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  1. megirl


    Dont quite know where to start. Just before xmas the year before last 2016 i had a major car crash. Anyway lucky to be alive broke my neck was an unstable fracture so lucky to not be paralysed,,complications but here i am feeling like my old self. Anyway have had a difficult relationship with my...
  2. M


    Not sure if I’m on the right forum but here goes, so my 14 yo son asd/asperger,odd, hyper mobility has been settled in school for the last few years, he’s made new friends some good some bad but he’s settled, last year he was diagnosed with 50degree scoliosis, he will be having the operation and...
  3. megirl

    the unbelievable happened

    Been doing really well mentally, which is great On the 23 december the unbelievable happened. I was driving to work and instead of taking a turn i somehow have been distracted and ended up driving my car into a farmers fence hit a concrete post causing the car to roll then landed on another...
  4. K

    The house is gonna collapse???

    Having a really bad day so far...the wind keeps making the apartment creek and it sounds like the place is just gonna fall... every time I hear it I tense up and brace myself...this sucks! Any ideas on how to talk myself out of the fact the place is NOT going to collapse?