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bpd borderline

  1. M

    BPD or PTSD?

    I am 33 yo female mother of 3 and am scared to hell because last week psychiatrist who saw me gave me 7 diagnosis which led me to COMPLETE breakdown. I told him my 20 year old history of mental issues but I dont have most of them any more. As 5-6 yo kid I suffered emotional abuse - my dad which...
  2. B

    New here with BPD

    Hey all, I’m 32, got diagnosed with bpd 4 years ago. Under medicines and a DBT therapy since then. My husband and I got married few months ago, and wish to have a baby one day. The problem is I’m really scared about the pregnancy part. It freaks me out to think that something will grow inside of...
  3. C

    Self sabotage

    Today I realized that I’m self sabotaging. I did dbt for over a year and thought I was beyond shit like this. I’ve always used alcohol to help with my bpd instead self harming or anything It’s gotten more and more frequent and in turn I have gained a lot of weight. Beer belly! Anyway, my weight...
  4. P

    BPD and this weeks issues

    First time I have joined this and thought it would be useful toshare my woriies of this week. I have had BPD for the past 6 years and has cost me my marriage. My soon to be ex wife is amazing, she is my guardian angel, we have a friendship that is unique and so special to me, most people do not...
  5. C

    Bpd jealousy

    I feel like recently jealousy is eating me up, I hate my boyfriend doing anything without me, we have been together 5years. when he goes to work I will sit and cry, the thought of him being around other females at work drives me insane I find myself looking them up on social media every day and...
  6. H

    Hi I am Harley

    Hi I am Harley! I have BPD, severe depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and anxiety. I have been struggling for a lot of my life but my family never seems to understand they as think me trying to commit suicide is attention seeking and I am being stupid. I have tried to overdose 6 times but am...
  7. melonino

    Any BPD / General Mental Health artists or illustrators here?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anyone where who dedicates their time to draw or illustrate about their mental illness, I'm genuinly interested, since as I work full time as a graphic designer and illustrator. Because of that, part of my bpd therapy is drawing about my feelings or my mental state...
  8. M

    Quiet BPD in relationships

    Hi everyone, before I start telling my partner's story I would to say that I'm not here to shame him and diagnose him. I'm just looking for answers and possibly a way to help him. I've always had a great interest in people and people's behavior. I feel like this interest has helped develop...
  9. melonino

    BPD going through pychotic episodes

    Hello everyone. I hope you are doing fine today. I was diagnosed BPD a couple of months ago, after going back and forth with anxiety, depression, obsessive and self harming tendencies... Once I got diagnosed, and excited to start with a new treatment, I finally felt a bit more calm. At least I...
  10. H

    Just been diagnosed with bpd

    Hi there ,I have just been discharged from crisis team and now have to wait for an appointment which can be up to April, I don't think I can last that long I'm really trying to be positive but these bad thoughts ke
  11. R

    My teacher was my FP. How do I move on?

    I had a teacher in high school who I got attached to. She allowed me to be in her class all 4 years. I've literally never even had a friendship last that long. No one in my life has ever acted as caring as she was toward me, and so I started seeing her as a mother figure. I frequently feared...
  12. I

    Introducing myself...

    I am 24 and live in Hertfordshire. I have Borderline personality Disorder. I have Mixed Anxiety and Depression. I'm not sure why I joined I'm not really sure how to use this website. I want to connect with people like me. I'm lonely as f*ck.
  13. I

    New here, Hi Guys.

    I am new to this forum stuff, still not exactly sure why I joined. I am 24 and live in Hertfordshire and looking for others to talk to in this area, I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Mixed Anxiety and Depression. That doesn't really matter but hey, I dunno. Erm...I'm lost...
  14. 1

    Help with CMHT and self discharge

    hi im new to the forum and am looking for some advice and support with my diagnosis and the services im under currently. ill start from the begging, ive been struggling with personality disorder for a while but only been under services since June of last year and only been diagnosed since...
  15. M

    please help me, please

    Hi.. So first I will appologise cause english isn’t my native, and there will be a lot of mistakes I’ll made while writing :) So I am 26 years old, I am a writer, I have a BA and an MA in art and I grew up ad am curently living in East Europe (won’t say where exactly just in case :)) I...
  16. B

    camomile tea

    any experiences?
  17. sjc2015

    BPD or autism misdiagnosis?

    Hi folks! �� Anyone been misdiagnosed with Asperger Syndrome when they have borderline personality disorder or they been misdiagnosed with BPD when in fact they have got Aspergers/autism? Anyone actually got both conditions? I know both conditions share similar traits, such as emotional...
  18. L

    Are bpd and schizophrenia linked?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if BPD could be in some way dealt with like schizophrenia. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Here's how I came to that conclusion. I am borderline and I never took any prescription medications for it. I had over 5 years of psychotherapy and it helped. I...
  19. S

    To want to give up!

    Hi i am new to the forum an need to find a space that i can offload to people who can understand what i am going through. I have a a few diagnosis BPD, PTSD and major depressive disorder. I am finding having that having to deal with crazy life that comes with the diagnosis that i have very...
  20. O

    Do I want to end my relationship or is it my BPD??

    I have been in a relationship with my GF for just over 2 years (we are a same sex couple if that's relevant). We have been living together in a rented flat for a year. Over the past few months I have been accepted onto a masters course to train as a social worker - initially the situation was...