drastically. I keep getting fears of something going wrong. Many thoughts...
  12. T

    My brain no more normal because of several psychiatric injections

    I have been a psychiatric patient for years.after a few years of taking injections It has affected my brain I can't read and assimilate I don't have pleasure from sex poor memory.my brain has locked.anyone with advise on what I do so my brain returns to normal.
  13. L

    Brain fog? Pressure headaches

    When Im super overwhelmed and stressed this strange feeling in my head i cant connect properly its almost like my minds like nope you might want to keep fighting through but Im not playing im zoning out. It isnt painful but the pressure is aweful and its really difficult to focus concentrate...
  14. B


    My past is complicated, but I'm not going to get into all the details right now in this post. I basically was bullied a fair amount as a kid all the way into adolescence and teen years. I was made fun of a lot and was made fun of in college and even after college. In addition, I was very...
  15. J

    Brain Tingles

    Anyone experienced a feeling on antidepressants in the first few weeks where it feels like there is pressure in the brain that tingles too. It's not painful at all but feels really intense at times. I'm assuming this is due to an excess of Seretonin build up in the synaptic cleft but don't get...
  16. N

    Brain damaged through long term depression any comments

    Hell hope this doesn't sound to far out there but feel I know what is wrong with me,I have had depression on and off all my life I feel ,this episode I am having now is different in I feel my brain had been damaged by the depression resulting in a shut down and the state I am in now,ie it...
  17. H

    Memory problem

    Do anyone have severe depression feel like you are not free to use your brain? I feel like I cannot control my brain to do things needed to memorise things and concentration. I am have medication now. The pills make me feel tired all day long=[
  18. M

    Extremely worrisome symptoms

    Hello Guys, my name is Mitch and I'm an 18-year-old boy who is dealing with anxiety issues since February. The thing is that I'm facing a whole lot of symptoms such as tingling, nausea, body tremors, a tight scalp, tensed jaw and shoulders and neck and many more. However, I'm facing 2 scary...
  19. E

    Do you think hearing voices is always a symptom of insanity or not?

    I had a literal voice in my head every time I had a psychosis, but when not actually in a psychosis it just became more of a personality living in me. Anyway, I am writing about my experiences about escaping insanity in a web-page book "How to Escape Insanity" (easily googled). Do you think...
  20. C

    Over-active brain?

    I'm 33 and I've experienced this problem my whole life. Yet, it's right this minute that I've been able to make sense of it and put it into actual words... Kinda like a Eureka moment! My brain is like a newspaper printing factory where the conveyor belt is running at 100% capacity 90% of the...